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So now Rand Paul (full disclosure: We don’t dislike him, but he’s a bit of a nutter and undeniably tainted by the Paul brand. Still, we agree with him far more than we disagree with him) pointed out that there might be some issues with Cruz’s eligibility as well when asked directly about it. So he’s obviously a crazy birther, right?

It’s hard to see this as anything but pure spite towards Cruz, of which there’s plenty in Paulworld, for surpassing him as the “conservatarian” choice in the primary. In theory, I guess, raising enough doubt about Cruz’s eligibility could cause some libertarians and “constitutionalists” to run away from Cruz and back to Paul, but how much is that worth to Paul? Five percent, maybe? He goes from an also-ran in the low single-digits to an also-ran in the high single-digits while potentially tipping the race to in Iowa to Trump, the least libertarian candidate in the race. And meanwhile Paul stinks of desperation.

Blah, blah, bleh. We respect Rand’s intelligence enough to suspect that he knows full well that he’s not going to grab the nom at this point, so let’s cut out the “strategery” speculation and “desperation” nonsense here, shall we? Oh, and drop the “spite” too. Why on Earth would Rand, who knows that he’s not going to be the next nominee at this point, try to bring down, deliberately, the one guy in the race most likely to agree with him on most counts? Because his feewings got hurt? Honestly, we thought that was the Prozis’ shtick.

Let us say it again: His Majesty is a Cruz guy. Cruz is our man. We’d love nothing more than to be able to vote for him in November, and we still hope that a miracle happens and he’ll manage to pull it off. Yes, we’re pissed off about this whole birther distraction too because, once again, we’re a Cruz guy.

The thing is: Rand is right. There IS an issue here. An issue to which the answer is obvious: Cruz IS eligible.

But that issue won’t be settled until it’s settled the old-fashioned way, which is to say by a bunch of old guys in robes. No amount of opining, law reviews and personal fan mail from retired judges is going to settle it until the robes have had their turn.

And seriously. Would you rather rush to settle this in late October when the Prozis and their Queen, Hitlary, bring it up, or would you like to get it out of the way now? Because if you’re daft enough to think that the brownshirts WON’T bring it up in late October, then you need to go sit in the back of the classroom. With a dunce cap on your heads. Also, we have some lovely beach front property for sale in… you know the drill.

We speculated a bit ago whether it was something that Trump and Cruz cooked up together to get it settled. We don’t think so anymore after we’ve listened to more credible voices than the ones in our head. Sometimes a banana is just a banana, and we were thinking “zebras” instead of “horses” when we heard the hoof beats. Our fault. We should know better than to go off half-cocked like that. Feel free to mock us now, because we deserve it.

But the fact remains: It’s better for Cruz to get it out of the way now, rather than later. Because if he grabs the nom (and G-d how we hope that he does), a last minute lawsuit by the brownshirts in October would be devastating.

We don’t like that, but that’s how reality works at times. We don’t like it, but it’s still there.


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angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
January 12, 2016 05:48

I heard something on one of the Fox panels shows last night about Paul. Rand Paul thought he was going to hitch his wagon to the libertarian streak in the Republican party, but he ran into ISIS instead. Rand Paul has totally missed what’s happening with Islam, and it’s going to cost him. Better he go back to the senate… Read more »