[A big H/T to the Shark Tank for getting this amusing video out there.]

Rising superstar of the conservative movement Allen West, recently had a town hall meeting in his Ft. Lauderdale district. As soon as the Colonel started a number of very loud hecklers began disrupting him, shouting their dopey, inane talking points and trying to hijack the discussion. Exactly as I would expect West was totally unperturbed. As the assholes continued their tirades, West calmly stated “You’re not going to intimidate me”. His constituents went wild with a standing ovation backing him. The man is a combat veteran and a horde of smelly socialist shitbags are NEVER going to bother him in the least.

The Shark Tank posted the video below, along with a rundown of what happened. You gotta’ see it through to the end, when one of the hecklers decided to be an idiot, refusing to leave when asked by an unidentified sergeant from the Ft. Lauderdale PD. As I watched it, I thought here we go….flashback to the job, I would have been reaching for the cuffs too. She sealed the deal when she called the office an expletive (it’s was bleeped on the video). The woman revealed her identity on-camera as Nicole Sandler, a former host for the left’s most recent joke of the media, Air America. You really have to appreciate the irony here. Sandler will get ten times the exposure with this video than she ever could have hoped for on that rotten station. Hell, the Emperor and I had more listeners than Air America, back in the day of Rottie Radio.

This is what we have to look forward to, for the next year or so. Screaming, howling, juvenile leftists protesting, heckling, harrassing and engaging in what they do best, Idiotarianism. It’s what they do, and that seems their plan for the campaign. To an olde fart like me, it’s 1968 Déjà Vu, all over again folks.

I tell you folks, Allen West is really, REALLY coming on strong. He’s getting attention by the LSM, well at least Fox News. He’s poised, calm, forceful and has that political capital-‘gravitas’ by the truck-load. There is no doubt in my mind, that with some experience in congress or other high-visibility political role, this man will make a run for the presidency.

[OT Flash- As I’m getting ready to post this, I’m hearing Obama has released the legitimate, long-form Hawaiian birth certificate. I’ve said from all along, the birth certificate controversy was a non-starter. Trump is being interviewed now with tons of albumin dripping from his face. He’s ‘honored’ to have Ogabe finally release the document. Assuming it’s on the level, I’m happy he’s doing this. We DO need to ignore this type of horse shit and get on the real issues. ]

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