Still Not Quite Sure About Calling them “Prozis?”

At LC & IB Fran’s place, we find this “charming” poster put up by the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s Sturmabteilung “AntiFa” (“anti-fascist”), Kreis Seattle:


We’ll leave aside the darling little brownshirts’ spelling deficiencies, as this is nothing new. Fascist street bully organizations don’t tend to attract people with high school diplomas.

Just imagine anybody putting up posters stating that whites shouldn’t date, well, anybody who isn’t white? Imagine the outrage!

Come to think of it, that isn’t anything new either:

Jews have always been race defilers.

“Jews have always been race defilers.”

Can we call the “progressives” by their real name now, perhaps?


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    Ironbear growls and barks:

    Can we call the “progressives” by their real name now, perhaps?

    Tranzi Scum?




    Pick any two.
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