Well done President Trump..well done

In weeks to come a peace treaty will be signed, ending a war that was halted only by an armistice at Panmunjom.

All thanks to a man for whom the LameStream™ media will never give credit.

Well done, sir.

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So, Clinton, helped start their nuclear weapons program and was to stupid to remove lens caps from his binoculars.

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GW Bush? Failed

Obama? :em08:

And then we have President Trump who launched preemptive twits at the little twerp.


If you have some time to kill and enjoy rabbit holes, go read this string https://twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/989998822918053889 If all that happens is a formal end to the war, and draw down of US troops in Korea, that is a major accomplishment. If on top of that, the DPRK army is reduced as the South, US and China help them get their… Read more »


Somewhat optimistic, although it would certainly appear that progress has been made in the right direction. And the progs hate it-which makes it a two-fer.
:em01: :em01:

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches

And the Zen Master said: “We’ll see.”

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