Meanwhile, in Russia, #NotARealMuslim Decapitates 4 Year Old Girl, Parades Head in Public, Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Which, of course, we have absolutely no idea what that means. It’s probably #DefinitelyNotArabic for “I’m so very sorry!”

Maybe it’s Episcopalian Latin.

Sadly, it appears that even the Russian police is pretending to be baffled as to the motives here.

It’s not like there’s any particular group of insane, barbaric, subhuman mongrel cult prone to decapitating toddlers around (you don’t really want us to post the pictures again, trust us on that one), so we guess it will remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, let’s not even think about temporarily banning immigration from countries worshiping this unknown, mysterious, never heard of before cult because that is #NotWhoWeAre and it would make us worse than Hitler.

After all, Hitler humanely gassed toddlers. He wouldn’t have dreamed of banning, even temporarily, the entry of the ones decapitating them.

Let’s keep things in perspective, people.

Heil Hillary!


P.S.: On the other hand, the Jooos might, possibly, conceivably, be right about The Religion of Peace™. Imagine that. No, believing the Jooos would make us Just Like Hitler™. Wait, we’re suffering from cognitive dissonance here. Reset!

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I hear Russia still has gulags.

In cold places.

And they still charge for the bullets.

Just saying.