Alright, Anti-Trumpers, This is It

Yes, we’re one of you. We’re not particularly fond of the idea of a wild card that we don’t know becoming the nominee either.

Although, in all fairness, we haven’t had that much luck with the candidates that we thought that we knew in the past either, have we?

But the facts are facts, and they’re staring us straight in the face: At this point, it would be even more of an historical aberration for Trump to NOT become the nominee than for him to even be a contender in the first place. Just let this one sink in for a moment. You know that it’s true. Iowa never mattered, unless you asked the cornahol welfare whores. What does matter is that NO GOP contender has ever won New Hempshirt, South Carolina and Nevada and NOT gone on to win the nomination.

Heck, right now it looks like Trump is tying Cruz in TEXAS, and that’s unprecedented. In case you’d forgotten, Cruz is a Texan, and we always stand by our guy.

So here’s the deal: If you want Anybody But Trump™ to win, it’s down to brass tacks. With both Mario and Cruz in the race, that just ain’t going to happen. It’s a long shot for it to happen even with one of them out, but it’s the only shot.

So which one drops out?

Leaving everything as it is with nobody dropping out, Trump is the nominee.

If Cruz drops out, his voters, we’re one of them, are sure as Hades not going to break for Amnesty Boy Rubio, the proven liar who only got a seat in the Senate, his only accomplishment by the way (much like our current “president”), by lying his arse off to get a place at the DC trough with the other lying pigs. To this day, he’s still going all “saying one thing in English and another thing in Spanish” on the illegal immigration issue. Much like Yasser Arafat, another “conservative icon.”

They’re either going to stay home or vote for the guy who at least pretends to give a shit about illegal immigration, even though we’re not at all sure how firm he is on it. Which is why we’re a Cruz supporter, because we don’t doubt him. At least he hasn’t already proven himself to be a lying whore.

Lie to us once, you’re dead to us forever.

So Cruz dropping out would only strengthen Trump, who already has more support than Cruz and Rubio put together.

Which leaves us with the only viable option of Rubio dropping out, if by “viable” you mean “anybody but Trump”. And that’s still shaky, but that’s the only shot at this point. And we all know how likely it is that Liar Boy is going to drop out, seeing as he’s the only cabana boy whore left to the GOPe, don’t we?

Sooooo… Discounting drug-induced fantasies about 2016, we’re realistically left with Trump, Cankles or Commie.

We don’t like ANY of those choices, but they’re the choices we have.

Barring Trump having a heart attack or him being the greatest Troll in all of history, he IS going to be the candidate in November.

We don’t trust Trump, but at least with him we have a shot at our nation surviving for long enough that somebody else can grab the White House.

With Cankles or Commie Claus, that goes right out the window.

We agree that the only person that Trump truly cares about is Trump, but with him being a business man (they don’t typically do very well under Prozi regimes), we believe that, among the distasteful choices realistically available to us, he is the only one that might carry us through to 2020. And heck, we could be completely wrong about him and he could turn out to be the only thing better than sliced bread. We don’t know, and neither do you. But we do know that with Cankles or Commie Claus at the helm, there’ll be no scraps to fight over in four years.

So think about that.

Wild card versus dead certainty.

We’re not asking anybody to vote against their conscience, but think about it.



  1. 1
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    If only Trump and Cruz hadn’t tried nuking each other from orbit. They would have made a great team. Trump, at the very least, isn’t an out and out traitor working to destroy the United States. (Obama, Comrade Bernie)

    He does have some position that really make my teeth ache, (Kelo), but I suspect we can fix that. I did attend one of his rallies up here in NH, and what he says, and what the pundits say shall never meet.
    It looks like he’s rebuilding the old Reagan coalition. He doesn’t make any claims of being Reagan, but he does drive the GOP(e) absolutely bug-fornication nuts, much as Reagan did.
    Put him together with a really good VP, (Allen West?), and who knows?

    Oh, the Trump Wall? I don’t like that. I prefer the Trump minefield myself. Cheaper and doesn’t require the personnel to main it. Just import lots of vultures to clean up.

  2. 2
    Veeshir growls and barks:

    I didn’t like Trump in the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s, pardon me if I still don’t like him.

    Saying that, the only scenario that plays well for America is a President Cruz.
    When the GOP “leadership” in the House and Senate line up with the Dems to stop his programs, they are primaried out in 2018 and then we get Ron Paul to run again, put him as chairman of the Finance Committee and in the ensuing economic collapse, we get to get our house in order while the rest of the world blows up.

