Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador?


Isn’t she the ignorant twat who ordered her state to stop flying their own flag from the State Capitol because some ProgNazi racist fuckwad shot up a church?

Yeah. Real good choice there. Tremendous, even. The BEST choice.

Le sigh.


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Actually, this could work out very well. Haley is elevated to the UN where she can rust in honor and her LT. Governor is sworn in to replace her. Oh, He’s been supporting Trump for some time apparently.

I don’t know where he stood on the Confederate Flag business though.

This could be a bit of political ju jitso on Trump’s part. Rewarding his enemies with worthless positions and getting them out of places where they can hurt his policies.

LC Xystus

[W]ho ordered her state to stop flying their own flag from the State Capitol

As I recall it was a CSA battle flag–originally ordered up by then-Gov. Hollings (D).

LC Gunsniper
LC Gunsniper

UN Ambassador is the perfect joke position for a joke Governor.


No worries, so long as her instructions are to shut it down or get it moved to Brussels and then let the EUNISTANS support the bloated, bloviating bastiches. Heck, the buildings are already in place for them as soon as the EU finishes imploding, I call that a two-fer! Lower one flag and raise the other. Done!

Heck, could even be a three-fer if the port authority land reverts to the open market, I am sure the Trump corporation would love to bid on that job :em01: