The Word That Dare Not Be Spoken

Ogabe is going to be going on the air soon to talk to us about the latest Islamic massacre. I’m all a tingle I tells ya. Nothing like hearing from the chief facilitator of the newest caliphate lecturing us unwashed rubes about islamaphobia (Lynch is watching, don’t you dare say anything against the religion of peace, cuz if the rag heads don’t saw your head for calling them violent, Lynch will put you in jail for hate speech.). If we hear anything otherwise you can skin me alive and call me luggage.

But today I saw something that tells me that the main trust of tonight’s bullshit sermon will not be the threat of islamists, but our own need to disarm and beg the muhamadean savages for mercy when the next attack happens.

One of my duties at work is to monitor for periods when we need to fly our flags at half mast. After the San Bernandino muslim atrocity I was off duty and did not read the official presidential proclamation until today. What I read really jumped off the page at me, so I did a little research.

After every mass killing when the flags have been lowered the Muslim in Chief called the incidents “senseless acts of violence”. From Newtown to Aurora, to include the attack on our Marines at Chattanooga. Benghazi was called a “senseless attack”. Only the Paris massacre was called terrorism.

This time though, and the last mass killing in Colorado, was different. Now the proclamation reads that flags are to be lowered in memory of the victims of….


Yup pups, that’s where were at. An islamic terrorist attack on our own soil is gun violence. Not only does he refuse to call it terrorism in any manner, it’s now not even a “senseless act of violence”.

This cock sucker’s last year in office is gonna be real fun. Keep your powder dry, your ears perked, and your head on a swivel pups.


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    irish19 growls and barks:

    Keep your powder dry, your ears perked, and your head on a swivel pups.

    Pretty much. Rough sledding ahead.

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Il Douche was on last night giving a speech.
    I paid close attention to the Librarians on TNT instead, particularly the blonde and the red head.

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    Red Five growls and barks:

    If they start sending out groups of thugs to arrest people using “anti-Muslim hate speech”, can we start calling them “Lynch mobs”?

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    LC Beaker, Imperial Photographer @ #:
    Yep. saw that earlier. Compare it to the speech giving by a president 74 years ago.

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    Who cares what the lame duck calls it? The FBI is playing it as what it is. Terrorism. That’s got to have the Kenyan usurper wondering why his own Justice Department won’t support him.

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    Sparky Tolmeister growls and barks:

    We are seeing the complete disintegration of our nation’s collective willpower. This should be the current generation’s “remember the Maine!”, our “Avenge the Cole!” I mean, FRANCE got the hint for Croissant’s sake!

    Our nation has remained great by stopping this kind of shit in it’s tracks before it ever takes off running. The Press Secretary for the Caliphate (I affectionately refer to him has President Fuckhead) as put rocket boosters on the motherfucker and saddled us with sandbags.

    It’s too easy to put together so there just HAS to be a super-complicated, blame-diverting, “pay no attention to the Isamo-socialist behind the curtain!” solution that keeps teh left all warm n’ fuzzy. So here comes the all-too-familiar panic button of gun control. Never mind these are the kind of assholes that would blow themselves to Allah-cum with home made explosives if they COULDN’T get guns, it’s the gun’s fault!

    You’d think if these dipshits really cared about violence and the proliferation of “workplace violence” and mass casualty event brought on by rogue actors, they’d start banning bomb-making materials or talking about “how many bag of fertilizer DOES your house need?” or “The founding fathers did not want us to own immonium nitrate! They just meant horse shit! They couldn’t have possibly seen how far fertilizer technology could have gone!”

    At least then it would only sound half as ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as changing the oath of citizenship to adopt Shariah and Islamic sensibilities and customs….I mean, that would be just asinine and retar……ah shit… us again….

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    Radical Redneck growls and barks:

    ?modified_at=1398164260&width=750″ rel=”nofollow”>Hitlery’s minions on the march! :em03: