Happy Monday!

Still winging it here.  I considered posting a rant about the City of Seattle today, but I wanted to wait until the city council voted today before I went off here.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. 1
    irish19 growls and barks:

    What’s the vote about?

  2. 2
    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    Seattle is getting ready to impose a ‘head tax’ on employers. They are mainly targeting companies like Amazon (because Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, and he can ‘afford’ it.

    The reality is that this tax will also hit the family-owned neighborhood grocery store down the hill from my house too. In such a way that it will drive them out of business if they don’t move from the location they’ve been in for the past fifty years.

    I’m really too busy to fully rant on this today, I plan on having something to say either Thursday or Friday, depending on when I will have some free time…