His Imperial Majesty must be getting old which, of course, is errant nonsense to say. What’s a couple of millennia between friends?

But we’re getting quite dizzy with this whole surveillance/Russians under every bed/surveillance never happened Narrative that the Fake News Media are running non stop.

First it’s “unnamed sources with access to surveillance prove that Trump and his Evul Henchmen™ colluded with the Russians to hack the election.”

Then President Trump notes, as anybody with an IQ in the measurable spectrum would, that he was apparently being spied on because, you know, how else would those “unnamed sources” know this?

Then it’s “President Literally Hitler™ is off his nuts claiming that the Obama administration spied on him because clearly that never happened.”

At this point, the Prozi Steno Pool are already so far out in the weeds of self-contradictory nonsense that one’s head spins.

You’d think it couldn’t get any sillier or, more accurately, any more obvious to any self-respecting human being how full of digestive waste products they are and you’d be wrong.

Because then it comes out that Trump and his associates were, indeed, being spied on, at the behest of top Jugear Administration official Susan Rice and the Prozi Steno Pool immediately goes to “it’s really good that the Obama administration spied on Literally Hitler™ and we hope they did it good and hard!”

Why anybody who isn’t a boiled cabbage pays any attention to the Prozi Media at this point and uses them as a source of information is truly beyond us.

Back here in the Reality Based Community, it’s now obvious that what we already knew to be true is, indeed, true.

The Jugear Administration were engaged in the -gate to end all -gates, a -gate so -gatey that it makes good ol’ Richard Milhouse look like a piker.

What is equally obvious is that the Prozis have now decided on who’s going to be the designated Fall Gal to go under the bus for this one. Suck it up, Susan. We don’t feel even slightly sorry for her, she definitely knew what she was doing when she did it, and she knew why as well. She deserves every bit of pain headed her way and then some. But she’s still just a cog.

If there is anybody, anybody in this world who thinks, even for a brief moment, that she did all of this on her own initiative, then it is our considered opinion that G-d would have done the universe a favor by never tipping off Noah about the flood.

Anybody with at least three functional neurons knows that this one goes all the way to the top. Their only fuckup was that Jugear’s designated heiress was so incompetent and unlikable that she managed to lose an election that couldn’t be lost. If Felonia von Pantsuit had won, this would have never seen the light of day and all would be well in the Prozis’ Fourth Reich.

But then something funny happened on the way to the office. Something called MAGA.

What to do?

Well, in a just world, Susan Rice would soon be looking at a future of stamping out license plates for her sustenance, and her boss would be golfing in his solitary confinement cell until the heat death of the universe. But we very much doubt that we live in that world. Nothing in our past suggests that we do.

It’s tricky, really. If President Trump does what he ought and pursues this to the end, he risks looking like a petty, vindictive tyrant. At least he will to the Prozi cultists. Then again, he will be called that if he retires to a monastery, appointing Chuckie Shyster interim President and cures cancer.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t, with all of the evidence on the table already, then he only makes it abundantly clear what ought to be clear to everybody with a pulse already, which is that the Rule of Law doesn’t exist, that only us lowly peons have to follow it and if you have a DC zip code in your home address, you need never worry about consequences for anything.

That won’t end well either. As a matter of fact, that will surely end very poorly indeed.

Once those bitter clingers who own all of the guns realize that they’re just slaves forced to live according to rules that their masters don’t have to follow, things tend to get hairy in a hurry. We mean, what do they have to lose at that point? Their chains?

Either way, we’re headed for interesting times.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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