“If We Don’t Force People to Buy Shitcare, They Won’t Buy It!”

We thank you so very much, Captain Obvious.

In other brilliant observations that we obviously need Our Betters™ in order to comprehend, fewer people will get syphilis if Congress outlaws fucking, fewer people will get wet if the government forces people to stay indoors and fewer American families will get screwed if we get started on building gallows in Washington D.C.

535 of them, to be exact.

Which we suspect we’re not too far away from at this point. We’ll bring popcorn. And the kids. It will be a great civics lesson for them.

Here’s an observation we’ve made in our life: If making the purchase of a product non-mandatory cause sales to go down, then that’s a pretty sure indicator that the product isn’t worth the killing.

The jackass fascists trying to force it down our throats, on the other hand, very much are.

What it does not prove is that we need more fascism, whether it comes from the Prozi Party or the GOPe, the two of them collectively known as the American Fascist Uniparty.

The article is one long stream of yammering from Prozis and Cucks (redundancy, it’s what’s for dinner) about how this proves that fascism and government is the answer to everything, however.

Much like we’d expect from the Potomacian Parasites.

It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we didn’t have any sort of health care insurance system prior to 2010. None whatsoever. Everybody was uninsured back then, and people were dying in droves from the sniffles every day, rotting corpses piling up on sidewalks everywhere.

Here’s a novel idea, free of charge, from His Imperial Majesty: Status quo ante.

Because this shit, government, ain’t working any better than it ever has, which is to say not at all.

Then we can take it from there if we need to.

We’re sure the insurance industry still has at least a couple of employees with more seniority than half a decade who will remember how to make it work.


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irish19 (@irish19)
March 14, 2017 22:55

If making the purchase of a product non-mandatory cause sales to go down, then that’s a pretty sure indicator that the product isn’t worth the killing.

Which means, that if the company selling said product wishes to increase sales, it will lower the price so people will buy it without being forced.

angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
March 15, 2017 04:58

I’m losing my coverage next month unless I find a job. I can’t afford the almost $800/mo I’ve been paying for JUST MY SELF!!
The 60% increase last September pretty much killed me.

irish19 (@irish19)
March 15, 2017 11:50

Emperor Misha I @ #:

By Jove, I think he’s got it!

I did go to college you know.

LuckyLeo (@luckyleo)
March 15, 2017 13:32

Okay, So as of this website, the population of the United States is currently: 325,771,144. Per the above article, 24 million will be uninsured within a decade. So let’s use these numbers and have some fun, shall we? Let’s just imagine that the population stay relatively static for 10 years. And let’s imagine that the CBOs projection is accurate. According… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher (@vonzorch)
March 17, 2017 21:04

“building gallows in Washington D.C.

535 of them, to be exact.”
Off by several orders of magnitude. There’s millions of stinking bureaucrats to eliminate.

Delftsman3 (@delftsman3)
March 21, 2017 04:30

“535 of them, to be exact”… I think that there is ONE I’d keep and use him operating the gallows.. Trey Gowdy, I think he would love that job, and after he’s done, put him on the next opening on the USSC. :em01: