It’s Unbelievable

So the cucks at Fetid Flatulence are having the vapors now that there’s return fire coming in after their victory dance around the pussy video.

Yes, we do still check in with that website. They’re a perfect barometer for the idiocy on the former “right” that has turned our nation into the shambles that she is now. And a quite amusing look into their delusional minds, or what passes for minds these days.

Kellyanne Conway: Some of the Republicans who won’t support Trump have behaved inappropriately with women too

You don’t SAY?

Are we to believe that some of those latter day prudes eagerly embracing the latest #NeverTrumpTardsForHillary directive are, in fact, just as guilty of being functional males as the individual that they’re comically trying to distance themselves from now that they’ve received their directives from the Clinton Führerbunker?

We’re shocked, shocked, we tells ya!

The optimal time for her to have revealed this publicly was as soon as she witnessed it years ago, to shame the lechers into behaving better with other women in the future.

It would certainly be optimal for the cucktards trying to hand Hillary! the presidency. As it is, now that they’ve once again been caught flying their true colors, it’s at the very least — inconvenient.


But you’re right, Allahputz, it is indeed very necessary to shame lechers turned on by and attracted to the fairer sex into suppressing those primal urges of theirs to desire them and talk among themselves about how much they desire them. After all, if all males in this nation were neutered into not daring to even think about being attracted to women, much less talking about it among themselves, your potential weekend dating pool just might be larger than the number of cats living with you.

Failing that, if she’s going to tu-quoque the dump-Trumpers in Congress, she could at least have named names here so that viewers wouldn’t let their imaginations run wild about innocent Republicans who are on the ballot.

And so that you and your fellow cucks could have focused your damage control on drumming out those unfortunates from “the true conservative movement” as well while maintaining your pro-Hillary! High Ground™ profile, of course. As opposed to being on the defensive, not knowing just where the next grenade blowing up in your faces is going to come rolling in from.

Jupiter damn it, it’s almost as if your opponents know what they’re doing! Curse them! What to do?

Instead, she’s seemingly all aboard the Trump-train strategy of burning down the party around them even as she’s telling Chris Matthews that America can’t take the risk of having Democrats packing the Supreme Court. We must defeat Hillary, or else we must also … wreck the Republican Congress? What?

If anybody “burned down the party”, it would be you rent-seeking, opportunistic, lying, ProgNazi fellating Quislings who did everything you possibly could to make sure that the American people would go looking elsewhere for an alternative to the tired old Cucktards that they had foisted on them every four years, only to see them betray every single damn principle that actual conservatism used to stand for.

Trump isn’t the one burning down the party. Trump is the candidate because you worthless, metrosexual, treasonous bastards already burned it all the fuck down. Trump is the candidate because conservative, actual conservatives, had finally woken up after decades of GOP surrender monkeying to the fact that we no longer had two parties. We only had one, and that one party was against every single thing that matters to the vast majority who actually have all the votes.

The things that matter to them. The things that literally mean life or death to them. Such as not being gunned down for going to a nightclub because the Uniparty has decided that maybe it’s “racist” to not just let everybody in.

Such as not being run over or raped by illegal invaders who, in spite of having been apprehended numerous times, STILL hadn’t been deported right the fuck out of here according to our already existing laws. Because the left wing of the Uniparty wants votes and the “right” wing wants cheap slave labor, so fuck you, Kathy Steinle. Literally.

Such as not suddenly finding themselves umemployed and unable to pay for their kids’ braces or the A/C that just conked out because their jobs just got outsourced to China or Mexico, no matter how fucking much the patricians in the Imperial Capitol in DC keep babbling about “free trade” and “open borders.”

Those things.

YOU patrician and wannabe patrician arseholes burned it down. You. Fucking. Built. This.

And now you can’t handle it when the long overdue payback is showing up on your doorsteps and blame the fire on the ones tired of getting scorched by the flames?

The nerve of you worthless swine makes the word “chutzpah” wholly inadequate, and we can guarantee that with every last word that you utter, those of us who actually have to live in the Hades that you created will care less and less about what happens to you when the dust has settled.

Quo usque tandem abutere, cunni, patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

[minus the “cunni” bit. We’ll leave the translation of that to you. Not even Marcus would be that blunt — Emp. Misha]


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October 11, 2016 04:47

I also still have smelly farts in my RSS feed, but if it’s Allahpuke, I almost always skip past it. The others aren’t much better and Ed Morrissey should start reconsidering giving up his former job as manager of a call center. The #Rinos4Hillary still do not get it. They won’t get it until the bullets slam into them or… Read more »

October 11, 2016 21:13

Well, folks, take a look at THIS: Read, or listen: Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who endured the Clinton Regime for EIGHT YEARS, has this to say, with deets: “The Hillary Clinton I know is a complete pathological liar” — Also, he says as far as he could tell, Bill Clinton’s sole reason for getting the presidency was so… Read more »

October 11, 2016 21:18

Trump’s candidacy is like a wildfire burning across a forest choked with dead wood and underbrush. You know, the kind of cleansing fire the Forest Service tried to prevent for decades: until they belatedly realized, after a series of huge-ass conflagrations, that an occasional wildfire keeps the forest healthy and allows the redwoods to propagate. Or to put it another… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
October 11, 2016 22:20

Tallulah @ #:3

Fasten your seatbelts, people; it’s going to be a Bumpy Era.

Bumpy? Nah. Sporty, maybe even Spicy, eventually leading to Downright Festive. The good news, it will be short. The dark age to follow will be lengthy, though. To quote Long John Silver: Thems that die’ll be the lucky ones.

BC, Imperial Torturer
BC, Imperial Torturer
October 11, 2016 22:56

The rat bastards are leaving the ship that they set on fire and then scuttled. When the smoke clears, they’ll be treading water and then they’ll be easy targets for the rest of us left with the task of salvaging the fleet. At least they’ve shown their true colors and are out of the storage hold, where they’ve been feeding… Read more »

October 20, 2016 23:56

After all, if all males in this nation were neutered into not daring to even think about being attracted to women, much less talking about it among themselves, your potential weekend dating pool just might be larger than the number of cats living with you. Gee, Misha, what have you got against those poor cats that you’d wish Allapundit on… Read more »

October 21, 2016 05:11

Ironbear @ #:

Hey – remember way back in the BDS years when Allahpundit was actually on the Right?

Allahpuke was never on the right. The furthest he’s ever come is his deep man love for Mitten Romney. If he could he would bear his children for him.

October 21, 2016 22:17


Those were the good days.

Heh. Just makes you wanna tell all these punks to get the Hell offa our lawn, doesn’t it? :em05: