Showing Love and Tolerance, One Excommunicated Family Member at a Time

Oh those ProgNazi ambassadors of love and tolerance. Now they’re acting like angry cultists, excommunicating family members who didn’t vote “the right way.”

To show us all how tolerant they are, of course!

WASHINGTON — Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social worker in Spokane, Wash., has called off Thanksgiving with her mother and brother. Ruth Dorancy, a software designer in Chicago, decided to move her wedding so that her fiancé’s grandmother and aunt, strong Trump supporters from Florida, could not attend.

Democrats have dug in their heels, and in some cases are refusing to sit across the table from relatives who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump, a man they say stands for things they abhor. Many who voted for Mr. Trump say it is the liberals who are to blame for discord, unfairly tarring them with the odious label of “racist” just because they voted for someone else.

Which is clearly nonsense, seeing how DemoProgs are responding with nothing but love and acceptance towards those of their own blood who failed to vote for The Mighty Vagina.

“It’s all one big giant contradiction in my eyes,” said Laura Smith, 30, a small-business owner in Massachusetts who was attacked on Facebook by a relative for voting for Mr. Trump. “She’s saying to spread the love,” Ms. Smith said. “But then you’re throwing this feeling of hate toward me, your own family member.”

It’s not, however, a contradiction to your ProgNazi relative. To them, having double standards is twice as good as having standards. And, besides, you’re just a racist homophobic fascist anyway, so who cares?

Many Democrats harbor their own feelings of being under siege.

Lowering the drawbridge and opening the fortress gates might help with that.

“It felt like a rejection of everyone who looks like me,” said Ms. Dorancy, 29, a naturalized American who immigrated from Ghana about a decade ago. “It was a message to me that ‘You are not equal in our eyes. You do not deserve a place in our country.’”

So she and her fiancé looked at their guest list and decided to hold their wedding in Italy, a distance too far for the relatives to travel. “I just don’t want them around me on the most important day of my life,” she said.

One can only imagine what your family feels like today. They might say that it feels like a rejection, and that they’re not equal in your eyes, like they don’t belong at your wedding or something.

The other day, a cousin who had “Trump proclivities” put a post on Facebook that [Ms. Bastian] described as “all about Trump triumphalism.”

Oh no! “Trump proclivities!” It’s like “Jew leanings” or maybe “counter-revolutionary sympathies!” Best report her to your Gauleiter, quick!

She felt that the post was directed at her and that its message was: “You’re a liberal elitist and I don’t have to pretend now that I have to listen to you.”

Can’t say that it was, but it sounds like she had every reason to say exactly that, verbatim.

Ms. Bastian added: “I feel like I’ve been living with a lot of people wearing masks, who have been hiding their true selves, and now with this vote, their true selves are more apparent.”

Which possibly had to do with them having seen the kind of terrorism, witch-hunting, destruction of reputation and careers usually followed taking off that mask. Some people are just too inherently smart to place themselves in front of a firing squad, it seems.

Another one:

Patricia Adams’ daughter, Ms. Sundin, the social worker who voted for Mrs. Clinton, said the election had left her feeling alienated from her family and her country. She said her liberal arts education and her life as a social worker, which began in 1998, had taught her tolerance and the value of being flexible, something she has passed on to her children.

We bet you can’t guess just how she chose to show her tolerance and flexibility that she had “learned as a social worker with a liberal arts degree” towards her own mother. You can?

She said she had recently asked her mother to stop talking to her children about politics, after an episode in which she said her mother was discussing Mr. Trump’s immigration ideas.

“I just need her to not have those conversations in front of my kids,” she said.

What better way to show tolerance and flexibility than telling your mom to shut up and not talk to her grandchildren?

Ms. Adams says her daughter is just as stubborn when it comes to politics. “Nancy puts up a wall,” she said. “If you don’t vote the way she does, you’re voting wrong.” She added: “Democrats are always trying to talk you out of your ideas.”

And that’s if you’re lucky. Give them half a chance, and they’ll only be too happy to beat them out of your head as well, or make your life so horribly unlivable that you’ll give them up. Like having you fired, or having your business shut down, or have you SWAT’ed or, you name it.


On the day after the election, Ms. Sundin asked her brother, a firefighter who voted for Mr. Trump, to stop texting her.

“I told him I was trying to explain to my children ‘why hate wins,’” she said. “His response back was, ‘I get to explain to my children why their opinion matters.’” She has not talked to him since.

Boom. Headshot! Well played, sir, well played indeed!

“I think I’ll give that one some time,” she said.

What? He used too many polysyllabic words for you? Grab a dictionary down at the local chapter of the Hitler Youth, why don’t you?

Ms. Sundin and her mother recently talked. They met for coffee in a Target, as is their habit. Still, Ms. Sundin has decided to spend Thanksgiving with a few friends and her husband and children, not with her extended family.

Her mother is taking it in stride.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “I love her to pieces. I don’t want to change anything with my Nancy. I want her to be just the way she is.”

Damn… That’s a nice attitude. What’s the name for it again?

Oh yes. Tolerance.

ACTUAL tolerance.


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I’m not sure that I’m a real good person to comment or express an opinion on this, Emperor, for yea or nay.

I no longer have any friends who are Progressives: I quit “debating” or “discussing” anything with Leftists back around 2008, because I came to the conclusion that not only were they enemy – they were congenitally incapable or argumentum in good faith, and incapable of logical or even rational discussion.

I’m no longer on speaking terms with my very few Left oriented relatives, not because I wrote them off, but because they quit talking to me. I’m a bit too upfront and openly in their face and caustic with my scorn for Leftist dogma, talking points, and axioms, so they mostly quit speaking to me in a massive huff of Drama Queening.

Both of which suit me just fine, honestly. I no longer have the time or patience for dealing with idiots, even if they do share blood and genes with me.

So I really can’t censure Leftists for doing to their conservative or Trump voting friends and relatives what I would do to mine.

The only real concern I have with this is that it’s just one more piece of evidence that my friend Billy Beck was dead right: “All politics in this country now is but dress rehearsal for a full on civil war.”


This is very true. 🙂

Hell, when Hillary labelled us all as “a basket of Deplorables”, I was one of the very first to grab that label with both hands and claim it for my own!

Besides, as you can attest: I was deplorable before being deplorable was cool.


I’m lucky. My family all voted for “The Greatest President-Elect in a generation!!” so there’s no conflict. Even my sister, who has a tendency towards moonbattyness voted for him
Last night we were at her house and were talking with a couple of their friends. who also voted Trump. The husband was going off on some of the idiots protesting, (I joined him), and his wife was saying she can’t tell her family she too voted Trump.
Apparently her family is entirely made up of yellow dog Dems.
However, she is adopted and was born in Korea so all she shares is a name, not the well crunched genes of your average inbred deomcrat family.

LC Mike in Chi
LC Mike in Chi

angry1stposter says:

not the well crunched genes of your average inbred deomcrat family.

I jumped into my deplorable basket of my own free will. My family, however, are old school Dems with an eclectic mixed bag of liberalness. I take umbrage at the the mention of breeding and genetic husbandry with sapiens and choose to revel in the happenstance, the variation, nature has provided us with. As far as my family, always backed a strong republic, party be damned.


It still fin it quite amusing that voting for the white guy instead of the white woman is racist. Hell, if you take Trump’s orange tint into account, Hillary! is whiter than him.


I’ve actually had some intelligent post-election discussions with my academic sister and a few of her friends who have begun to realize that they live in a bubble with heavy duty walls and perhaps they need to start finding out what is in all those other bubbles out there. We managed to disagree without any ad hominems, and both sides giving the other some stuff to think about. Even my sister in Seattle (the one some of you may recall I had to stop talking to back around ’08 because she was calling me delusional and mentally unstable for not supporting abortion on demand at all stages of pregnancy) joined in and was listening and not attacking anyone! (Perhaps for some age really can, eventually, bring some wisdom?)

