Well That Was… Interesting…

Once again, we tuned in to watch the gong show, only this time we have to admit it was actually because we wanted to in some sort of ineffable way. Not quite sure why.

Perhaps it was because we wanted to see if the “Trumpinator” really did have it in him to go on the offensive and discard “conventional wisdom” (according to the metrosexual GOP) regarding how it’s always better to just roll over, bare your buttocks and think of cocktail parties while your sphincter gets violated than to risk alienating the ever so important “swing voter” by actually having an opinion on anything, at any point, for any reason.

On that count, we’d have to say that he did.

The other was that I dearly wanted to see how somebody who’s been so often called somebody who can turn any situation around would handle the mass hysteria over him talking like a guy to another guy on a bus 11 years ago. Not that we honestly give two shits about his bragging about how he could get any pussy he wanted. For one thing, it’s most likely true. If you’re in the money, there’s no end to willing gold digger thighs willing to open up to you faster than you can say “nice ass, baby”. For another, it’s not like we’ve never had conversations like that among guys, and we may even have stretched the truth a bit once or twice. Yes, we know, you’re shocked, but it’s true.

Guys really do that. And girls do it too, unless every woman who has ever talked about the subject in our company was a liar.

It’s this thing called “human nature.” It’s foreign to ProgNazis and GOP cucktards who’ve never seen an actual pussy without paying for a magazine, but it’s true nonetheless.

So we tuned in.

And we’d have to say that he kept on the offensive pretty consistently. He didn’t give the lying whore a chance to divert attention from actual matters at hand and, what’s more, he used every opportunity he could get to point out how that’s exactly what she and other subhuman politicians, ProgNazi and Cucktards alike, do all the time. They talk and talk and talk and talk and nothing ever gets done. Every single time the lying snatch started talking about all the things her policies would do without offering even a single specific explanation as to how and why they would do any of that, he pointed it out. (While we thought to ourself that we wanted a magic pony as well).

He also kept her falling back on “he’s lying” every single time he hit her in her shriveled groin without her once, not once, pointing out just how he was lying. The best she ever offered was to say that people needed to go to her website to find out why every single thing he said was a lie. Sure, Hildebeest. That’s going to sell really well with anybody who’s not already in the tank for you. Like if your opponent had done the same. We’re sure that every single one of your brainwashed ProgNazi Goodthinkers are going to go straight to Trump’s website to learn just how every single thing that comes out of your drunken yap is a lie.

Thing is. If you want to find out if something is a lie, you should probably not go to the alleged liar’s carefully vetted sources for documentation. Even some of your voters have that much of a grasp of reality, and that’s saying quite a bit, considering that they’re just one intubation short of being in an official vegetative state.

But the kicker, and something we believe will stick in the minds of voters, not the tiny few hundreds inside the Beltway who are so much smarterer than everybody else (just ask them if you don’t believe us), but the actual millions who decide elections, was when the Hildebeest was launching into her usual “and that’s why it’s a good thing that somebody like Donald is not president” right after she lied for the millionth time about her serial, criminally negligent mishandling of confidential information, and he interrupted her and said “because you’d be in jail.”

That combined with his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to re-evaluate rag muncher Comey’s miscarriage of justice if he were elected right before that.

That may not mean a lot of things to the sheltered Cloud People inside the Beltway who believe it’s their right to rule forever more, but we’re willing to bet you that it’s something that stuck with those of us who’ve been watching, for DECADES, how one set of rules apply to the criminal swine in DC and quite another to the rest of us.

For decades, for our entire lives, we’ve been forced to jump through hoops even in cases where we weren’t guilty of a single damned thing just to prove that we weren’t, in many cases just giving up and sucking up the fine, slap of the wrist, ritual humiliation, you name it, because we KNEW that we weren’t ever going to win even if we WERE right while, simultaneously, watching those overpaid, underworked, corrupt, child molesting swine in DC getting away with theft, fraud, murder, treason, you name it, without ever having to pay in any way for it.

While being told that this country is “a nation of laws.”

All of us who aren’t surgically attached to the levers of power in DC know this to be true. We’ve been LIVING this nightmare for as long as we can remember, always waiting for somebody, ANYBODY to say “fuck that noise” and we’ve been sorely disappointed by the worthless fucknozzles that we’ve dutifully elected year after year in a vain hope that this one time it might be different.

We’re not saying that this time it WILL be, because we don’t know that. But it’s the first time we can remember a candidate, on either side of the aisle, actually coming out and saying it out loud, in specifics, on prime time TV.

We do believe that will stick.

But we’ll see.


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October 10, 2016 09:24

Well, Cankles has received the much anticipated House Fly endorsement. I also liked the look and Bubba Horndog’s face when his victims came in and were seated nearby.

October 10, 2016 22:26

GREAT debate — the commenters at the Ace of Spades were delirious! The usual post-debate crapulous spin has been issued by the Flying Monkeys of the Dark Side [as the Witch cried “Seize him! SEIZE him! FLY, my pretties!!!!”] They’re claiming she won, using the one poll that showed her the winner, from the Communist News Network, of course; while… Read more »

October 10, 2016 22:28

Oh, and stay tuned: Homo Anderson Cooper (or ‘invert,’ if you prefer) got Trump to say he never sexually assaulted anyone; of course, they’ll have a lineup of females who’ll $wear to just that, the same way they broomed Herman Cain.

Ever notice that those accusations miraculously disappeared as soon as the uppity Cain was disposed of? Right.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
October 11, 2016 13:28

Emperor Misha I @ #:5 They still can’t figure out why they’re always losing? Really? They’re only “losing” from the point of view of traditional America. By any other measure, they are winning like Hannibal at Cannae. The money is rolling in. Virtually every single change they want in society is happening. They have to deal less and less with… Read more »

October 21, 2016 00:03

The other was that I dearly wanted to see how somebody who’s been so often called somebody who can turn any situation around would handle the mass hysteria over him talking like a guy to another guy on a bus 11 years ago. I realize that this may have come as a shock to you, Oh Emperor, but have you… Read more »