I’m sure y’all have been following the weather news over the past few weeks. That front generating system has been pounding the central/south central part of the country for over a month, generating record-setting numbers of tornadoes. Here in Texas we’re battling a vicious weather pattern of drought. I’ve heard that the last 4 months have produced less rain than just before the terrible Dust Bowl of the 30s’. Texas is a huge grower of wheat and the farmers are telling us this year’s crop could be 1/3 of the normal due to lack of rain.

Governor Rick Perry called for prayers for this deadly serious drought and the wildfires on the 23rd.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this is controlling the wildfires in West Texas. Gale force winds and the tinder-dry prairies have exploded into vicious wildfires. 1.8 million acres have been affected, 225,000 acres have been completely destroyed along with 900 buildings, mostly homes.

Those of us here in Texas could really use the help from y’all.

Only the L-rd can help us out of this and we need to seriously ask for His help for the Lonestar State.

-Carry On and Thanks !!!

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