Haters Gonna Hate

Meanwhile, in the Empire, the ProgNazi Brownshirt Hordes are on day 7 of spreading the “love” which, in ProgNazi speak, means “committing hate crimes on a scale not seen since the invasion of Poland.”

But, don’t forget: “Love trumps hate”, right?

They’re about to get some tough “loving”, alright, unless they take their safety pins and diapers and get over their infantile, simian selves.

LC and IB Ironbear has a nice summary.

P.S.: We’re also on day 7 of absolutely NO DemoNazis being asked by the DemoNaziMedia to talk their Sturmabteilungen down.

On the other hand, we do believe that we may just have gone at least five minutes since Trump was asked to denounce David Duke and apologize for his supporters’ hate crimes that never happened, so there is that.


P.P.S.: And then there is this:

Now, this is where His Majesty reins his temper in. No, we’re not going to gloat, because we do not particularly enjoy watching people getting hurt, even if they are being inexcusably stupid.

Here’s the thing, diaper-babies: Running around in the middle of a highway is, at the BEST of times, suicidally stupid. Incandescently idiotic. Cosmically cluefucked. Mindnumbingly moronic.

Doing so at NIGHT is… Sorry, our vocabulary just threw a breaker, and it was a 400A one.

Doing so at night while SIMULTANEOUSLY shining those infernally irritating LED lights right in the eyes of oncoming drivers is…

You know, we can’t keep replacing those breakers. They’re expensive, so we’ll just stop here.

Tell us again why those demented dumbtwats should even be allowed to vote?

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Erm, from what I heard today, most of them did not vote. Too busy getting stoned with the money Soros sends them to be rabble. Waste of money if you ask me, they are rabble without money. Oh, wait! They could not take a :em05: bus to the staging area without the money, nevermind. :em05:


Many years ago I got stuck in a 2+ hour traffic jam on I-84 in Danbury because some fool decided to walk across an eight lane highway. At night. Wearing black. We’re not a hundred percent sure about the last bit, but the timing and distances involved make it very likely it was the guy wearing all black who walked… Read more »

Cool. Thanks for the shout out, Misha.

Just for FYI for anyone interested: it’s a two parter. The link to Feel the Love part I is down in the caption to the Kojack “Who loves ya, baby?” pic.


To date, there have been no apparent issues in the Granite State of New Hampshire, Home of Sig Sauer’s US manufacturing facility. Probably due to the fact that our firearms laws are superior to that of Texas. Open carry, no permit required. CCW is $10 for a resident. No prints, not pictures and no training requirements. (Although you are an… Read more »


I haven’t been able to find any info on how badly the girl was injured, just that she was taken to Scripps for treatment. However, I did find a story that another idiot had the same thing happen to them in protests further north on I-5. You’d think at some point, as college students, these bright young things would figure… Read more »


LibraryGryffon @ #:

You’d think at some point, as college students, these bright young things would figure out how the laws of physics work, and maybe remember their mommas teling them not to play in traffic.

All these poor dears need is a nice cuddly therapy puppy.

All these poor dears need is a nice cuddly therapy puppy.

Mommy? Why do the Democrats hate puppies so much?