Listen, it’s not that His Imperial Doubtfulness has suddenly gone nuts and decided that Ogabe is trustworthy, as a matter of fact we’d ask for independent confirmation if we were standing outside getting drenched and Ogabe got on the radio telling us it was raining, but it’s really getting to the Silly Point when it comes to debating whether or not has-been Laden is really dead or it’s really just another “clever” PR ploy concocted by His Suddenly Warrior-Like Fierceness Ogabe the Destroyer of Terrorists.

For one thing, Ogabe is anything but clever, and we think that it’s been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is as unlikely to listen to the advice of anybody who isn’t himself on any subject whatsoever if he believes he already has The Answer as Mickey Moore-on, the Land Whale of Michigan, is likely to pass up on an all-you-can-eat free donut buffet.

But more importantly, for this latest conspiracy theory to be true, you’d have to believe that the Armed Forces would be willing to play along with the worst Commander-in-Chief they’ve ever had, a worthless, self-serving, America-hating shit bird of the very first order who would rather shit on the flag than wear it on his lapel.

That’s even more unlikely than 9/11 being a carefully orchestrated, BushHitler plot to get an excuse to invade Iraq, and that’s saying something!

And it’s a grave fucking insult to our nation’s finest as well.

Do you really believe that the Armed Forces, knowing full well that Ogabe and his commie cohorts despise them with every fiber of their being, having observed how they’ve spent the last three years bringing our nation to the brink of bankruptcy and utter collapse, violating every aspect of the Constitution that they’re sworn to protect, would participate in a plot designed to maybe give Ogabe a two-percent dead cat bounce 18 months before the next election???

Really, now. If you do, then you obviously don’t hold our heroes in as high a regard as you think that you do.

Osama is dead. Dead as a fucking doornail. I have no doubts about that and it gives me great joy and a strange tingling in my pants to even think about it and yes, I DO want to see the pictures of his molested, bleeding carcass, but not because I doubt that he’s really dead. I want to see it, I DEMAND to see it, because I want to print it out and wipe my arse with it. I want to stick it in my toilet so I can piss on it, and I want to have it put on a T-shirt so I can look at it every day. I want it so that I can put it on the masthead of this site so everybody can see, every time they click by here, just what the fuck happens to worthless animals who fuck with the U.S. of A.

That’s the reason I want those pictures released, and I know that they will get out here. They’ll be leaked, not matter how much Abu Obama doesn’t want to offend the tender sensibilities of his co-religionists. And I’ll be getting wood every fucking last time I watch that motherfucking piece of murdering shit’s exploded face.

You mess with the bull, you primitive apes, you get the horns.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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