If Only We Had the Courage of the…


Police investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists, the Express reports.

Police in France also arrested the owner of a revolver found during Wednesday’s raid, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

Security officials found jihadist documents at the mosque where yesterday’s raids took place.

They have placed nine people under house arrest. Another 22 have been banned from leaving the country Mr Cazeneuve said.

France has been under a state of emergency since 130 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris on November 13. Since then, some 2,235 homes and buildings have been raided, 232 people taken into custody, and 334 weapons confiscated. [Emphasis ours — Emp.Misha]

This is our shocked face. They found… weapons and haji propaganda inside mosques????

Why that’s…


Meanwhile, here in the land of the (un)free, home of the (formerly) brave, we’re still furiously debating whether it’s fascism/Naziism/Hitlerism on the level of the Final Solution to as much as talk about stopping muslim immigration, much less mention the tie between pisslam and terrorism.

It is enough to make you weep.


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Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery
Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

heh…..it’s hard to top that Impossibru graphic……that’s a good one. Don’t forget, it was the Franks that turned back the last major Mohammedan invasion of Europe. I’m under no illusions that Hollande is the next Charles The Hammer Martel, but collectively maybe they can revive that Frankish spirit and show the rest of the western world just what is at… Read more »

Radical Redneck
Radical Redneck
Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery
Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

Emperor Misha I says: Nor am I. He’s a vile socialist scumbag. Which only makes me even more sad. That a sleazy, Prozi bastard like that shows more oomph than us. And fwench to boot. :sad face: yep, it’s enough to make one stand up and yell “IMPOSSIBRU!!!” (sorry, I’m still laughing at that graphic) did you see the report… Read more »


Compare the French investigation to the one in San Bernadino: several witnesses said they saw a third shooter dressed in black carrying an assault rifle. Why, for instance, did the FBI open Farook’s apartment to the media less than 48 hours after the crime was committed, with what appeared to be much of the evidence left scattered about? Another issue… Read more »


LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #:
They have always been a 7th century death cult.
I’d like to think we’re starting to see the muzzie version of the 30 Years War here, but I’m not holding my breath.
If the cops were told to stand down by the oblowme regime, that might explain why the apartment was opened to the legacy media.

LC Gunsniper
LC Gunsniper

I am all for shutting down ALL religious houses, gathering places, icons, and completely outlawing religion period. Why pick and choose? They are ALL wrong, and have been the cause of most of the conflicts in the world going back to day one. Tribalism is the real cause of conflict regardless of spiritual or philosophical beliefs. Religion is just one… Read more »