Another “Lone Wolf” Heard From

We know, shocking, right?

The Turkish immigrant accused of gunning down five people at a Washington mall smirked at his first court appearance Monday even as reports revealed he had a blog with photo posts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Accused shooter Arcan Cetin, smirking slightly and wearing a blue, collared shirt, appeared for his first court appearance late Monday morning. Charged with five counts of premeditated murder, Cetin was held on $2 million bail.

We may, of course, never know what motivated this completely random, unexpected, inexplicably inexplicable attack.

And if you think you do, you’re a racist, of course.


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lc purple raider

Since the first biracial bastard ever elected to the US Presidency, we have had a lot of these attacks.

Since he is BFFs with the Muzzie Brotherhood, Hamas, the Iranians, and every despot who faces Mecca when they pray, it would make perfect sense to state this attack as workplace violence.

Or a difference of opinion.

Or the heartbreak of psoriasis.

I just want my wife to live long enough to see BHO escorted out of the White House.


To be honest, it did look like a real lone nut at first. Everything in his past seemed to scream “Koo-Koo for Cocoa puffs!” They originally announced they were looking for a Hispanic man. I guess now he’s actually a Turkish-Hispanic? (Well if George Zimmerman can be a white Hispanic…)

LC Xystus

“Hispanic” is more a cultural classification. There is no “Hispanic” race, though there are Mestizos on the south side & Métis on the north–both terms meaning “mixed.” The latter tend to be Gallic rather than Hispanic, eh? Most of us, FWIW, are Germanic by language.