Surprise! Big Companies Contribute Money According to Self-Interest!

Film at eleven.

The Wall Street mega-bank Goldman Sachs is a top donor to the 2016 presidential campaigns of establishment candidates Hillary Clinton, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush.

Knock us over with a feather! Giant corporation donates money to candidates likely to return the favor if they win.

Why, oh why don’t they donate money to candidates that hate them? We’ll never know. That just doesn’t make sense.

OK, enough sarcasm. This is actually useful information, because it tells everybody exactly where that bank’s interest’s lies and, more importantly, who they think is more likely to repay them after the election, should they emerge victorious. They wouldn’t bloody well throw money at somebody unlikely to stay bought, now would they? They didn’t become big by being idiots, after all.

What’s too clever by half in this article is how it plays in nicely with the “Cruz borrowed money from Goldman Sachs to finance his Senate run” narrative, even though they never mention it. So he must be just as fake as Hillary and Rubio, right?

A slight problem with that: Goldman Sachs didn’t donate money to Cruz’s senatorial campaign, they lent them to him. You don’t have to pay a donation back, in case anybody’s confused by this. At least not directly. But you most certainly will, or at least that’s what the lender is, ahem, banking on. And they’re usually right, where polistitutes are concerned.


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LC Xystus
LC Xystus
January 21, 2016 04:10


Wow–an apparently new & possible hit neologism!