The Fix is In…

OK, “only” about 40% of precincts reporting, but it looks pretty solid, according to AoSDD:


Bernie Sanders 59,577 votes (–) 60.5%
Hillary Clinton 37,750 votes (-21,827) 38.4%
Other 1,103 votes (-58,474) 1.1%

We don’t envy the Prozi voters. We thought we had it bad with “hold your nose” candidates, but they’re stuck with choosing between Felonious Granny and Cranky Commie. We’re sort of surprised that guy “Other” didn’t pull more of the vote.

What? Is that? Why, we do believe that it is! Behold: The Throbbing, Majestic, Imperial Schadenboner!


Donald Trump 36,236 votes (–) 33.6%
John Kasich 17,951 votes (-18,285) 16.6%
Ted Cruz 12,696 votes (-23,540) 11.8%
Jeb Bush 12,401 votes (-23,835) 11.5%
Marco Rubio 11,433 votes (-24,803) 10.6%
Chris Christie 8,103 votes (-28,133) 7.5%
Carly Fiorina 4,760 votes (-31,476) 4.4%
Ben Carson 2,632 votes (-33,604) 2.4%
Other 1,686 votes (-34,550) 1.6%
Jim Gilmore 58 votes (-36,178) 0.1%

First place isn’t exactly a surprise here, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Which, come to think of it, doesn’t seem all that unappealing to us at this moment.

We are, however, a bit dismayed at Cruz’s weak third place. We’d expected (and hoped for) him to do at least a bit better than that. Still, it’s New Hempshirt, so what it says for the rest of the race is hard to say.

Still, seeing Marco “The Liar” Rubio kicked down to fifth does salve our wounds quite a bit, so we’ll take that.

And it was really nice of Gilmore’s friend to show up and vote for him.



  1. 1
    readerjp growls and barks:

    Cruz’s numbers are going to go down, once this is publicized. And it will be.

    GOP candidate has been touting endorsement from Mike Bickle, who notoriously said God sent Hitler to hunt Jews for not accepting Jesus as messiah

    For Bickle, this is what explains Nazi Germany’s murder of more than six million Jews. In a 2011 sermon, Bickle cited a passage from Jeremiah 16:16 to elucidate the attempted extermination of European Jewry.

    “The Lord says, ‘I’m going to give all 20 million of them the chance to respond to the fishermen. And I give them grace.; And he says, ‘And if they don’t respond to grace, I’m going to raise up the hunters.’ And the most famous hunter in recent history is a man named Adolf Hitler,” he told an audience.

    It certainly pisses me off.

  2. 2
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    As a New Hampshire resident, and also unenrolled, (Means not part of either of the corrupt parties), I pulled a GOP(e) ballot. Once my vote was counted, I removed myself from the GOP(e) rolls and returned to my independent status.
    I’m not surprised Cruz didn’t do as well here as in Iowa. His dirty trick on Carson did hurt him a bit. Marco the Rubot’s debate performance was horrible. I am surprised that Kasich came in 2nd, but I don’t see him doing any better anywhere else.
    Carson’s finished. So is Fiorina and The Jersey Whale is heading back to New Jersey, (After cleaning out every Dunkin’ Donut’s in the state), to reassess his campaign. (He’s done)
    Now, blissful peace and quiet as the candidates move on to other states. I was averaging 30 calls a day from the campaigns.
    We did have a good turnout though. If you watched Fox, and saw that guy Doucy, he was in my polling place. That rather large woman in red was the one who handled my checkout. I guess she switched to the check in table.

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Oh, one last thing. Proper identification was required in order to vote.

  4. 4
    LC MaxMomFL growls and barks:

    Carson appears to be a great man and I was very interested in his candidacy early on. But, his campaign developed (or rather deteriorated) into a sort of ambling, directionless nuisance. Really Dr. Ben, what’s your point? I like you. I really like you. But, please go home and let Ted have your delegates. Ted, for sanity’s sake kick your dirty politics playing campaign workers to the curb. They are tarnishing your already not-so-shiny image as a ‘nice guy’. My two cents.

    Who “won” in those states is also not important. Delegate count is.
    Trump -17, Cruz -10, Rubio-7, Kasich-4, Bush-3, Carson-3, Fiorina-1.
    Them’s the stats now folks. I wish people would shut up about polls already.

  5. 5
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    readerjp says:

    It certainly pisses me off.

    You and me both. He’d better disavow that endorsement from that frothing fruitcake as soon as he learns of this.

  6. 6
    readerjp growls and barks:

    (JTA) — Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign defended an endorsement from a controversial pastor who has said Jews will be hunted and put in death camps before Jesus returns.

    In a sermon in 2011, Bickle said God would give Jews a chance to convert to Christianity and “raise up the hunters” against those who refuse. Bickle called Hitler “the most famous hunter in recent history.” In 2005, Bickle said in a sermon that before Jesus’ coming, “a significant number of Jews will be in work camps, prison camps or death camps.”

    The Anti-Defamation League and National Jewish Democratic Council both called on Cruz to clarify his opinion on Bickle’s views.

    “Mike Bickle’s views about why God allowed Jews to be killed in the Holocaust, as expressed in a 2011 speech, are abhorrent, intolerant and unacceptable,” the ADL said in a statement, according to the Times of Israel. “We assume that Senator Cruz accepted Bickle’s endorsement without knowing about these comments. We hope that when these comments are called to the Senator’s attention, he will clearly and forcefully reject Bickle’s hateful ideas.”

  7. 7
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #:

    Yeah, that was some weak sauce nonsense from Cruz’s spokeshole:

    “Our campaign welcomes support from faith leaders across the country,” Muzin told Jewish Insider. “Mike Bickle is one of the hundreds who have endorsed us. My understanding is that he was paraphrasing the words of the prophets Jeremiah and Zechariah. I know that he has made support for Israel and the Jewish people a central part of his mission.”

    Last I checked, nobody was doubting that he was “paraphrasing”, that wasn’t really the issue. But the ignorant clownshoe was basically calling the Shoah an Act of G-d, and that’s not only abhorrent, that’s downright ignorant. And he calls himself a “faith leader?”


    I have to say, though, that Cruz doesn’t strike me as an anti-Semite, not at all. One example would be the clip I put up of him where he, among other things, talks of an amendment he proposed that put as a non-negotiable precondition for ANY sort of negotiations with Iran about sanctions that Iran would first have to recognize Israel, both as a state and her right to exist.

    That amendment, of course, was shot down immediately by Mitch McFührer and his Prozi friends, led by Harry Reid.

    Cruz still needs a better spokeshole, though, and I still believe that he himself should speak out against the raving nutcase, Bickle.