Not that anyone hasn’t noticed by now, but the pResident is 100% into what he does best, campaigning. For nearly a month now, he’s been stumping across the country eating rubber chicken at $10,000 a plate fund-raisers. What’s seriously missing is Hope and Change. The once charismatic Chicago ward heel, stayed on focus for the entire primary and general election season riding that audacious sound-bite into 1600 Pennsy. Here he is looking for a 2nd term and perhaps facing a challenge much more daunting than 2008. He has a track-record and it isn’t pretty to anyone. I doubt if even the Kool-Aid drinkers that aren’t on Lithium treatments, fail to see what promises to be an up-hill battle in 2012. Where is this go-rounds sound-bite? The bumper sticker slogan that Zombies everywhere will rally to?

Maybe there’s more to this than simply “they haven’t thought of one yet”. Politicians are creatures of habit, none more so than the folks in the New Party of Marx. Think Class Warfare, Race Warfare and “being out for the little guy”. They’re infamous for sticking with a tactic way beyond it’s shelf-life. So why hasn’t the One True Annointed Light-Worker Messiah™ yanked the 2012 mantra out of his colon? The only conclusion I can draw is that it represents a serious change in tactics that is afoot. Perhaps being “cool” isn’t going to fly anymore. Perhaps Greek Columns and Roman Podiums won’t bring leg tingles and swooning females, along with their weepy pansy-ass metrosexual male counterparts once again, to the altar of “The Community Organizer That Saved America From Itself”. If one brings the militant protesters with crappy tee-shirts and Union-Made signs into the picture, that just might be the plan for this election. The LSM seems to have gone from actively promoting Ogabelini to defending him. Perhaps the awakening conservative base along with an engaged independent electorate has him just a bit scared. His BC press conference on Wednesday was just a little too mellow in tone, and seemed overly contrived. He was just too damn cool and collected over an issue that’s been hovering around for over two years now, an issue entirely of his making as well, and one that just doesn’t add up politically for a casual ‘blow-off’ right now. He spent millions keeping this document (if it actually is that) hidden and if it was a ploy, you would think there would be a big payoff. Instead barely a bump in the road.

Obviously the administration is going to need a radical change in plans for 2012. What worked so well for him in 2008 would fall on its face right out of the box now. He’s way past that, now that the country has seen his governance.

What have we learned about the man aside from that which we’ve known all along? Nothing… the man is still an enigma, as inscrutable as an Asian statue. We can’t be sure of what he really thinks about America, but his actions suggest energetically that he doesn’t like the country he’s spent his lifetime preparing to lead. What we do know is his ideology, the man himself has hiked up his skirt and shown us what’s underneath from the very start of his administration. Barry-Boy is one of the most dangerous types of cat, a true believer. The True Believers, the ‘moral busybodies’ that C.S. Lewis warned us about. This simple fact goes a long way in explaining Ogabelini. He is blinded by his leftist, radical ideological viewpoint, that clouds his judgment and makes it impossible for him to understand real Americans. The “True Believer” is dangerous because they do think they’re the smartest one in the room and any opposing viewpoints are misguided and dumb. People are the currency to be used brutally if necessary, to achieve the leftists’ ends, the pursuit of power. They being one of the elites, know what’s best for the plebes who are incapable of thinking and doing for ourselves. We must have strong leaders and accept our stations in furtherance of the promised utopia. Throughout history it’s invariable that at some point those unwilling to accept the ‘movement’ become un-useful and a danger to the cause, and that is where the bloodbaths begin. Obviously we aren’t there and G-d willing we never will be. We must draw the line in the sand before it occurs and understand what’s in store for us if we don’t. This is the only clue about one Barack Hussein Obama that we have. We can state with certainty his ideology is leftist. His visions, words, appointments (Van Jones anyone?) and actions serve to confirm this. Nothing he has ever done is out of character reinforcing this malignant viewpoint. He’s vile, but consistently so. Thats it. Regardless, even with this lack of intelligence, it’s still actionable. We can clearly see his weaknesses and attack those right through the election, without any other information. We could use the information, but don’t need grade transcripts, writings or anything else to send this nasty poser back to the wards.

But I digress. The BC controversy is far from over, and we need to be wary of jumping to conclusions about what increasingly seems to be a fake. The Holy Teleprompter-in-Chief is a tricky, dirty player in the Chi-Town tradition and what seems to be a crude forgery might be a ‘too-stupid-by-half’ ploy. I say might here because if it is indeed a forgery, he’s committed a number of felonies in perpetrating this plan upon the us. You can make the case for one possible reason that it’s designed to generate in-fighting amongst the conservative base that is divided about pushing for more disclosure and the other side that’s calling for putting this behind us and focusing on the real issues. Divide and Conquer, eh? Another could be that he’s shit-scared of Trump, and got stampeded into doing something. Say what you will about Trump, his strong suit is that nobody has EVER called out Teh Husseiny Boy Wonder™ like the “Donald” has. Tough and right in his face. Old Barry is getting a heaping helping of Chicago Politics from the other side and he ‘don theenk he like it Loosy’ much. The man has never faced an outspoken opponent. He’s gamed his race into shielding himself from legitimate attempts to debate real issues, choosing to fluff off his opponents by letting his posse play that card for him. He handily did the same with the dinosaur media immediately following his emergence onto the national scene. Say what you will, but the bastard has to be charming and convincing at some point with his supporters. He can’t maintain that and has shown time and time again that he’ll throw his own granny under the bus to advance himself. He can and will do the same to the fawning LSM and they would beg to come back to suckle him like a kicked puppy. That’s a clue about the danger level these types have.

In summary, the man remains an enigma. He wears that leftist ideology on his sleeve and the rest is well concealed, but I suspect his armor is getting thinner. His cheering squads have been pushed into defending him instead of the shameless promotion schtick and being bogged down with that is interfering with his thoughts on trying to get that ‘old-feeling’ of the heady days back. He’s in the fight of his life, with a dismal albatross of failed policy around his neck, no discernible foreign policy, massive unemployment, exorbitant gas prices that he seems to be trying to raise further, his signature issue, ObamaCare falling apart around his ears, a budget crisis of his party’s making and not a single accomplishment with large public support to stand on. Yeah, he has a monolithic crowd that would pull for him if he microwaved kittens on national TV, but that’s it. The far left and independents abandoned his ass last November, and if the idiots on our side of the aisle don’t fuck it up (a huge IF there too), they will be voting for anybody but Ogabelini on 11/2/2012.

It would be nice to know more about him, but we don’t really need to have that information. All we need to know is how to defeat him and he’s been our biggest help yet.

The change is the one we’ll hand him next November. The hope is we can do it without further damage to our beloved Republic.

-Carry On

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