Happy Tuesday


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    Terrapod growls and barks:

    Must be Canadian humor, eh?! :em05:

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    LCBren growls and barks:

    I have tried to call the Emperor twice and sent an email..and now the project I mentioned is about to eat 3 weeks of my life.

    I wont have time to post…Deej…do what you can,.I will try and reach Misha again…sorry foiks Ive done all i could.

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    sleeper growls and barks:

    Nice blog you got here, Deej….

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    readerjp growls and barks:


    Scot Peterson, the former sheriff’s deputy who was caught standing outside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School while a gunman killed 17 people inside, has retired—and will start receiving a six-figure, taxpayer-funded pension.

    Peterson, 55, will receive $8,702 a month—about $104,000 per year.


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    irish19 growls and barks:

    LCBren @ #:
    Hope everything’s okay with him.