We are, of course, talking about the Mueller “indictments”, of which the inimitable Kurt Schlichter has more to say. Much, much more.

Read it all, for it is good. Very, very good.

So let us see if His Imperial Majesty has it right: This much bally-hooed “bombshell” of Mueller’s consists of indicting somebody who later became Trump’s campaign manager for about 20 minutes. Indicting him for something he did together with the Molesta, er, Podesta brothers long before President Trump had even heard of him, as well as an indictment against an unpaid, slightly-below-second-assistant-to-the-girl-who-brews-coffee for lying to the FBI about something that wasn’t even illegal, namely trying to impress a random Russian babe with his “access” to the campaign by suggesting a meeting that the actual campaign told him to stuff right up his Khyber Pass. Repeatedly.


Blew the lid completely off the administration with that one, didn’t you, Moooh-ller?

We’re impressed. You have to pay millions upon millions of dollars to get incompetence on a level like that.

And we’ve already paid that, so we guess we got our money’s worth.

Meanwhile, Jeff “J’recuse” Sessions, Absent Attorney General, hurriedly recused himself from Uranium One as well, for fear that he might end up hurting his old pals, the Clinton Famiglia.

At this point we suspect that Jeffy Lube’s entire workday consists of getting up, going to his office, immediately recusing himself from anything and everything cluttering up his desk, then going home to play Boccia with his poodles for the rest of the day. Repeat ad nauseam.

Again, you just can’t find that kind of blistering cowardice, incompetence and uselessness outside of government, which is why we did well when we decided to isolate these parasites in tightly controlled enclaves. Now all we need is some industrial grade disinfectants.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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