A Rottfest for Hog Hunters

Who wants to hunt feral hogs in Texas?

I’m planning a trip to the Alabama Creek WMA just southwest of Lufkin, Texas the weekend of January 16, and would love to have some Rotties attend.

Requirements: Texas hunting license (non-resident five day permit is $48) and Texas annual public land permit, also $48 bucks. Bring your own rifle, must be centerfire over .24 caliber. You must be wearing at least 400 square inches of Hunter Orange, with 144 square inches each on the chest and back with hunter orange headgear.

We’ll be hunting an area between a stand of old growth oaks (hogs love acorns) and a cultivated feed plot, with some open ground, overlooking a flooded area off the Netchez River. It’s prime hog country.

Hotel rooms in the Lufkin area run from sixty bucks a night and up.

I’m not making this easy because we only want serious hunters. Spouses and children are welcome at the normal Rottfest Texas home.

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I thought wild hogs were considered a menace and pests? I was under the impression it was basically open season on them? Why do you need permits?
I’m not a hunter, but my brother is. I’m a better shot than he though.

Special Ed
Special Ed

I believe these are simple hunting license and land use fees. There is no additional fee for hogs as there would be for deer or other native big game.


What about ISIS hunts? Any fees required for them?

If I brought a couple of 15-year olds along, would they need the permits and licenses, or could they hunt on mine? Not that we could do it, since we’d still have two weeks of deer season in Alabama and Tennessee, but just in case it comes up in the near future.


Resident Evil is somewhat interested, even if it means driving from Lost Angels, #Failifornia…

are we hunting from stands, or on the ground?