Can You Say Backfire Boys and Girls?

Sure you can. I knew you could.

It’s a well known fact that how you phrase a question can determine the answer, pollsters base their business model on it. For example;

Q; Would you kill a puppy?

Poll results; 99% of respondents are against puppy murder! (The other 1% are those charming miscreants over at 4chan).

Now, let’s rephrase that question:

Q; Would you kill a rabid dingo mauling your infant?

Poll results; 99% of respondents support saving babies lives. (There’s 4chan in that 1% again).

Here is another, almost as blatant example.

Ogabe and his communist cocksucker minions were really on the ball this time, suggesting gun control before an accurate body count was even available after the Oregon shooting. Of course they’re staying pretty silent about the killer’s choice of victims, but what else do we expect at this point. But this “poll” was definitely not their A game. A sub-retarded Baghdad Bob imitator on flakka could have been more subtle.

Since taking office seven years ago, the president has sought changes in the nation’s gun laws – such as expanded background checks, stricter magazine limits and an assault weapons ban – which would have prevented the recent massacre in Oregon.

Uhmmmm, sorry Skippy, no they wouldn’t have. First off, I haven’t heard any details about the types of firearms used or how he obtained them, so how in the ever loving fuck do you know what laws would have prevented it? Karnac the Great is impressed, Edwin R. Murrow not so much. Starting off the article with a flat out lie (Or to be generous, an agenda) is modern “journalism” at it’s finest.

And let’s just lay it out in plain language, you CAN NOT prevent a random nut from committing evil. Even the most invasive and omnipotent Orwellian wet dream can not control every single thought and act. Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, even Orwell’s Oceania all had dissidents. If a truly statist utopia like Airstrip One can’t prevent illicit acts, how can we expect to do so in a supposedly free republic? Prior restraint is a statist tool to control dissent; it is not and never could be an effective way to prevent such a horrific act from occurring. The cold hard truth is that you can only stop it, never prevent it. Idealist libtards of course can’t see that. They believe in the quick, emotion based and doomed to failure knee jerk response. They prefer to bury their head and pretend the boogey man doesn’t exist, than to have to face the scary reality and prepare, or allow others to prepare, to confront it. And the statists will play on that insecurity to grab more power for themselves. And when their “prevention” efforts fail, as they must, they have even still more ammo to go after even more restrictive laws. It’s a never ending cycle of the issue that keeps on giving.

So back to our example of that strategy at work;

Over the past several years, Obama has traveled to Aurora, Colorado; Tucson, Arizona; Charleston, South Carolina, and many other cities to mourn victims of gun violence. The White House’s failed push for gun control legislation after the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, shooting — in which 20 children and six adults were killed at an elementary school – deeply frustrated Obama.

Good, a “frustrated” wanna be third world tyrant with delusions of imperial grandeur is a plus for liberty. A lot of “good crises” gone to waste there huh Ogabe? I can almost taste the wispy liberal tears. Good thing too, because next to dick blood, liberal tears are better than oxi-clean and I’ve got some soap scum and Romanian hooker remains to clean up.

And they weren’t victims of “gun violence”, whatever the fuck that is. They were the victims of drugged up psychopaths, many of whom probably should have been in an institution. Except that we can’t do that anymore. Nope, just rewire their brains with psychotropic drugs and turn them loose on society. When they snap we’ll make sure that they have shoot houses full of unarmed prey, a virtual safari of teddy bears just waiting for the next slaughter.

Are you frustrated too?

Yup, frustrated that we have to constantly keep smacking you fascist wannabes back up the unicorn’s ass.

Let us know on social media and vote in our poll.

Be careful what you wish for there skippy. As of 2121 EST on Sunday 10/04/15, the results were as follows;

Would you support stricter gun laws?
No 96.99% (17,462 votes)
Yes 2.62% (472 votes)
Undecided 0.39% (70 votes)
Total Votes: 18,004

I’m posting the results and time and dating it before the fairy dust sniffing, tofu eating, granola farting, prius driving, choad nuzzling, long haired, vegan commie fruit loops realize how bad the poll backfired and memory-hole it.

They should be beaten to death with a baby spotted owl.

Go and vote while you can and make a proto-commie cry.


  1. 1
    Sparky Tolmeister growls and barks:

    The only people who benefit from polls are pollsters. The simple manipulation of a vaguely-phrased question to obtain the desired result of their employer is insanity. They literally go out and trick people into saying the things they want so they can attempt to claim they didn’t lie.

    “My client sells vanilla ice cream. They are attempting to draw business from chocolate ice cream makers.”

    Pollster: Excuse me, may I ask you a question?
    Unsuspecting poll victim: Sure!

    Pollster: “Would you rather eat vanilla ice cream or be forcibly sodomized by a chocolate ice cream cone?
    Unsuspecting poll victim: Heavens to Betsy! Vanilla ice cream!

    the next day:
    “News flash! 99.9% of Americans choose Vanilla ice cream of chocolate!”

