The Four Boxes

We are down to the second-to-last of the “four boxes of liberty” today.

The “soap box” was destroyed by the willing subjugation of the legacy media to the deep state. Only Wikileaks and citizen journalism on the internet keep the narrowest of windows to the truth open to the public.

Under assault for decades, Director Comey has put the exclamation point on the demise of the “jury box”. The rule of law has been gradually subverted to the protection of the powerful from the consequences of their crimes against the people.

Today, we are more aware than ever of the rampant corruption of the “ballot box”. It remains to be seen if the will of the people can overcome the machine of deep state interests in today’s events. I have my doubts.

And in this way we arrive at the very last box of liberty. Mine is finally as full as I can make it, and awaits the proper moment.

And you?

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If hillary wins, buy stock in gun and ammo manufacturers.

And buy guns and ammo.


Mine’s not quite as full as I’d like, but it’ll do.


irish19 @ #:

Mine’s not quite as full as I’d like, but it’ll do.

Same here, and being out of work for a year makes it iffy on when I can restock.


Our last chance at these prices … If we don’t ‘buy’ liberty today, the sale ends and the price goes WAY up.

Some, no doubt, will be willing to pay it.


angrywebmaster @ #:
I know that feeling.