and “internal security measures”:

An English tourist visiting from Birmingham complained that in his native city ugly bollards line the sidewalks to obstruct any similarly homicidal lorries in the vicinity. The Christkindlmarkt is a German tradition dating back to the Middle Ages: Munich’s is over 700 years old. A society that can only hold three-quarters-of-a-millennium-old traditions behind an impenetrable security perimeter is a society that will soon lose those traditions. My own preference, as I’ve stated, is that, if free countries have to have unsightly security controls, why don’t they have them around the national borders rather than around every single thing inside those borders?

“I think this is insane when I listen to people say ‘oh, we’re now going to have to have metal detectors in night clubs, security in nightclubs. Ok, so what happens next? They blow up a bakery, they blow up a little pastry shop, so then you’re gonna have to have metal detectors to get into the pastry shop?”

“Instead of having all these individual perimeters around every Dunkin Donuts franchise or every gas station, or ever J.C. Penny, why not have just one big perimeter around the country?” Steyn concluded. “We could call it a border! And we could have, like, border security!”

But that’s just crazy talk.

Crazy talk indeed. To the suicidal pisslamophiles busy dragging the rest of us into the mass graves with themselves.

On Fox News’ top-rated Kelly File, Martha MacCallum asked two experts about the market slaughter and both of them instantly pivoted to military strikes against Isis, the need to form an Arab version of Nato, and other grand schemes. I’m all in favor of destroying Isis, but Isis is a mere symptom, not a cause.

Even more so, given the frantic, hysterical urge of those islamophile dhimmis to import ISIS terrorists as fast as they possibly can, it won’t be long before we’ll have to bomb ourselves to get to ISIS.

We remember a time when it was “let’s fight them over there so we WON’T have to fight them over here.”

No longer, apparently.

Because “that’s not who we are.”

Well count us out.


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By Emperor Misha I

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December 20, 2016 17:22

What we need are more muslims like….

Mia Khalifa!!

December 20, 2016 19:44

As Chancellor Vlad Tepes once said, “We should now proceed to elevate the Moslem above our own people. High above.”

December 20, 2016 23:15

The stakes were high then, and they just got ten feet taller! Build the Wall! And build it out of a line of impaling spears hoisting Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Because nothing says “Do Not Enter” like a nice, big “Beware of Trump” sign, I always says. (Actually, at Casa ‘Bear, the sign on the window says, “The dogs are… Read more »