Oh, and Allahpundit is an Idiot

Just in case anybody is still in doubt.

It’s a well-known fact that Allahpundit’s lips are so firmly locked around ¡Ruuuuubio!’s dick that poor Marco’s wedding tackle is in imminent danger of necrotizing, but this really seals the deal:

[Trump’s mention of Cruz’s eligibility] could actually work out pretty sweetly for the establishment if Trump uses this to sink the formidable Cruz and then gets steamrolled by Rubio in a one-on-one battle for the nomination, but let’s not sweat the details.

In what possible alternate universe could ¡Ruuuuuuubio!’s single digit numbers even begin to “steamroll” Trump, Allahpundit? We realize that auto-erotic asphyxiation is a thing, so please take the plastic bag off your head. We rather enjoy reading your delusional masturbatory fantasies, they’re so full of unintentional, we’re sure, hilarity, and we’d hate to be deprived of them.

You’re perhaps suggesting that Cruz’s followers, of which we’re one, would immediately flock to Marco “I’m a Proven Liar” ¡Ruuuuuuubio!’s banner?

If so, congratulations. You’ve just made us laugh so hard we may just have snapped a ligament or two.



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Allahpundit giving Rubio a Lewinsky? I thought he was more of a rimjob sort of guy. I’ve heard that Romney is so “clean” there that he may never need to use toilet paper again thanks to AP’s support.

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