    All the others lead to really ugly things.

  3. 3
    Retired Spook growls and barks:

    Nope. If it comes down to either Trump or Cankles/Comrade Sanders, I’m writing in Satan. I’m tired of settling for the lesser evil. Either way, the only question is whether the fuel goes on the inside or the outside when you burn down the house.

  4. 4
    Erbo growls and barks:

    There is a serious question about whether Cruz is actually a natural-born citizen. Specifically, he has yet to produce a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) from the US State Department that verifies that he was born to an American citizen outside the United States. Now, Ted Cruz has supposedly “renounced” Canadian citizenship…but, at the time he was born, Canadian law did not recognize dual nationality, and his parents had to declare at birth which nationality he was. If they declared “US,” he should have that CRBA, and his “renunciation” of Canadian citizenship means nothing, as he never had it in the first place. If not, he’s not even an American citizen, let alone a “natural-born” one. (And thus there’s a little problem with the office that Senator Cruz holds now, let alone becoming President…)

    Now, you may just denounce me (and Karl Denninger, who advanced these arguments) as the equivalent of the Obama “birthers,” and hence nuts and cranks.

    But, if Cruz becomes the nominee, you think that the Prozi bastards won’t push this point for all it’s worth? They’re still butthurt over the fact that these questions even came up about Obama…and they won’t hesitate to use this weapon if the GOP hands it to them. And, with the media being basically the Prozi Steno Pool, you can bet they’ll have an easier time making it stick. (Particularly if Lady Hildemort (She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) is the nominee on the Prozi side…she may know already what Cruz’s status really is, thanks to her access to the records as Secretary of State.)

    This issue has the potential to hand the election to the Prozis on a silver platter…and, if it is a problem, it’s better that it be dealt with now, rather than when Cruz is the nominee and it’s too late for the GOP to do anything about it.

    (See e.g. here and here.)

  5. 5
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    angrywebmaster @ #:

    Just import lots of vultures to clean up.

    Hey! We need to eat, same as buzzards.

    -International Brotherhood of Earthworms, Local 519

  6. 6
    Bones growls and barks:

    Erbo, you are exactly correct in that assessment and said it better than I could. It is obvious that rubio never even read the constitution, as BOTH his parents were CUBAN citizens at the time of his birth. they did not become american citizens until he was ready for kindergarten. As for Kruz (and I know that this is going to piss ya off Emporer, but it is what it is), if he truly was this vaunted “Constitutional Scholar” that he’s touted to be (oblowme had the same titile), he knows exactly what it says and being a snake, I mean lawyer, he could have nad should have put those docs up (CRBA) shortly after filing to PROVE it and rub it in oblowme’s face that he IS a natural-born citizen (unless you go by the actual definition, which citizenship flows from the father, not the mother). As for the repukelicans, the only ones standing with the qualifications (natural-born citizen) are trump, carson and kachsomething or another. Might as well right CTHULU in, but Trump will do.

  7. 7
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Fa Cube Itches @ #:

    Hey! We need to eat, same as buzzards.
    -International Brotherhood of Earthworms, Local 519

    Well, this might be a problem. First, this is a right to work minefield. Second, the detonating illegals will tend to be blown up, not down. I thought it was against Union Rules for worms to work above ground?

  8. 8
    Library Czar growls and barks:

    Sorry for the cut and paste but I thought others might be thinking the same thing.