I think what got through with the first lot especially was my pointing out that after 8 years of a Dem admin in DC and 6 years of Dem admin and legislature here in CT almost everyone I know is under or un employed, so why should we be voting for someone whose entire campaign slogan is basically “More of the same but better with vagina!”? If the Dem party wants to keep people voting for them, they have to start really addressing issues important to people outside the academic elite and coastal rich. Of course that would mean they would have to go back to being the party of Zell Miller. Every now and then I’ve mentioned to family that JFK would probably find himself a little to the right of some of the GOPe these days.

LC ShadowFox
LC ShadowFox

Some of my relatives aren’t libs but they’re only source of information is CNN Headline News playing in the fast food place. So I’ve been having a number of text exchanges like such:

“No, Mr. Bannon isn’t a white supremacist”.
“No, the ‘alt-right’ isn’t running the White House.”
“I’m perfectly fine with Jews.”


LC ShadowFox @ #:

Some of my relatives aren’t libs but they’re only source of information is CNN Headline News playing in the fast food place.

My brother inlaw is like that, although he tends to follow the traditional moonbat media. However, he went to the trump rally in NH with me last winter and figured out that was who he should vote for.
He’s still having trouble understanding Trump’s transition since all he’s seeing is more moonbat news.

Oh! Lena Dunham has left California. The bad news is she didn’t go to Canada and is in Arizona annoying rocks with ehr dumb questions.

Radical Redneck
Radical Redneck

Dhimmicruds control the governorship and legislature of a whopping 4 of the 50 states! What tremendous dominance!


Fate of every Dhimmicrud initiative, and the so-called person calling themselves one.


Radical Redneck
Radical Redneck

Apparently her family is entirely made up of yellow dog Dems However, she is adopted and was born in Korea

IOW, the yellow dog will be the main course at Thanksgiving. :em01:

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches

Ironbear @ #:1

Billy Beck was dead right: “All politics in this country now is but dress rehearsal for a full on civil war.”



“I’m lucky. My family all voted for “The Greatest President-Elect in a generation!!” so there’s no conflict. Even my sister, who has a tendency towards moonbattyness voted for him” – angrywebmaster

We’ve got kind of an eclectic mix, but then again, I have a huge frigging family when you count all of the cousins, great aunts and uncles, and younger cousins on the Czech side of the fam, plus my Dad’s side and the Cherokee side.

My aunts and uncles (the few remaining) almost universally went for Trump, with a broad smattering of “He’s not my first choice, but… ” But all of my uncles are WWII military vets from the Pacific and European theaters, so none of them have voted Dem since before Carter. And the aunts in that age bracket don’t consider “But but- vagina!” to be a good reason to vote for someone.

The cousins… a lot of them are red pilled now, some are libertarians of various stripes, and a few of the gay ones unfortunately bought into the “Trump is homophobic and wants to round gays up into concentration camps!” line. Even though they grew up around me, and know that I’m the least homophobic and just about the most “I don’t care what you fuck” conservative-libertarian in existence, and I supported Trump, it still doesn’t register. They mostly just don’t talk to me any more, at least not on politics.

My older cousin and husband on my dad’s side are Trump voters, and the rest of that family runs the gamut, but almost none went for Hillary. (A few Greens, and a few Johnstons, and more than a few Cruzites.)

I lost track of almost all of the younger cousins over the years. The only one I really have any contact with is Force Recon, and he’s pro Trump.

Other than my older cousin, and my godkids, I’m really not much in contact with my family these days.

LC Mike in Chi
LC Mike in Chi

Emperor Misha I @ #:
Copy that.
And note:
Ironbear @ #:
Same here, my family is immense. From NY state to Wisconsin (rural),IO, CO, FL, MN, CA, WA, …
I too, am caught up with my own life, same as them.


*nod* @Mike –

I’m getting to the point where I’m old enough that I’m outliving most of my older relatives, and I never really got to know most of the younger ones. (And to the handful that do know of me, I tend to be the crusty old eccentric Black Sheep uncle/older cousin.) Even the godkids are up into their late twenties, early thirties now.

These days, “family” tends to be “family by choice” for me rather than blood family.