And the Tweet of the Day Award™ Goes To…

Rob Schneider!

(Thanks to LC & IB DougM).

That’s going to cost ya, Rob! At least one new monitor and keyboard. Oh heck, we’ll let it fly this time. Haven’t laughed so hard in years!

We do remember the dear ProgDemmies getting a bit salty when we passed the Civil Rights Act over their outraged howls of protestation too, however.

Sadly, per Twatter’s new banning policies (everything that isn’t ProgNazi is prohibited!), Rob probably isn’t going to have an account for much longer. After all, speaking out against the Narrative™ is a SuperPlusBadWrongThoughtCrime™, dontchaknow?

We even discovered that our barely ever used Twatter account was still active, so when some howling little fuckweasel of a commie started crying about being called a commie and replied “I’m a socialist you fucking incel moron, don’t get it twisted”, we couldn’t help but reply:

“National Socialist or International? Asking for a friend.”

We guess that’ll be the last tweet we’ll ever make from that account. Since it’s also pretty much the first, we’re OK with that.

Not to mention that we’re on now. You should be too! It’s fun, and you don’t have to worry about being banned for not being a Prozi. Ever.


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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    That meme has been floating around since November 10. It’s still good though.
    As for Twitter and their banning of anyone who isn’t a commie? They are starting to have money problems. No one wants to buy them, and there’s a report out that the Trump campaign was all set to drop lots of money on them when the upper management, (COO apparently), killed the deal.
    If this is accurate, then I can see some very irate shareholders coming to the next corporate meeting, possibly with enough proxy votes to bounce those idiots out on their leftwing butts.