    Chris Byrne
    8 hrs ·
    Every time I attempt to have a conversation with a Trump supporter, they always say how great he is, how he’s going to win and we need him to win, and he’s going to make America great, and be tough with the chinese, and we’re going to “beat them” and “win again”,and deport all the illegals, and make Mexico pay for a wall, and bring American jobs back and… everyone else are losers and terrified of him, and just establishment tools and RINOs.
    So I ask them a simple question…
    How will he do the things he says he will?
    How will the things he says he will do, accomplish those goals?
    At this point, almost invariably, they descend to insult, calling me a RINOS (amusing since I’m a libertarian), a coward, an SJW, a cuck, a loser…
    You know, just like their magic strongman does whenever questioned, or challenged, or when he’s not the center of attention.
    And when I ask them why again, it’s just more of the same… There’s No-one else who can win, and he’s gonna destroy Hillary, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN DAMMIT.
    They have no answer, because there isn’t one… Because either the things he says he will do are impossible, or they won’t actually achieve the goals he claims they will…
    ..That’s if he’s bothered to come up with any explanation at all of course, which he usually doesn’t bother with…
    Why would he bother, since he knows that he doesn’t need to for people to unquestioning swallow his empty rhetoric and lies? If he does come up with specifics, they can be countered, or they can be used against him later… Better just say “I will make” “I will do”, and other vague slogans of greatness and power…
    Trumpistas really don’t like having this pointed out to them.
    Then they generally bluster about “he’ll force the big companies and banks to do this”
    No answer…
    Then I ask them how this is any different from Bernie Sanders…
    …Which by the way, if you look at them, it really isn’t much different at all… the rhetoric is mostly the same, as are the unicorns and rainbows required to make them happen…just change the details of which audience you’re pandering to… it’s the same pander…
    They REALLY don’t like that being pointed out to them.
    Then they go into how he’s a big winner in the primaries, and this proves he’s going all the way and crushing all the opposition, and we’re all running scared and terrified of them, and that means they’re RIGHT! Hah!
    Then I point out that the primaries and caucuses don’t much matter in terms of the general results.
    They don’t really understand that the primary numbers don’t matter that much, because they’re a tiny fraction of the total state populations (Iowa had 187,000 republicans show up, out of 1.9m registered voters. 44,000 voted for Trump out of almost 2 million. That’s about 2.3%), easily distorted by a small but motivated minority (which they are)… and more importantly because of the electoral college, and the first past the post winner take all elections we have.
    All that matters, is getting to 270… and Trump can’t do it, because his strong negatives are too high in critical swing states… and getting worse not better.
    They don’t seem to understand that in order to win the presidency, the Republicans absolutely MUST win three out of four of Ohio, Pennsylvania Virginia, and Florida… and Trump LOSES BADLY in VA and PA no matter what.
    By badly, I meant 10% to 15%… so big a margin that even more than 8 months in advance it would take something crazy happening in between for it to change. That’s why I say he loses badly no matter what.
    Oh, and that’s assuming they take Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and both Carolinas… not a sure thing at all with Trump.
    In any reasonable mathematical scenario, Trump loses, to Hillary or Bernie… maybe by a lot, maybe by a little, but he loses no matter what.
    He’s a loser… and he makes the rest of the party losers, and probably costs a few senate and house seats as the nominee too. And does a great deal of damage to the cause of liberty, the Republican party, and the conservative movement in the process.
    Of course, they don’t care because they aren’t actually conservatives, and they don’t much care for liberty, or the party… If they did, they wouldnt be supporting Trump….They just want their reactionary authoritarian faux populist bully, who tells them the lies they want to hear, and makes them feel powerful… like they’re spitting in the eye of the “sjws”, the “politically correct”, the “elites” the “establishment”, the “RINOs”… whoever else they direct their anger at…
    By now, the Trumpistas are usually ranting incoherently and insulting my genitalia… really, I wish I were kidding, it’s happened about a dozen times now, as well as questioning my wifes marital fidelity… at which point I finally block them.
    They’re a perfect reflection of their standard bearer really…

  9. 9
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Retired Spook @ #:

    I’m tired of settling for the lesser evil.

    Vote Cthulu. Why settle for the lesser of two evils.
    On a more serious note, I agree with the Emperor about Trump. I plan to vote for Cruz in the Ill-annoy primary, but will vote for Trump in the general if he is the candidate.
    Library Czar also brings up some good points. Trump is a creature of the deal. It’s what he does. And I think that, if he has to make deals with the progdhimms, he will make an honest effort to get the best one for We The People.
    Just my $.02.

  10. 10
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    There is, and has been for over a hundred years, considerable controversy over the interpretation of the conditions of citizenship as defined by the Constitution. All I can say is, if a conclusion can be drawn from the facts in evidence that somehow Ted Cruz is less of an American than Barrack Obama, and said finding can be laid at the feet of the Constitution, then we are at that very moment permanently and irretrievably proper fucked. “Call in the dogs, piss on the fire, load up the Suburban and move to Belize” fucked.

    There is only one important conclusion to be drawn from the political state of affairs in this nation. The mass of men and women today comprising our citizenry are no longer capable of sustaining the America we all believed in. Politics has become a blood sport, like professional football. The GOP is the NFC, and the DemonicRats are the AFC. The America of today votes for it’s favorite gladiator in the ring of verbal combat. The fact that this ridiculous turn of affairs has nothing to do with real leadership is lost on the masses, too busy smearing Cheetos dust on their smart phones to notice that they now all live in a Stepford version of hell.

