We made an exception to our rule against wasting valuable time on watching the mindless babbles of presidents and actually sat through President Trump’s whole speech to Congress.

We had this feeling that this one would be… different.

We’re glad we did.

Here it is, if you missed it:

We can’t really, unless we were to go on for hours, highlight every single thing we liked about it. All we can say is that it was so magnificent that even the fake news media had to admit that it was pretty good. Before immediately going on to repeating their previous lies that they still, naively, think that anybody with an IQ above room temperature believe in, of course, but still. No damage done, since nobody is paying attention to them anymore.

Just ask the New York Times and their suddenly multiple empty floors.

We did, however, much adore the fact that we finally have a president from either side who isn’t afraid to use the word “islamic” when referring to islamic terrorism. It sort of helps fighting an enemy when you’re willing to identify him. Otherwise all manner of confusion might ensue on the front lines.

No more “religion of peace” bullshit from THIS president.

If this pisses off muslims, then that is good. It’s a strategic mistake on the part of muslims, though, because you shouldn’t be pissed off. You should be afraid. Very, very afraid. But never interrupt an enemy when he’s busy fucking up. If you’re a muslim and you disagree with terrorism, and we mean disagree beyond flapping your lips while doing nothing to help stomp out the animals in your midst, then step up to the plate. We know, it’s hard. We Christians had a period where we couldn’t quite let go of the notion that aggression was a wonderful way of converting people, but we got over it.

Centuries ago.

Are you ready to come join us? You’re more than welcome if you are. We just aren’t willing to wait another 1,400 years for that to happen.

Oh, and that brings us to another moment that got us out of our chairs, which is when our president named the pisslamic barbarians of ISIS as savages. About fucking time. And it’s still too kind a word by far for subhuman parasites who rape women, throw gays off of buildings, behead infants and set fire to people after dousing them with gasoline, but for now “savages” will do. Stating that we are going to extinguish them we liked rather a lot too. Not “come to an understanding with”, not “recognize and work with their legitimate grievances”, not any of the empty-headed nonsense that previous presidents have tried, but extinguish. As in “eradicate”, “wipe out”, “annihilate” and bloody well erase.

Once again naming Obumholecare as a disaster, using that exact word, was also refreshing, and we could go on and on.

No wonder the Prozi fascists in their KKK outfits (they had, at least, left the hoods at home) were butthurt, refusing to stand up. They just got served.

And the honoring of Carryn Owens, widow of United States Navy SEAL senior chief petty officer William “Ryan” Owens, a patriot who gave his life for all of us, a tribute that got a standing ovation longer than any, along with President Trump’s commitment to give our sons and daughters the tools to not merely fight, but to WIN every time as opposed to touchy-feely bullshit exercises in winning battles and losing wars, brought tears to our eyes.

Naturally, it only brought sputtering hatred from the Prozi traitors who spent the next day mocking Mrs. Owen’s loss. One of them even managed to get fired for calling her an “idiot” on Twatter, possibly the first time in our nation’s history when a hate-filled Prozi fascist ever had to pay a price for being an insufferable pile of shit. During president whassisface’s reign of error he would have gotten a promotion and, had Felonia von Pantsuit been president now, as many Cuckservatives devoutly wished for, a seat on the Supreme Court.

Our President’s words sent a clear signal that this country, once again, is a power to be reckoned with. That we will support our troops, that we will hold on to the spoils of their victories and that we will never, ever forget their ultimate sacrifice.

And there was the announcement of a new task force to prevent and punish crimes committed by illegal aliens previously protected by Il Douche and his fascist Prozi party. Damn, we thought the heads of those seditionist treasonous asshole Prozis were going to explode. Which would have helped them not at all because President Trump, unlike previous “severe conservatives” who spoke a fair game before taking it up the arse from the Prozi party and the Chamber of Cuckmerce, had brought in the families of some of the victims of illegal alien crime. People who had lost loved ones because previous treasonous governments from BOTH sides had refused to do their Constitutional duties and kick the murderous swine out when apprehended.

Those families in the gallery would have known no sorrow, would have been enjoying the lives they’d planned for, the lives that lay ahead of them, had the spineless, worthless sacks of shite governments of the past done their SWORN DUTY instead of hiding under their desks for political convenience. A thousand curses on those spineless, murderous cowards. The blood of those victims are on their hands too. Those were all murders committed by swine who would have been deported, had previous governments even remotely understood the oaths they were asked to make.

Good luck, Prozis and Cuckservative Amnesty supporters, but we repeat ourselves, explaining to those families how their loss was “worth it.”

Illegal parasites still in this country: You have been put on notice. If you are apprehended, and hunting season is on now, you WILL be deported. If you have committed crimes in this country, you WILL serve your time and THEN be deported. And if your crimes were a capital offense, we’ll deport your dead carcasses after we’re done executing you.

Anybody opposed to that can suck our Imperial nethers. No teeth, or we’ll have them removed, then make you suck it again.

It is, indeed, morning in America again.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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March 2, 2017 05:18

Speaking of immigration, here’s a story that should help keep that warm feeling in your heart going. Immigrant detained after press conference Vargas was 7 years old when her family came to America from Argentina, placing her under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, immigration policy. Under the policy, DACA recipients have to reapply every two years. Vargas’… Read more »

March 2, 2017 17:09

If Trump accomplishes nothing more than making the border more secure, and driving a great big splinter-filled stake through the heart of political correctness, I will hold his administration a huge success.

March 3, 2017 18:57

The feds holding sham/sting protest rallies for illegals is a great idea. Offer incentives like a free “something-or-other” to bait them and, viola, there they are there, ready and willing for the culling. Round ’em up and send them home.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
March 5, 2017 04:12

“We Christians had a period where we couldn’t quite let go of the notion that aggression was a wonderful way of converting people, but we got over it. Centuries ago.” True, but for the most part, mainstream Christianity went way too far the other way, and is now (and has been for quite a while) part of the vanguard for… Read more »

March 6, 2017 04:53

From Drudge headlines:

Yeah, the Dems just don’t relize yet that blood is theirs.

Moar, faster pls.

March 6, 2017 05:23

Terrapod @ #: From Drudge headlines: DEMS SMELL BLOOD IN WATER COMEY TURNS ON TRUMP Comey is lucky he still has a job. I understand there is an IG investigation into how he handled the Felonia von Pantsuit incestigations. It’s entirely possible that he was cut out of the loop by Lynch and Obama. As to wiretapping? The Feds don’t… Read more »

LC Mike in Chi
LC Mike in Chi
March 6, 2017 08:27