Brave Woman

Hope her life insurance is paid up.


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    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    That Uppity BITCH! Someone needs to throw some acid in her face and get her properly dressed! You can tell she doesn’t come from a honorable family. If she did, she wouldn’t be parading around with her faced exposed all whore like. Maybe she’s an orphan with no father or brothers to “teach” her right. ….

    She shut that guy down….”we’ve been slaughtering each other for 1400 yrs”…… “America wasn”t around 1400 years ago, America wasnt around 300 yrs ago”…..

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    Retired Spook growls and barks:

    Please don’t tell The Boss, but I think I’m in love!!! This lovely lady has more testicular fortitude that the entire U.S. Congress, and if she needs volunteers for a bodyguard, I’m in!!! F**k it, I’m worth more to The Boss dead than alive anyway!!!!

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    Sparky Tolmeister growls and barks:

    I would insta-wife this women. The first date would come with a ring and my bank account information….//

  4. 4

    Sparky Tolmeister @ #:
    And instant rejection. :em05:
    Except for the bank account. :em07:

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    readerjp growls and barks:

    Two Americans and South African killed at police training centre in Jordan

    Jordanian police officer kills three people and injures four others in shooting spree on outskirts of Amman

    An Israeli Border Policeman succumbed to injuries from a Hebron car ramming attack last week. Binyamin Yakobovich, 19 years-old, was due to be buried in Kiryat Ata, near Haifa. Yakobovich was the 12th Israeli fatality in the last two months of stabbings, shootings, and car-rammings.

  6. 6
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    readerjp @5.

    This obviously shows that Israel needs better knife & car control! Access to these weapons is just too easy.