OK, That’s Just Ridiculous

Really, seriously… Trump saying that Cruz failing to file his Goldman Sachs loan with the FEC makes him “worse than Hillary?”

We get it that this is a fight to the finish. They can’t both win, and it’s time for the final showdown between the two front runners in the primary. Politics ain’t bean bag and all that.

But that’s just retarded. Yeah, Donald, it really is.

Yes, it is important who gives what to which candidate and yes, the lack of transparency on this issue is to a humongous degree responsible for the corrupt mess that our Republic is currently in. No disagreement there.

But if you’re going to sell the “he did it on purpose” nonsense, then it would perhaps help your point if he hadn’t filed his loan publicly with the freaking U.S. Senate, don’t you think? Unless he’s the single most incompetent criminally corrupt crony in the history of such.

No, that does not make failing to file with the FEC “OK”, because it isn’t. The law is the law, but it does make it a lot less hard to swallow when you claim/insinuate/suggest that he “did it on purpose.”

And… This makes Cruz “worse than Hillary???” Srsly? Worse than lying to the world and the families of the fallen in Benghazi? Worse than high treason by transmitting and storing classified material on a home brewed, insecure server in her upstairs toilet? Worse than having deliberately not told a single truth in her entire useless public life?

We’re no perpetually outraged Trump hating Cruizebot, we do believe that we have a lot of things to be thankful to Trump for, most of all his having had the nuts to come out in the open with a huge megaphone and say out loud the things that all of us thought and forcing the feckless GOPe to talk about them too. Because we all know, the ones among us with an ounce of intellectual honesty at least, that this would have never happened without his abrasive, devil may care attitude.

But making up shit to slander your opponents and perpetuating the internecine warfare among factions of those of us who all want to, truly, make America great again or, at the very least, have our beloved country back isn’t helping things. It’s just replacing the Ogabe Balkanization of our nation with a different flavor of the same. No, we’re not talking about locking the GOPe in their country clubs and setting fire to them, we’re fine with that, but the rest of us, Americans who just want our country back, still need to work together when the dust settles, no matter who wins the primary.

We’re not impressed.


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angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
January 21, 2016 03:48

As I recall, the information on Cruz’s loan came out because he filed public notice somewhere. (I can’t recall the details)