Idiot Blogger Keeps Posting Idiotic Posts

So it looks like the GOPe part of Congress pork-addicted swine’s plans to add earmarks back into the swill they direct from our wallets to their troughs is off the menu, and Allahpundit, as always, can’t make his mind up as to whether that’s good or bad. He probably still can’t remember where he put his mind.

Good news for fiscal conservatives, although the more worried I get about presidential power increasing at Congress’s expense, the more willing I am to hear out the counterargument on earmarks. The fiscal reason to bar earmarks, obviously, is to reduce wasteful spending by limiting Congress’s power to shovel federal dollars at their pet projects back home. The counterargument, which gets less attention, is that the ban does little except to shift the waste and cronyism to the executive branch.

No, you inexcusable twatmuffin. The fiscal reason to bar them is that lawmakers have no fucking business directing our hard-earned funds to their own pet projects by attaching them en masse to completely unrelated bills that they can then hold hostage until their never sated, bloated, swinish appetites for other people’s money are once again temporarily satisfied.

If Congressman Oinking Fatswine wants funds for transgendered Eskimo chanting, then he can fucking well author a fucking bill and try to get enough votes for it to pass. The end. No more “let’s get my proposal to waste other people’s money to buy me votes by stitching it onto this year’s ‘Should We Fund the Military or Abolish It?’ bill” out of those stinking boils on the scrotum of humanity. If they want to sell it, at least force the lazy, overpaid, worthless sacks of skin to make a sales pitch for a change.

As to the second part of your laughable, pathetic attempt at putting together something resembling an argument: How the everloving fuck does banning earmarks “move the authority to spend money to the executive branch?” Last we checked, the House can still block any and ALL attempts to spend as much as one red penny by a simple vote. Granted, the feckless, supine, Prozi-fellating whores of the GOPe haven’t used that power for anything so far, contrary to all of their worthless promises over the years, but that doesn’t mean that the option has disappeared.

Did your family breed for stupidity, Allahpundit, or are you just some sad freak of nature mutation?



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Looks like the repeated blows to the head of Paul Ryan took. HE shot down the plan to bring back earmarks. Maybe he is capable of learning…even if it does take the virtual point of a bayonet as a tool of instruction.

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    Ironbear growls and barks:

    Did your family breed for stupidity, Allahpundit, or are you just some sad freak of nature mutation?

    In Allapundit’s case, I’m thinking that it’s part natural talent to three-quarters hard work and study. Plus getting set back and having to repeat Enstupefication 101 three times before it took.