GOP Dream Team 2016

I would vote for this. As it stands, Trump is the forerunner. I can live with that. I could vote Cruz, but I think Trump is more electable. So here’s the Dream Team.

Just call this post a Rottie Free For All, er, open thread. Always remember. DUCK! And cover!

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Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery
Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

I like it……most of it.

My only change would be to put John Bolton back at the UN….or Secretary of State.


To what Jaybear said, add Petraeus to head the joint chiefs or in charge of SHAPE and we have a team. Jeb can become ambassador to Mexico :em01:

Emperor Misha I
Emperor Misha I

Not a bad team if we have to go that route. Except for Fuckabee. I’d have him appointed Imperial Jester. But, then again, if I have to put up with Trump as President, I suppose our nation could survive the holier-than-thou pardoner of murderers as well. I was, until I read to the end of the article, pretty pissed off… Read more »

LC Xystus
LC Xystus

Emperor Misha:

the emasculated quims in the Senate

Quims? :em03:



Word Origin

noun, Slang: Vulgar.
vagina; vulva.


No to Marco the Rubot for anything. Same for Huckafool. I could see West as VP Jeb! can be Ambassador to Uruguay. Palin to Dept. of Interior. Education, Energy and Labor? Shut them down. Same with the EPA. UN Ambassador? Since I want us out of the UN and the UN out of the United States, moot point. Leave the… Read more »

LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology
LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology

angrywebmaster says:

Napolitano for the court?

As long as it’s Eddie Munster you’re talking about, and not the worn-out old bull dyke from Arizona.


LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology @ #:

not the worn-out old bull dyke from Arizona.

I thin she would be perfect in court.
As either the jester or the whipping girl.

Rubio on the ticket would be the ultimate deal breaker for me. It would confirm every worry I ever had about Trump. I think either Newt Gingrich or Jeff Sessions would be fine there. Cruz for AG/Scotus. Accept no substitute! And if the SCOTUS slot is still open on Day One of the Trump Presidency, he should nominate him then… Read more »