Ain’t Gonna Take it Anymore

Ace says it perfectly:

But my priority is reforming the GOP into an institution which actually serves voters and not just the Chamber of Commerce and a dozen deep-pocketed, socially-liberal mega-donors, but a party that, when working class people tell them Disney is abusing the H-1B program to hire foreign workers and fire American ones, actually gives a shit, and does not just run over to Disney and ask for a campaign donation.

So for me, it has to be Cruz, or Trump. I’d prefer Cruz, as I keep saying. I’ll take Trump, though, because, while he’s kind of stupid and temperamentally unsuited for the job, he would nevertheless also serve as a repudiation of the Establishment’s Corporate Client “Conservatism.”

And that’s the thing in a nutshell. As Ace describes in the rest of his excellent post, if we keep rolling over and play dead and accept the GOPe Chamber of Commerce Candidate after we’ve had our little tantrum, we’ll still be fighting this fight 20 years from now.

If we still have a country to fight over.

The only way to change the GOP is to give them a bloody nose, and the only way to do that is to make sure the Establishment Quislings lose. They must be totally and utterly destroyed, rejected and kicked to the curb.

And if it takes handing the nomination to Donald Trump to do so, then so be it. Still holding out for Cruz, though, because that’d be a double victory.

He’s not our candidate, he’s our murder weapon. And the GOPe is our victim.


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January 25, 2016 18:00

I have a ticket to see Trump next week. Or I might scalp it for hundreds of dollars. I like watching the GOP(e) commentators, usually on Fox. They don’t have a clue what’s happening, and haven’t figured out yet that if it’s President Trump or President Cruz, they’re going to be generally ignored. Disney is getting sued by the people… Read more »

Red Five
Red Five
January 25, 2016 20:41

Yep, exactly right, my liege. I’d definitely prefer the Cruz Missile, but if it comes down to The Donald versus She Who Should Be In Prison or that geriatric socialist, I ain’t voting 3rd party “on principle”. My principle says to keep the communists and the corruptocrats out of the White House. Truth be told, though, even if one of… Read more »

Red Five
Red Five
January 26, 2016 13:45

Emperor Misha I @ #: With Ben Carson effectively done (which is really, really sad), and Rubio the 3rd-place heir apparent, you’re probably right. And I, too, can vote for either Cruz (definitely preferred) or Trump. I want Cruz to win the White House, so he can nominate Carson as Surgeon General. And Allen West as SecDef. And maybe Trump… Read more »