So… the VP debate…

No, we didn’t watch that one. Not even for you. Those have always been irrelevant, even if the Clinton Media have been desperately drumming up the importance thereof this year since they never got the “bump” they had prayed for from the first presidential debate, no matter how much they declared the Animatronic Corpse the winner.

UPDATE: We already have the expected response from the Cucks at Fading Farts:

Live blog: Will the Veep debate offer a moment of normalcy?

Of course, by “normalcy” the pathetic wannabe trough feeders at Fading Farts mean: “The status quo under which we uttered a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing, while really spending no time on anything other than coming up for rationalizations for how surrender is always the best option.”

“Normalcy” is out, Cucks, get used to it. Some of us have gotten tired of watching our kids have to get by with less and less every year while the Cloud People have been fattening themselves at our expense. We’re done with your kind, but if you want to go down with that rotten ship, be our guests. You won’t be missed. Not even slightly.

The VP is, has been and forever will be a ceremonial position that nobody gives two flips about. Hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Unless you’re trying to convince us that anybody in the Roman Empire cared who Octavian, sorry, Augustus’ co-consul was in any given year. Hint: They didn’t. They knew damn good and well who called the tunes.

So we’re not going to waste a second on that. We’re sure that Pence was OK, he’s an OK guy, but it’s not going to move a single vote even if he wasn’t.

Only thing we’re noting at this time, about a month out from the only poll that matters, is how increasingly desperate the Animatronic Corpse Campaign is getting, the same campaign who, according to every single media outlet in this nation, has it “all sewed up.” We could be wrong, but their behavior doesn’t strike us as the sort of behavior that we’d expect from somebody expecting a cake walk. Don’t look at what your enemy is saying, look at what he’s doing, because his mouth will almost certainly be lying to you. After all, wouldn’t you be doing the same in his shoes?

It’s really not complicated, when you think about it.

So what has the enemy been doing lately? Trying to gin up a scandal about “fat shaming” and the “devastating” news that Trump didn’t pay any taxes in a year where he lost close to a billion not yet degraded by inflation dollars more than twenty years ago? This coming from the campaign of a lying whore who used to deduct the wildly inflated price of her alduterous rapist husband’s used underwear???

Again, we could be wrong, but we don’t see that as a winning strategy, and certainly not the strategy of a campaign that is, allegedly, according to “the media” (and would they ever lie to you???), at the point where they will win walking away. Unless you really believe that the vast majority of voters really gives two flips about somebody trying to pay as little in taxes as he can legally get away with. In which case you’re obviously living in a world where every citizen feels it his sacred obligation and duty to hand over as much of his meager means as he possibly can to the benevolent IRS.

We all know how every single one of us good citizens waive every deduction we can possibly waive For the Common Good™ don’t we? We know, we do it every year! We happily hand over every single cent we can to the lovely IRS, even if it means forfeiting deductions we’re legally entitled to. Don’t you? What kind of monsters ARE you?

OK, we’ve used up our sarcasm quota for this week.

This kind of attack might just work if it was made on somebody or some party who was always and forever preaching about how every dime you make really belongs to the state, how you “didn’t build that”, and how you must forever sacrifice for the Common Good™. Such as the ProgNazi Democrat Party or their “barely showing vital signs unless she’s pumped up on amphetamines” candidate. But we very much doubt that it will work very well when it comes to people who’re trying their damndest to still stay afloat in this Great Obuttfuck Depression™. And that’s IF they’re still lucky enough to HAVE a job in spite of the Marxist asshat in office’s best efforts.

Desperation is always a good sign when you’re observing your enemy, and you may rest assured that the enemy has access to polls that are a great deal more accurate than the laughable parodies that are published in the media, they being wholly owned by the ProgNazi Party. So if they’re still desperate…

Do the math.


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LC Xystus
LC Xystus
October 5, 2016 03:50

The VP is, has been and forever will be a ceremonial position that nobody gives two flips about. Hasn’t changed for thousands of years. If you’re referring to members of a Roman triumvirate, then maybe–but our office isn’t nearly that old. Still, FWIW, I decided in recent years that being VP (nowadays, anyway) would probably be more fun than acting… Read more »

LC Xystus
LC Xystus
October 5, 2016 03:56

Failed to properly enclose my second quote from His Mishaness >:( Editor still out… ) >:( >: >:( >: >:(

LC Xystus
LC Xystus
October 5, 2016 03:57

Apparently Arsebook emoticons don’t work here. :em08:

October 5, 2016 05:50

I didn’t watch it either, and I’m just now reading the reviews. Where there is some argument on how Trump did in his first debate, there is none on how Pence did. He laid out Kaine on a slab in the virtual political morgue. Early reports are calling it a debacle for the Democrats. Now if they can properly prep… Read more »

October 6, 2016 20:34

Everybody: This needs to be published far and wide — Hildabeast LOST SIX BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY when she was “IN CHARGE of the State Department. Lost Six Billion Dollars of taxpayer money — that the Witch Queen “just couldn’t account for” at the end of its four-year reign at State. !!!!!!!!!!! Swivel the Klieg light back on this… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
October 8, 2016 17:00

Tallulah @ #:5 Everybody: This needs to be published far and wide — Hildabeast LOST SIX BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY when she was “IN CHARGE of the State Department. You don’t understand how the elites think. Losing 6 billion dollars requires VISION! CREATIVITY! AND ASSORTED SUPERLATIVES! It’s a mark of greatness, not failure. And if some or all of… Read more »