FOX Walks Into a Trap (UPDATED)

When Trump stated that Megyn Kelly shouldn’t be a moderator at the debate because of her bias (real or alleged), our Imperial Brain immediately started wondering what he was up to now. Sadly, a lot of other people, some of them very intelligent, focused instead on saying that he was just being a whiny little prick. We don’t know. Maybe he is, but a lot of people have been very, very wrong about his skill set, ourself very much included, so we’re no longer taking anything at face value. We don’t want to be caught misunderestimating him because we dislike him so much that we think we know what he’s like. We thought we did, and he’s defied every prediction of ours ever since.

That’s either because he’s very smart or because we’re very dumb. What remains of our ego compels us to at least consider that it’s the former. But we could be wrong about that, too.

Initially it wasn’t much of a thing. OK, so he’s pointing out that it’s really not very objective to have a moderator who has an agenda. No biggie. But what comes next?

FOX takes her off the panel, in which case Trump wins or they don’t, in which case… What? After having been baffled G-d knows how many times by this primary (unlike Scott Adams, who seems to have predicted every single bit of it since before Trump even started making a mark on the polls, and he’s a dyed in the wool liberal, so he doesn’t exactly have a motive to “pump the Trump”. Besides, he’s been right so many times it’s scary), we felt pretty sure that Trump had played it out already in his mind, so we waited for the next move.

FOX didn’t budge, and good for them. Sure, we’ve heard that Kelly was a bit tough on him in that debate, but studying it with a bored, analytical eye, it was pretty much he said/she said whether you could really say she was seriously biased. Depends on who your preferred candidate more than it depends on facts. Eye of the beholder and all that.

We couldn’t really see what Trump stood to gain from this at this point, and if there is one thing we’ve learned from this season, it is that he doesn’t seem to do anything that he doesn’t stand to gain from.

And then FOX sent out this:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

…and we laughed because hey, good one! And then we facepalmed.

Allow us to explain: Trump throws down gauntlet, suggesting that Kelly be removed. This is important. FOX says “no.” Now Trump is left with 1) leave debate, looking a bit like a butthurt whineypants or 2), show up anyway, having made his point and then proceeding to win the debate as he’s won the rest with his slick salesmanship. Don’t argue on that one. It doesn’t matter that we don’t like him all that much, as a matter of fact he makes us very uneasy, part of which is probably due to our European upbringing and consequent nervousness when it comes to slick talkers, but he has still completely swatted away his opponents in every single debate.

1) is the bad move, 2) is business as usual. We were fairly certain that he wasn’t going to go for 1) at that point. We’re done scraping egg off of our face just because of our personal bias.

But with that statement from FOX, they handed the game right the fuck back to him. Hence the facepalm. Obviously they’re not done basing their actions on personal bias rather than calm analysis. Why? Because that statement, hilarious as it was (and again, we laughed our arse off when we read it), they immediately immunized him from the “looking like a butthurt, whiny twat” factor and, more importantly, they fucking well proved his point, the drooling, incompetent fucktards.

Let’s take it one more time, and please take your “I don’t like him” glasses off. We don’t either, but it’s putting blinders on you:

Stage 1): Trump says Kelly shouldn’t be on the panel because he thinks she’s biased. FOX says “no. We’re not letting any participant dictate who should be on our panel of moderators.”

Advantage: Slightly FOX for appearing neutral, no real damage to Trump unless he bugs out like a whiny pissant. Nobody feels particularly strongly (unless they’re blindly partisan, meaning “a very small minority” on either side) about this. He said, she said, who gives a fuck?

Stage 2): FOX, as a network, issues a mocking, clearly biased statement, making it abundantly clear which side they’re on, validating every single fucking detail of Trump’s hitherto unprovable (to the vast majority of voters) allegations. They might as well have come out and screamed “fuck yeah, we’re going to demolish one of the candidates to benefit one or more of the others!”

Advantage: Do we really need to tell you? Of course we don’t, you’re the most intelligent readers in the Blogosphere.

NOW Trump can snub the debate with no ramifications to his candidacy because he’s got the reason right there, in 12′ high letters. They’ve just confirmed what he was, so far, only insinuating, namely that FOX has already chosen sides and cannot, no matter which candidate you support, be trusted.

They turned his play from a minor one with no major benefits into a big one.

Ace says:

Eh, let me parrot back the establishment critics’ favorite anti-Trump charge back to them.

They’ve taken it as a mantra, in attacking Trump’s supporters, “You hate it when Obama does it, but you love it from Trump.”

Well to them I’d say:

You hate it when MSNBC does it, but you love it from Fox.

As long as Fox is going after the candidate you want to knock out, so that millions more people can see Marco Rubio appear overpolished and underwhelming at a debate.


He just made everybody who might criticize him for snubbing the debate look like howling hypocrites. And made himself look like a wronged martyr to everybody else on top of it.

