Whose Side Are They On, Anyway?

No matter, according to Occam’s Razor, they’re probably just stupid.

We talked about yesterday how FOX walked straight into Trump’s trap, and events since then have done nothing to dissuade us of that.

As we said yesterday, all they had to do in response to Trump’s initial suggestion that Kelly not be on the panel of moderators was what they did initially, which was to say “no candidate gets to dictate who we choose as moderators.” The end. That would’ve been it. But then they had to double down on stupid by issuing a schoolyard Roger Ailes taunt about Trump being a wussy. Now, a lot of people might feel that way, we certainly weren’t immune to thinking it, but it generally doesn’t help when you’re accused of bias to go ahead and prove your opponent’s point.

At that point, His Imperial Majesty would have responded like Trump: “Alright then. I’m not wasting my time on prepubescents. I have better things to do.” It’s not about being a “coward”, it’s, at that point, about refusing to play with the little kids in the mud. Roger surely thought that nobody would be able to buck the old rule about candidates doing whatever the hell the Almighty Media™ (they really are almighty, just ask them!) tells them to do and he, like so many others before him, failed to realize that they’re dealing with somebody who is absolutely out of fucks to give.

It seems like the idiot Roger (probably prompted by his boss, Rupert, who has little interest in losing money on his minion’s dick measuring contest) is belatedly beginning to realize that he may have screwed the pooch and might have to look for alternate funding for the third floor gold plated basketball court on his luxury yacht unless he fixes the mess he’s made, because he’s reportedly spending a lot of time now phoning Trump’s ex and his daughter, trying to get them to convince Donald to come back and perform in his circus.

Trump’s response, so far, has been “I’m not talking to the hired help. If FOX has something to talk to me about, get the boss on the line. And try to talk to me instead of my family.” You can almost hear the implied “or are YOU too chicken to talk to me?” Ouch.

To top it off, Ailes had O’Reilly, whose ego is only slightly smaller than the Pyramids, basically beg Trump to please reconsider for his entire interview with him.

That had to hurt for a pompous arse like Bill O’Reilly.

Perhaps Rupert should get together with Roger in order to discuss openings in the fast food industry?



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January 28, 2016 05:48

I heard a rumor that Ailes is actually ailing and isn’t handling day to day operations. The rumor is that Murdoch is handling things at the moment.
Murdoch also apparently tweeted out a message begging Bloomers bloomberg to get into the race.
Take these rumors with a truckload of salt of course.

January 28, 2016 15:50

NYT is reporting that Murdoch phoned Ailes to assure him of his support.

January 28, 2016 16:03

BTW, the Murdoch tweet to Bloomberg isn’t a rumor.

January 29, 2016 10:18

I have been a Trump fan since Day 1 because I saw how hard he actually worked to try and revive Atlantic City (no matter how hard folks try to impugn his work there, I saw the real Trump). Trump is defying all expectations because everyone’s expectation are based on things that do not affect Trump. Mr. Trump is rewriting… Read more »

January 29, 2016 11:00

watchyerlane @ #:

You can mock him and you can misunderestimate him at your own peril.

Why would I do that? I’m going to see him next week in Milford, NH. I have my golden ticket. I was going to see him in Nashua this morning, but changed my mind. The job search has to come first.

January 29, 2016 23:51

I’m surprised nobody here has brought up the shooting of the leader of the Oregon stand-off. I just watched the FBI’S own video of the shooting and he got stopped at a roadblock, came out with his hands up, clearly surrendering and somebody shot him in the back.

Watch it yourself and say what you think.