    Only a conflagration will clear the ground of enough weeds for stronger stuff to take root. It cannot come soon enough.

  11. 11
    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    So I ask them a simple question…HOW?

    By being a no bullshit, straight talking, blunt bastard who doesnt give a shit what you “feel” and will accomplish what he needs to with skill, courage and an absoolute idea of what he wants and needs to do and how to get it.

    By NOT being a GOP shill.

    How will the things he says he will do, accomplish those goals?

    I dont know about other things, but anyone who has come out so strongly on second amendment rights is someone who thinks the Constitution MEANS something, unlike that flatulant bullshit artist in the WH right now.

    Trump isnt someone who thinks the Constitution is something to be ignored.

    Isnt it about time you had someone who STOOD for something?

    Someone who VALUES their allies and wont walk all over them? Like the way Obama gave the UK the middle finger? Someone who WONT bow to others and WONT be sorry he is American? Who WONT apologise for being an American and is PROUD of it?

    Someone who WONT hesitate to send in the military to protect US lives? I’ll tell you this..under Trump the US wouldnt have sent a detachment to Benghazi, he’d have mobilised an ENTIRE FUCKING REGIMENT with orders to get their people back safely and to kill anything or anyone who got in their way?

    Someone who will issue an ROE that reads “If they shoot at you…WIPE THEM OUT”?

    Someone who will see citizenship as a gift and will do what he can to fix the fuckups of SCOAMF and his coterie? Someone who can broker a trade agreeement that DOESNT leave the US in the red for a change?

    You need Trump.

    You need a real leader.

    You need someone who is not afraid to say he is an American and if you dont like that..FUCK OFF.

    Its about time you had a President who believes in the things you believed in.

    He is what you havd all been waiting for. A CONSERVATIVE that isnt in the GOP s pocket. Thats why the GOP is terrified of him. They dont own him. He doesnt dance to their tune.

    My take on Trump? ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME.

  12. 12
    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    Want the stuff of nightmares?

    Here it is

    “President Hillary Clinton was inaugurated this morning…..”

    THAT is what this is all about.

    Those are the stakes you are playing for..I’ll say this. All of you. Listen up,

    IF ANY of you sit at home and dont vote on the day, then you deserve whatever you get.

    Its crunch time.

    Shit or get off the pot.

    Your country.

    Your call.

  13. 13
    Erbo growls and barks:

    How is Trump going to accomplish all the great things he says he’s going to do?

    Quite frankly, I don’t know, and neither does anyone else.

    But every other candidate in the race is either saying they’ll do the exact opposite (e.g. every single Prozi candidate), or they talk a good game, but their track record proves they’re liars (e.g. Marco “Scamnesty” Rubio).

    Is it better to elect someone that has a chance of doing the right thing, or someone who we know in advance will not?

  14. 14
    Erbo growls and barks:

    LC SecondMouse says:

    All I can say is, if a conclusion can be drawn from the facts in evidence that somehow Ted Cruz is less of an American than Barrack Obama, and said finding can be laid at the feet of the Constitution, then we are at that very moment permanently and irretrievably proper fucked. “Call in the dogs, piss on the fire, load up the Suburban and move to Belize” fucked.

    It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that neither Barack Hussein Obama nor Ted Cruz meets the “natural born citizen” qualification. The difference is that the Prozi Media is and was willing to burn anyone leveling that charge against Obama at the stake, whereas, if Cruz becomes the GOP nominee, they will not hesitate to tar him with this brush…and, if you think otherwise, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Colorado I’d like to sell you. Even if it amounts to a big fat nothingburger, they can still force Cruz to “explain” the discrepancy, and you know as well as I do that whenever a candidate has to “explain” anything, he’s back on his heels and ready for the knockout.

    And “evidence” is exactly what we lack here. If Cruz was born an American citizen, he should have the CRBA, and should be able to produce it, and the records of the State Department should back it up. This isn’t something he can try to finesse the way Obama did. It’s there or it isn’t.

  15. 15
    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    Five-Thirty-Eight has an interesting interactive calculator with several different scenarios and what it would take for each candidate to win the nomination.

    It is certainly nothing more than an interesting toy at this point, but it does illustrate how difficult it will be for any of the candidates to beat Trump if they are all still in the race.

  16. 16