It’s that yearly thing, retreating from the busy running of the Empire, entertaining family from abroad and so on, which is why we’re terribly absent from our duties, trusting our trusted lieutenants to make sure the Empire stands. Yes, we know, we’re doomed.

Nevertheless, it looks like it’s been a fun time so far in splodey Prozi heads world, so we expect to have a lot of mocking to do when we return.

And we concur with LC Brendan: You had your shot, fwance, you’re on your own from here on out. In honor of our historical friendship, we hope that the new muslim overlords you selected make it quick and painless.

Sorry, Lafayette, your descendants fucked it up royally. No amount of cluebatting and high explosives can unfuck that clusterfuck of a self-castrated bunch of serfs and peasants. If you’d like to be moved over the Atlantic and be re-interred here, we’d be honored to pick you a good spot.


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May 15, 2017 03:16

I find it interesting how all the biggest news occurs when you go into exile on vacation. It’s a very interesting coincidence.