Happy Wednesday

It’s Hump Day.  For most of you, this is the middle of your work week.

Baring any unforeseen events, I expect to have the time to post my rant on the shit happening in the City of Seattle as it relates to our growing homeless problem.

Most of you are probably going to be VERY surprised as to what I am going to say about it.


  1. 1
    Terrapod growls and barks:


    Thanks for posting the ditch witch, someone somewhere is probably very pissed and getting a new car, gratis.

    The vaudeville raccoon is a great place holder tho’.

    As to Seattle, I wonder what the city council will think when Bezos decides to move his operation to Texas (all of it)? Bad luck will be mentioned with nary flitting and cogent analysis on cause/effect.

    And so it goes.

  2. 2

    jeezus, I saw something very similar to that driving home on my first and last acid trip. You rekindled some memories I thought I had throughly repressed……..’twas a bad night.

    As for Seattle, you and I have discussed what they are doing….a $275 per employee head tax on all businesses making 20 million or more yearly. This is led by Ksama Sawant, an openly socialist member of the city council and avowed anti-capitallist. She’s targeting Amazon specifically even though her newly written book is for sale there.

    Seattle is going to be a ghost town in a few years…..well deserved for voting those marxists in for the last 4 decades.