The lack of Gun Pr0n disturbs the force

Is your idea of fun slogging through muddy bottoms in thick brush, searching for 300 pounds of lightning fast slobber slinging pork with a surly attitude and razor sharp tusks?

Cool. Mine too.

It’s been too long since we had some gun pr0n. Here’s the gun I chose as my Hog Hammer.

Chambered in .308, a great caliber, and the ammo I choose is Colorado Buck, with the Nosler 165 grain AccuBond polymer tip round. Deep penetration, full weight retention, a wound channel that insures a rapid bleed out, and the energy to take an energetic hog off his feet.

In my range test at 100 yards with this rifle and ammo, groups were just a little larger than an American quarter.

The rifle has a short 16.5″ heavy profile barrel that is fast handling in the thickets, and is equipped with a Leapers UTG 3-9×40 Bug Buster scope that lets you get up close and personal for the long shots. A lot of you might scoff at Leapers glass. As entry level scopes go, they produce the best. This scope has a generous eye box, a sharp view, and a mil-dot reticle that allows you to accurately estimate range. It has green and red illumination available, but I rarely shoot with a battery installed.

This rifle can put feral hogs DOWN. Let’s make some sausage.

Call this an OPEN THREAD.


  1. 1
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    My latest acquisition is a Sig Sauer P220 SA/DA. .45 pf course. I recently went on a pilgrimage to the Sig Sauer Academy Pro Shop in Epping NH and had a Short Reset Trigger installed.

    I noticed a definite improvement of my accuracy. I”m looking at replacing the stock plastic grips with a set of rosewood ones.

    I’ve been eyeing a IWI Tavor for a while, but my current situation, (Unemployed), is preventing me from purchasing a Kosher Kannon for the time being.

    I”m hopeful my current situation will change soon. I was just shot down for a job I wanted yesterday. :em08:

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    Retired Spook growls and barks:

    My favorite deer-and-hog rifle is a left-handed Savage Scout in 7mm-08 (Gen 3, not the current monstrosity).
    With a 2.75 Burris LER scope, it will deliver the goods consistently anywhere from 20-300 yards, as long as the operator has all his (or her, since my granddaughter is planning on stealing the rifle when she thinks I’m not looking!) poop in a group, and does it with a package that weighs all of 8 lbs, with scope, sling, and loaded mag. I’ve taken coyotes at 200 yards, and a grumpy sow inside 20 yards, and was quite pleased with it’s performance in both cases.

  3. 3
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    I picked up a ?itok=PuLjABZA” rel=”nofollow”>Benelli Supernova last April since my collection was missing a good shotty. I’m thinking my next one will be some sort of lever action.

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    Muzzy - Imperial Ignorant Slut growls and barks:

    I have a favour to ask. Could anybody here please explain the appeal of Donald Trump and Ben Carson? From my side of the Atlantic it seems completely inexplicable. I just don’t get their appeal at all. I’d really appreciate it if some Trump or Carson supporters could explain why they favour them for the Presidency. What, specifically, do you hope they’ll do? Alternatively, if you support them because you think they’re just the best of a bad bunch, what do you think is so wrong with the others? I promise I won’t poke holes or nitpick or try to debate anyone. I’m just interested to know. Cheers.

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    L.O.R. Ankle biter growls and barks:

    All of you able to do so, send a few rounds downrange for me. I am and have always been blind and know just enough to know what a trigger looks like. When I was little my dad used to sit with me and a pellet gun outside and he’d help me plink at I don’t even remember what. Maybe beer cans since he used to drink a lot. Still a fond memory. These days he seemingly uses his pellet gun only to drive off stray cats.

    Muzzy — As for your question, I’m not a Trump supporter, but I think his primary appeal is probably that he’s very much politically incorrect and very loudly expressing the frustration a lot of people feel. I doubt that he’s a genuine conservative and don’t want to help elect what might well be a Republican Obana. I capitalized republican there because I mean the party specifically. I’m not going to rubber stamp. No way in seventeen hells I’ll vote for Hillary, but if it’s Trump I might not bother at all.

  6. 6
    Muzzy - Imperial Ignorant Slut growls and barks:

    Thanks dude. I’ve asked a few other conservatives on other sites the same question and they’ve all said similar things. In your experience, would it be fair to say that most of Trump’s supporters are mainly backing him as a protest candidate?

    I’m equally curious about Carson. He’s doing well at the moment, too. Do you think his appeal is similar to Trump’s, or is he working a different angle? Again, I’m not going to debate anyone about their reasons, I’m just curious.

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    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Muzzy – Imperial Ignorant Slut says:

    I’m equally curious about Carson. He’s doing well at the moment, too. Do you think his appeal is similar to Trump’s, or is he working a different angle? Again, I’m not going to debate anyone about their reasons, I’m just curious.

    I’ll give you my take on it, Muzzy (and welcome back!), others might disagree.

    Carson and Trump basically represent the same overall group of people, namely Republicans (former or current) who have gotten sick and tired of the corruption, lying and broken promises from the GOP Establishment that have led to our nation being a shambles of Prozi nonsense from sea to shining sea and, in effect, have replaced our two-party system with a one-party system.

    Now, within that group you have two subgroups. The ones who’re mad as hell and don’t give a damn (that would be me) who tend to go for Trump because he’s an arsehole who delights in pissing off the Vichy GOP while scaring them shitless, and the ones who prefer the “nice” alternative, Carson. They still don’t like anything the GOP has to offer since they know along with the rest of us that they never keep their promises so their promises don’t matter anymore, they just prefer to keep it “civil.”.

    At least that’s how I see it.