Add to this that quite a few Americans have been seriously disillusioned by FOX over the past several years with their limp-wristed defenses and excuses for the GOPe’s consistent refusal to keep their campaign promises to fight Obama. So far, it’s been limited to gut feelings that maybe they’re not as much in the fight as we thought they were, but now they just handed out the proof. They’ve picked sides, and it ain’t the side of people fed up with being lied to.

Is Trump’s win here deserved? It doesn’t matter! They just handed him a “yuuuge” victory, right there, and he didn’t have to lift a bloody finger. The situation went from “no effect” to “let’s hand Trump the nomination” with one statement. Either they’re dumb or they’re doing it on purpose.

Another note that we hadn’t considered since we’re firmly on the conservative side, but Scott Adams isn’t:

Now let’s say you are Donald Trump, the scariest Republican that any Democrat has seen in ages. What is the one best thing he can do to separate himself from the Republican machine and show that he can be a deal-maker for everyone? Answer: Punch FOX News in the mouth. Right in front of you.

Democrats are watching. Trump is framing himself as an enemy of their enemy. (Democrats hate FOX News.)

Boom. Head shot.

Thanks to FOX’s inability to keep their yaps shut, they’ve confirmed the suspicions of every conservative who has ever found himself wondering whether they were really on his side AND made a bunch of Democrats on the fence think that he can’t be all that bad if the Demon FOX hates him too.

Unless conservatism ups its game, it’s all over at this point.


UPDATE: FOX goes full idiot. Or maybe they really believe that proving your opponent’s point will somehow damage him.

FOX Loses It, Calls Trump a “Terrorist”

It’s over. He’s going to win the nomination and election in a landslide.

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January 27, 2016 05:16

Even money he shows up for the “debates” then walks all over the moderators and his opponents. What this has done is make me consider lowering my IQ temporarily to watch the debate, just to see what Cruz chooses as his tone and direction. :em03:

LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology
LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology
January 27, 2016 05:58

I’m still not convinced that these past ten days haven’t been one elaborate Kabuki Theater performance by Trump and Cruz.

January 27, 2016 06:32

*Munch* *Munch* *Munch*

Need more popcorn

Physics Geek
Physics Geek
January 27, 2016 11:50

I will admit that I cannot foresee voting for Trump, but I’ve been impressed at how he’s managed his campaign and how he’s confounded all of the “experts”, whose sole claim to expertise was correctly predicting the logical outcome to things. In this case, those “experts” screwed the pooch because they failed to recognize just how angry the voters were… Read more »

January 27, 2016 12:32

Well, Trump will be in my home town Friday Morning. I may go see him there, if I can get in. I also have a “Golden ticket” to an event he’s having next week. I would love to be able to ask him what his stance is on the H1B Visa program in light of the abuse by companies such… Read more »

January 27, 2016 13:13

It’s over. He’s going to win the nomination and election in a landslide.

I wouldn’t go that far. There’s a LOT of hate for Trump, from some very powerful and unscrupulous people. I would not put it past the Elites (right or left) to try and get him killed just so they can keep playing their globalist games.

January 27, 2016 14:38

Responding to PG: Physics Geek @ #: I don’t think the GOP establishment “providing a fig leaf” would have been enough to stop Trump. Not this year. Not after all the lies and betrayals. Nobody would have believed their fig leaves. In fact, nobody did, when they tried to claim that they’d really, honesty, truly been trying to do what… Read more »

January 27, 2016 15:04

Bill Quick @ #: I don’t think the GOP establishment “providing a fig leaf” would have been enough to stop Trump. Not this year. Not after all the lies and betrayals. Nobody would have believed their fig leaves. In fact, nobody did, when they tried to claim that they’d really, honesty, truly been trying to do what Trump wanted If… Read more »

January 27, 2016 15:06

Trump would definitely get a respectful nod from David Xanatos.

January 27, 2016 20:52

angrywebmaster @ #: Trump’s been quite publicly against the misuse of H1B visas like that.

January 27, 2016 20:53

angrywebmaster @ #: Eh, and who would that have been, precisely?

January 28, 2016 05:03

Bill Quick @ #:

Eh, and who would that have been, precisely?

No idea. I suspect it would be someone who isn’t well known, but would say the right things and just “catch” as it were. I think the timing is right for a seismic shift and that is what’s happening now.

January 28, 2016 05:04

Bill Quick @ #:

Trump’s been quite publicly against the misuse of H1B visas like that.

I didn’t know. Thanks for the info.

Physics Geek
Physics Geek
January 28, 2016 15:30

Bill, I don’t disagree with you here. As both you and Misha said, it was too late by this (past year) and besides, no one would have believed them anyway except for the shit sandwich eaters. Also, I’d like to reiterate Misha’s point in that I think Trump has a lot of raw political skill, which he has displayed quite… Read more »