Simon Sez in the Empire

I just can’t stop watching this.  Talk about being a sycophant…

Oh, and it is Throat-Punch Thursday.


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    Terrapod growls and barks:

    DJ – I am surprised at that comment.

    In any company that I have ever worked, the unspoken rule was ” always make the boss look good”. Trump moved the bottles that are cluttering the view (of him obviously), Pence then does the same.

    Perfect application of the rule and very likely just an automatic action, these people (all of them in DC) live by the image they present though even you will have to admit that Mr. T is doing what he said he would do to the best of his ability and as circumstances permit. :em01:

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    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    Terrapod says:

    In any company that I have ever worked, the unspoken rule was ” always make the boss look good”. Trump moved the bottles that are cluttering the view (of him obviously), Pence then does the same.

    And yet, nobody else did the same.

    I wasn’t trying to make anything out of this. I just thought it was a humorous clip. There were so many other things to be critical about the FEMA meeting yesterday, but I was just enjoying this funny part.

    I’m just posting place holders here. Don’t read too much into them.

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    Terrapod growls and barks:

    10-4 and for some reason, the left is all over the news today denigrating the head of the EPA. As to FEMA, I have had the pleasure of watching them work up close this past flood in South Bend, not impressed in the least, just another bureaucracy. Anyone that expects the government to solve a problem for them is going to be sorely disappointed.

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    LCBren growls and barks:

    I just can’t stop watching this. Talk about being a sycophant…

    I do the same at meetings.

    Nothing worse than things at your elbows.

    Talk about desperate, whats next writing screeds on what he has for breakfast?

    Jesus DJ, give it a fucking REST

    Has ANYONE been able to reach Misha?

    I am starting to worry.

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    LCBren growls and barks:

    Cancel that.

    I finally got to speak to him after midnight his time (yes I did that and yes it was necessary)

    He is alive and in one piece. Just busy.

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    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    LCBren says:

    Jesus DJ, give it a fucking REST

    Jesus Bren, lighten the fuck up.

    I posted it because it was HUMOROUS. I can’t help it if you are so fucking defensive about Trump that you can’t help but push back on anything that might even remotely appear to ridicule him or his administration.

    You are going to end up with an aneurysm.

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    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    Terrapod says:

    10-4 and for some reason, the left is all over the news today denigrating the head of the EPA.

    For some reason? Haven’t you been paying attention to any of this? It isn’t just the Left. EVERYONE but the president seems to be all over this.

    Pruitt’s ongoing (and growing) laundry list of scandals:

    1. He reportedly ordered raises for two aides, despite the White House rejecting his request. He later said he was unaware of the raises.

    This turned out to be a lie on his part.  His signature is on the requests.

    2. He spent $3 million of taxpayer funds on an extensive security detail, which was three times bigger than his predecessor’s.

    Why does an EPA administrator require a 50-man security detail for 24/7 coverage?  There are entire cities that don’t have a police force as large as this.

    3. Biometric locks were installed on his office doors for $5,700, Politico reports.


    4. He came under fire for renting a bedroom near Capitol Hill from a lobbyist for $50 a night. He told the Washington Examiner: “I’m dumbfounded that that’s controversial.”

    That ‘lobbyist’ had business before Scott Pruitt’s EPA and ended up with a favorable outcome.

    5. The agency installed a $43,000 private phone booth in his office.

    This was probably the silliest expenditure.  Especially since the EPA already had a SCIF down the hall from Pruitt’s office.  Turns out that this “phone booth” doesn’t qualify as a SCIF anyways, so it is literally just a $43,000 phone booth.

    6. He has spent over $105,000 on first-class flights, per Politico, citing “threats to his safety.”

    Remember when the Obama were dragged over the coals about their use of planes for travel?

    7. He had a tendency to want to use flashing lights and sirens on his motorcade to cut through D.C. traffic — including at least one trip to a popular French restaurant, Le Diplomate.

    “Can I play with the sirens?”

    8. A former Comcast lobbyist helped the agency set up a trip to Morocco in December, which cost $100,000, despite original claims that it would cost $40,000.

    Why does the EPA have ANY business in Morocco?

    9. Pruitt accepted seats at a University of Kentucky basketball game for him and his son from a billionaire coal executive.

    Not losing any sleep over this one.

    10. His staff spent over $1,500 on fountain pens, CNN reported, and more than $1,600 on journals.

    This one is kinda silly.  He bought a dozen fountain pens.  For a decent fountain pen, you’d have to spend about a hundred bucks.  He probably could have gotten a better deal though Amazon though…

    11. His director of scheduling and advance says Pruitt asked her to perform personal tasks, which included a request for a Trump hotel mattress.

    Should the taxpayers be paying for this?

    12. He tried to use his position to get his wife a job as a Chick-fil-A franchisee, per the Washington Post.

    THIS is the one that could get him into the most trouble.  It is against federal law to use your position to enrich yourself or your family.

    13. Pruitt requested that his 24/7 security detail help him find “a favorite moisturizing lotion” offered at Ritz-Carlton hotels, and retrieve his dry cleaning without him, the Washington Post reported.

    Again, is this something that the taxpayers should be paying for?

    HERE’S the part that I don’t get:

    Virtually any Republican could do the job that Scott Pruitt is doing right now.  I mean, Pruitt is doing exactly what Republicans have been wanting for the EPA for a long time.  Why is Trump so fixated on keeping Scott Pruitt around knowing that this guy is spending money to enrich himself?

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    DJ Allyn, MPSE @ #7: I’m in rather complete agreement with you here, Deej. One of two things, he’s being set up for the flush, or he’s going to do something superb which justifies the rewards. :em03: