Speaking of Pisslamic Savages

In case y’all haven’t seen it on the news, which you can be forgiven for not doing so since coverage of it has been as scarce as “diversity” on the DNC debate stage, the Mohamadean Savages have been waging a new kind of intifadah in Israel. Rather than shahids blowing themselves up or gunning down a bunch of shoppers, both of which takes at least a modicum of some skill, now any Paleosimian scum can just hop in his car and run down innocent pedestrians. Afterwards take your knife and hack away until the streets run with blood, just like the pedophile profit demands. Who says the 7th century savages can’t evolve? They’re playing Grand Theft Auto V now.

We (2nd Amendment believers) have always maintained that one good guy with a gun at the right place at the right time can save lives. Watch when that is proven true.


Coming soon to a Mayberry near you?


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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    When a crowd gathers–that’s when the perps (at least in other countries) like to set off a (second) bomb.

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    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    Looks like he needed to reload and keep shooting…

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    LC Xystus @ #:
    That’s the insidious beauty of this tactic. There’s no planning or cells, just lone wolf hirabi who use what they already have, a car and a meat cleaver. No orders given, no plans to intercept, no way to prevent it through traditional COIN or internal security procedures. This haji was an employee of the local telephone company and actually used the company vehicle. The PA can encourage solitary attacks without having to support them financially and can deny any involvement. He survived by the way, and is being treated at an Israeli hospital. One of his victims, a 60 year old rabbi died.

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    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    So this “lone wolf” is alive and being treated by the people he was attacking while a man of G-D dies. I’m thinking a catapult to launch his worthless body back over the border would be appropriate. Let him experience the medical expertise of the Palis…

    Or the good guy should have reloaded and kept shooting until all movement stopped.

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    LC Mike in Chi growls and barks:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret @ #:
    ” I’m thinking a catapult…”

    I bet some pumpkin chunkin’ chuckers have the gear for that!
    Air cannons Rock!
    Hey Jihadis!!
    Desist or Fly!

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    JonB growls and barks:

    He clearly did not shoot nearly enough times. The asshole got up at least twice.

    This sort of crap is coming to America very soon, thanks to Obama and his “immigration policies”.

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    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret growls and barks:

    JonB says:

    This sort of crap is coming to America very soon, thanks to Obama and his “immigration policies”.

    Maybe, but not to my house. My new Taurus 1911 is very capable of delivery of 230 grains @ 960 fps. And I don’t “shoot to wound” as some here can attest.

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    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret says:

    And I don’t “shoot to wound” as some here can attest.


    As for me….I don’t carry 16 in the mag and one in the pipe to just fire off two shots at a rabid animal. You make me draw, I’m gonna give you the full monty. :em07:

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    Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R says:

    As for me….I don’t carry 16 in the mag and one in the pipe to just fire off two shots at a rabid animal. You make me draw, I’m gonna give you the full monty.

    Agreed. Shoot to slidelock, reload.

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    readerjp growls and barks:

    The Knives of Jerusalem – Editorial

    In the past two weeks Palestinian assailants have attacked more than 50 Jews, killing eight. Among the wounded: a 2-year-old toddler, a 13-year-old boy riding his bike, a 70-year-old woman /strong> boarding a bus. This is terrorism in its most exact and repulsive form. The taste for violence emerges from a deep-seated culture of hate, nurtured by Palestinian leaders over many years in mosques, schools, newspapers, TV channels and social media.

    http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-knives-of-jerusalem-1444950148 (Wall Street Journal)

    Palestinians Set Fire to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus – Jack Khoury FOR THE THIRD TIME AT LEAST

    Hundreds of Palestinians threw firebombs at the Joseph’s Tomb compound in Nablus in the West Bank on Friday morning. After some broke in and threw flammables inside the compound, Palestinian security forces took control of the situation. In recent years, Jewish worshippers have visited the site monthly to pray. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.680740

    Israeli Soldier Stabbed by Palestinian Disguised as Press Photographer – http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.680764

    Shortly after Hebron saw its third stabbing attack, Jerusalem Police said Saturday night that a terrorist at the Kalandiya checkpoint pulled a knife and tried to stab a police officer at the crossing, but was unable to penetrate the officer’s bulletproof vest.

    Officers at the scene then opened fire on the attacker, hitting him in the lower body.

    A bomb squad officer then approached the wounded attacker, who pulled out another knife and tried to stab the officer. A Border Police officer then opened fire, hitting the attacker, who was subdued. Police said the Palestinian assailant was identified as a 24-year-old resident of Kalandiya.


    Terrorist Teen Said “Executed by Israel” Confesses to Attacking Jews – Raoul Wootliff

    Ahmed Manasra, a 13-year-old Palestinian who took part in a stabbing spree and who PA President Mahmoud Abbas claimed was killed in cold blood by Israeli police, told investigators on Thursday at Hadassah Hospital, where doctors have been treating him, that he went to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev “to stab Jews.” Manasra is accused of seriously injuring a 13-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man. “I came with my cousin Hassan,” he said. “He brought the knives and I agreed to join him.”
    “My son cannot stab, he doesn’t know how to hold a knife,” Ahmed Manasra’s father said on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, police released footage showing the two brandishing knives and chasing a man down the street. (Times of Israel)

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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    convenLady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R says:

    LC&IB Vulcanrider, MSgt, USAF, Ret says:

    And I don’t “shoot to wound” as some here can attest.


    As for me….I don’t carry 16 in the mag and one in the pipe to just fire off two shots at a rabid animal. You make me draw, I’m gonna give you the full monty.

    Maybe three well-placed shots, as the proposed Rottweiler salute (2008) specified: Two to the center of mass & one to the head.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    You all need to watch this: “To see where Gun Licensing leads, look to Great Britain and Australia”

    Hair-raising video!!! This is what happened in Australian and England after the Gun Grabbers struck:

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Link here, dammit:


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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    From the NRA video above:

    The right to keep and bear arms had been alive in England for eight centuries when Parliament enacted the Pistols Act of 1903. The Act, which prohibited the sale of pistols to minors and felons, also dictated that pistols could be sold only to those who possessed a gun license. Since the license could be obtained at a post office with only the payment of a fee, and since no license was required to keep a pistol solely in the home, there was no opposition.

    But within a few short years, the licensing system had moved from the post office to the police station. Suddenly, Britons who wanted to own handguns–or rifles–had to prove they had “good reason” for receiving a police permit. Shotguns were considered “sporting” and were exempted from licensing requirements until 1967.

    Anti-gun lobbyists in the United States have called for a “needs-based licensing” system and some politicians have lined up to do their bidding.

    Is licensing gun owners a good idea? After all, “we license people to drive cars don’t we?” If requiring gun owners to obtain a government license seems like a harmless idea to you, you may want to know about “Firearms Form 101.” That’s the “Application For A Firearms Certificate” that must be filled out by Britons in order to purchase a rifle or muzzle-loading handgun. A separate form is required for a “shotgun certificate.”

    Section 27 of the Firearms Act of 1968 (as amended by the 1997 Act) requires a chief officer of the Police Firearms Licensing Department to be satisfied that the applicant is “fit to be entrusted with a firearm.” (Emphasis added) As the applicant, you must provide:
    * Your home address for the last three years.
    * Your occupation and business address.
    * Information about previous convictions, including traffic violations.
    * Information about any history of Epilepsy.
    * Information about past treatment for drug use, depression or nervous disorders.
    * The name of your doctor, and permission for the police to search your medical records to obtain “factual details” about your medical history.
    * A list of the firearms you already own, including caliber, type, maker’s name and serial number.
    * A list of the ammunition you already own, including caliber and quantity.
    * A list of the firearms you wish to purchase, stating the reason for wanting to purchase them and where you plan on shooting or hunting with them.
    * A list of the maximum amount of ammunition you wish to possess at any one time, by caliber.
    * A list of the maximum amount of ammunition you plan to purchase at any one time, by caliber.
    * An address where the guns will be stored, for possible future inspection.
    * Information about whether you have previously held a firearms certificate, or a shotgun certificate.
    * A letter signed by the secretary of your shooting club or each landowner where you plan to hunt attesting to the fact that you have permission to shoot at those locations.
    * Four passport size photos of yourself.
    * A fee of 56 pounds (approximately $90).

    As an applicant, you must also designate two “referees” who will fill out a reference form regarding your character. This form will never be shown to you even though it weighs heavily in the final decision to approve or deny the application. The “referees” must:
    * Have known you for at least the last two years.
    * Not be a member of your family, a firearms dealer, a police officer or a police employee.
    * Be of “good character.”
    * Sign the application form declaring that it has been answered truthfully.
    * Sign and date the back of one of your passport photos attesting that it is an accurate representation of you at that time.
    * Explain in what capacity they have known you.
    * Indicate if they are members of a shooting club, and if so their license number and role in the club.
    * Provide their “opinion as to the applicant’s suitability to possess firearms.”
    * Provide information on your personal history, including any history of emotional problems, mental or physical disabilities and explain how knowledge of the information was gained.
    * Explain any difficulties you have with members of your family which “may give cause for concern given that a firearm or ammunition may be available in the household.”
    * Explain their knowledge of your experience with firearms.
    * Explain their knowledge of your attitude toward firearms.
    * Be subjected to a background check and allow personal information to be held on a police computer.

    Had enough???? OPPOSE ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    AAAAND: here is a SHORT form of the New York City, aka Moscow on the fucking Hudson, handgun laws. COMING SOON TO A JURISDICTION NEAR YOU, courtesy of Hussein Fucking O.

    The Application: There are 2 ways to complete the application itself. You can type it, or you can download it, fill it out electronically, and print it. Handwritten applications are not accepted, nor are photocopies. Be sure to include your driver’s license and passport number (if you have either) on your Application Addendum in answer to Question 19, as these are a “license or permit issued to you by any City, State or Federal agency.”

    Along with the Application itself, you will need the following:

    Fees – 2 US Postal Money Orders, made payable to New York City Police Department are required, one for $340 (for the application), and one for either $94.25 (electronic fingerprints) or $105.25 (ink fingerprints), depending on how you are being fingerprinted. These fees are non-refundable. The NYPD now accepts credit cards as well.
    Photographs – 2 recent “passport” (1.5? square) color photos.
    Birth Certificate – required to prove your birth date. Other acceptable forms proving your birth date include: military record, US Passport or Baptismal certificate.
    Proof of Citizenship/Alien Registration – if you were not born in the US, you must submit your naturalization papers, or other evidence of citizenship, or your Alien Registration Card. AND for those living here less than 7 years, you must submit a good conduct certificate from your country of origin.
    Military Discharge – your separation papers (DD 214) and your discharge papers.
    Proof of Residence – this can be: a real estate tax bill, ownership shares in a co-op or condo, or a lease. You may also be asked to bring your driver’s license, NY State Income Tax return, or a utility bill.
    Arrest/Summons/Order of Protection Information – related to question 23 on the application, any arrest information (even if the case was dismissed or the record sealed) must be divulged. Any summons received for any violation other than things like a parking ticket must be divulged, i.e any “summons in lieu of arrest” that requires you to appear in court at a later date. If you ever had an Order of Protection or a Restraining Order issued against you, you must divulge the name/address/phone number of the complainant, their relationship to you, and the reason the Order was issued.
    Proof of Business Ownership (for business licenses) – see the details in the application for the appropriate documentation, depending on your circumstances.
    Letter of Necessity (for carry permits) – you won’t get a carry permit without showing cause, and if you have cause, you should probably already know what is required. Follow instructions on Page 3 of the application.

    Please note, BRING ORIGINALS, not copies of supporting documents. Also note, your application and any addendum MUST BE NOTARIZED.

    Included with the application is a “request” for the following letters. These letters must also be notarized.

    — Request for Pre-Exemption – this isn’t needed by most; if you require it, you should know why beforehand.

    — Affidavit of Familiarity with Rules and Law – states you are familiar with:
    NYC Title 38 Chapter 5 (licensee responsibilities),
    NYS Article 35 (deadly force),
    NYS Article 265 (criminal possession of firearms),
    NYS Article 400 (licensee responsibilities),
    rules regarding Safety Locking Devices (trigger locks),
    NYC Charter 18-C (public safety zones – included w/ application),
    US Title 18 (persons prohibited from possessing firearms – included w/ application),
    and the NYPD pamphlet on terrorism and suspicious activity.

    — Affidavit of Cohabitant – if you live with anyone over 18, they must complete this affidavit, if you don’t live with anyone, you need to complete an affidavit stating that you live alone.
    — Safe Guardian Affidavit – this designates a person who is responsible for your firearms in the event of your disability or death. They do not need to have a firearm permit.

    Submit The Application: Applications must be submitted in person at 1 Police Plaza, License Division, Room 110, Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 3:00pm. You will be fingerprinted at that time.

    Wait for the Letter: Typically, you can wait anywhere from 1 – 3 months for a letter identifying the officer assigned to handle your application.

    The letter looks like this, and will ask you to schedule your interview along with his request for any further documentation.

    Many people are asked to supply an Affidavit with familiarity of:
    Article 35,
    Article 265
    and Article 400;
    an Affidavit of Proof of Employment;
    and a current utility bill. If the utility bill is not in your name, you must supply another Affidavit from the person whose name appears on the bill.

    [I also had to supply my Social Security Card, current bank statements and 1040 Income Tax return along with photos of my home (because I am self employed), my marriage license, and my DMV abstract. I guess I’m just lucky.]

    Call the officer during the hours stated on the letter and schedule the interview. You will also have to get your character reference letters together.

    Reference Letters: Currently, I am told you are asked to supply 3 reference letters from people that have known you for at least 2 years (mine had to be from people that knew me at least 5 years, YMMV). The letter should state that you are “of good moral character.” The more detailed and personal it is, the better.

    The Interview: One individual’s questioning went something like this (my experience was similar):

    Q: Why do you want a gun? A: Home defense & target shooting.

    Q: Where will you store the gun? A: Unloaded, in a locked box or safe, with a trigger lock. (New Fuck City law)

    Q: Where will you store the ammo? A: In a different locked box or safe.
    Also New Fuck City law

    Q: Have you ever owned a gun? A: Yes or No, if yes be ready to supply details.

    Q: Is your housemate aware you are applying for this permit? A: Yes, he/she has already signed an affidavit to that end or “I live alone.”

    Q: Will you be transporting the firearm? A: Yes, to and from the gun range with no stops. Also New Fuck City law.

    Q: How will you transport the firearm to and from the range? A: Pistol in a locked box, unloaded and trigger locked. Ammunition in a separate container. Both the pistol and the ammo will be carried in a way so as to obscure their presence on my person. Also New Fuck City law.

    Q: Have you ever been assaulted? A: Yes or No. Provide details and dates if answer is yes.

    Q: Has your domicile ever been robbed? A: Yes or No. Provide details and dates if answer is yes.

    Q: When is the use of deadly force permissible? A: When someone has broken into my home and has demonstrated their intention to kill myself or someone else in my home.
    Also New Fuck City law.

    The key thing to remember is that whenever you are storing or traveling with a firearm, it must be unloaded in a locked container or safe, with a trigger lock, ammunition kept separately.

    Wait for the Approval/Denial Letter
    … After waiting another 1 – 3 months, you will get your approval letter (hopefully).
    You now have 30 days to pick up your Purchase Authorization. [THIS IS ALL BEFORE YOU EVEN ARE ALLOWED TO SHOP FOR A FUCKING GUN.]
    If you are denied, you must file an appeal under Article 78. At this point, I strongly suggest obtaining a lawyer. You have 4 months from the date of the denial to appeal.

    Pick Up the License & Purchase Authorization:
    You are Required to go back to 1 Police Plaza, with the original letter, Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9:00am – 12 noon.
    You will be photographed, and given your license along with one Purchase Authorization. You now have 30 days to purchase a handgun from an authorized FFL. You are now legal to rent/shoot guns in NYC.

    Buy a Gun: You can purchase a firearm from any FFL, but purchases made from out of state must be transferred to an FFL in NYC. If you buy a new gun, IT MUST BE NY COMPLIANT. New guns must be shipped with spent casings fired from the manufacturer, contained in a sealed envelope. Used guns should be marked by the shipper as such.
    Make sure you fill out the BATFE form, get a receipt, and have the FFL fill out the Purchase Authorization form.

    Every 90 days you can buy ONE handgun, pistol, or revolver in the City of New York. You will need to fill out the Purchase Authorization Request Form and mail it to NYPD so that they can provide you with a “purchase Authorization” that you can use to take possession of a new handgun at the time of purchase.

    The most important thing to remember when filling out the form is that the caliber you write down MUST be the caliber of the handgun you purchase. You can buy a different make and model as long as the caliber on the Purchase Authorization Request Form is the same. However, it is always best to buy the handgun make and model you put down on the Purchase Authorization Request Form if at all possible.

    Here are the steps to getting a Purchase Authorization:
    1. Submit request for purchase authorization. Currently takes around 45-60 days.
    2. PA request approval is mailed, and recipient has 30 days from the date it was MAILED (not received) to pick up the authorization.
    3. Once you receive it, you have to go down to 1 Police Plaza to pick up the PA. Mon-Thur ONLY from 9am-12pm.
    4. Once you pick up the PA, you have another 30 days to purchase the actual firearm.
    5. Once purchased (even if it is on the date the PA expires) you have 72 hours (not calendar days, not business days, 72 hours – which might include weekends and holidays) to bring the firearm, locked, unloaded, down to 1 Police Plaza to have it inspected.
    Inspections are done any business day (M-F, excluding holidays) from 12pm – 2pm.
    Bring bill of sale, etc etc etc.
    6. You’re all done. Wait another 90 days, submit your next one, and while you wait … Go shoot.

    Gun Inspection: Bring the receipt (2 copies – you keep the original they get the other), Purchase Authorization, and your firearm (unloaded, trigger locked, no mag in gun, no ammo on your person, in a locked case) back to 1 Police Plaza, Monday – Thursday between the hours of 12 noon – 3pm (if you’re quick, you can pick up your PA in the morning, buy a gun, and get back for inspection the same day).

    Let the checkpoint know you are carrying a firearm (and let them know it’s properly secured). Then go for your gun inspection. Your gun will be inspected, and the serial # recorded. They will then put the gun’s make, model, caliber and serial # on the gun license and hand it to you.

    Make sure you verify that the information, especially the serial #, is correct! I’d say every other time I have put a new gun on my license, there has been some kind of typo. If your gun’s serial # doesn’t match your license, you can be arrested, even if it was a typo or mistake on their part. You can now purchase ammunition only for the caliber(s) listed on your license.

    Be sure to request the Hunting Authorization card when you pick up your license if you ever want to leave the 5 Boroughs into NY State on a Premises License.

    Also, read the booklet that NYPD gives you at the time of your Pistol Permit issuance. Know the laws! Ignorance of the law will not help you if you get into trouble!

    Think it can’t happen in your town? If NOT, go back and watch the NRA video about the utterly lawless, Brownshirt tactics of the New Orleans PD in confiscating the citizens’ guns. Like the one man said, “They had automatics at their shoulder, trained on us: they weren’t messing around.” Your rights? might as well piss into the wind!

    Do. Not. Give. One. Inch. On ANYTHING, any bullshit background checks and you’re in New Fuck City — next stop, Merrie Castrated England.

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    LC Xystus growls and barks:


    AAAAND: here is a SHORT form of the New York City, aka Moscow on the fucking Hudson, handgun laws. COMING SOON TO A JURISDICTION NEAR YOU, courtesy of Hussein Fucking O.

    He’s got a little time to try. I almost wish he would.

    New Fuck City law…

    Also New Fuck City law…

    Also New Fuck City law…

    Also New Fuck City law…

    Also New Fuck City law…

    …[A]ny bullshit background checks and you’re in New Fuck City…

    I don’t know of any laws requiring you to stay in the Big Crapple. You might want to follow the example of Congressman David Crockett (NR [Anti-Jacksonian], Tennessee), who, regarding his last campaign, reportedly told his constituents that they could go to hell, & he’d go to Texas.

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    Slightly to the right of Gingis Khan growls and barks:

    LC Xystus says:

    I don’t know of any laws requiring you to stay in the Big Crapple. You might want to follow the example of Congressman David Crockett (NR [Anti-Jacksonian], Tennessee), who, regarding his last campaign, reportedly told his constituents that they could go to hell, & he’d go to Texas.

    I’ll stay in my beloved Pennsylvania. Somebody’s gotta man the wall and keep the savages from the north from pushing into civilization.

    We’ve got our problems here, mostly thanks to Philly however we still have something that looks like freedom.