    Also note the pollster selects a specific demographic to ask. He doesn’t want the opinion of a 44 year-old man wearing an Elton John shirt and glitter-framed sunglasses leaving a bar called the “COCKtail hour” in San Francisco when it comes to chocolate-flavored sodomizing.

    Even then, if the poll doesn’t support the client’s agenda, it gets played-down, under-reported, or mitigated by half-truths and creative logical tap-dancing.

    No matter how you spin it, contort it, or turn it on it’s head:
    Guns don’t save lives or take lives. PERIOD.

    A gun has no vote in how it’s used or who uses it. It has no political affiliation. It has no sense of morality or justice. It’s a tool. An extension of the will of the man (or women) wielding it. Before guns it was arrows. Before arrows it was knives. Before knives it was sharp sticks. Before sharp sticks it was clubs. Before clubs, it was bare-handed brute strength. Nothing has changed, only the manifestation of that intent.

    Ban guns and arrows will prevail. Ban arrows and knives win the day. And so on and so on until we are again reduced to brute strength. Only that will make things worse. When brute strength is once again the great decider of conflict, no law matters. If that gigantic rapist asshole who comes for your wife or daughter in the middle of the night while you’re working or gone on business is bigger than his victims, your family doesn’t have a voice. Your family doesn’t have a vote in their survival, security, or sheer mental anguish if they are fortunate enough to survive. They weren’t big enough to have a say in the outcome…..

    When it comes down to it there’s no argument. Guns are the great equalizer. The more you value your safety and the safety of your family, the more training you will obtain. The more training you obtain, the greater your voice. Until a whisper of defiance in the face of tyranny and violence becomes a defiant battle cry that silences those that threaten your safety and that of your family.

    Pollsters be damned. We all know the truth.

  2. 2
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I answered that poll yesterday/ Interesting how 97 percent are saying no to more laws.
    And I put 200 rounds through my new Sig P220 over the weekend.
    (Need to look into a short reset trigger job for it too. Not happy with the stock trigger)

  3. 3

    angrywebmaster @ #:
    Yeah, Sig triggers can be a bit sloppy, especially if your used to a shorter reset.

    Wait, did you say NEW P220? I thought I felt a joyous rapture in the Force, like a thousand hippies crying out at all once. Another gun has found it’s forever home. :em01:

  4. 4
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Having been in the business of using data to drive decision-making for much of my life, I feel compelled to share some of my favorite relevant observations:

    “Statistics can be tortured to confess to anything.”

    “There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    “Statistics are no substitute for judgment.”

    “Statistics are often used like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.”

    “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is interesting, but what they hide is vital.”

    “Statistics tells us that a person who eats never survives.”

    To this, I would like to add my own: “A liberal uses statistics like a fish uses a bicycle.”

    The post-human collectivists believe that evil can be driven from society through the escalating use of force. By passing an increasing number of laws, making any conditions that could theoretically result in violence illegal and reducing the freedom of its members to act, they instead increase the sum total of evil present in our society. Through their growing fear and insecurity, they actively bring the bootheel of government down on the necks of society, destroying the very peace they seek to protect.

    They simply do not understand that evil is an inseparable part of the human condition. Attempts to drive it out will harm society just like cleaving off a part would harm one’s body. As for the claim that our technologies are at fault, a gun is just a tool, like an automobile or an ax handle. All can be dangerous if used with evil intent, but used with care they deliver great benefit to our society. Would they have us all become Luddites in the quest to reduce the risk of physical harm?

    These poor, aimless souls have forgotten that some things are worse than the fear of death. A life of subjugation without liberty, self-respect, character and integrity is no life worth living, and many of their fellow Americans know this very well.

  5. 5
    Erbo growls and barks:

    Poll statistics as of 4:20 MDT, 10/5/2015:

    No 96.92% (26,912 votes)
    Yes 2.65% (737 votes)
    Undecided 0.42% (117 votes)
    Total Votes: 27,766

    Remember, if it’s not close, they can’t cheat!

  6. 6
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E. says:

    angrywebmaster @ #:
    Yeah, Sig triggers can be a bit sloppy, especially if your used to a shorter reset.

    LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E. recently posted..Can You Say Backfire Boys and Girls?

    Oh Really now? C’mon Brother, You’ve put some lead down-range from my own personal 229 and I don’t recall any comment about sloppy triggers on Sigs. Was I just lucky or do you have some statistics to back that? I do have to say, that many new owners are in fact not accustomed to that rather long reset. We found that out on the range during our swap-over. Lotsa guys calling a misfire when in fact they put the death grip on da’ twiggah. New P220 did perk me perkable parts. I’m up for adopting one that needs a new home……

    Now back to our Muttons,

    LC Second Mouse-

    The post-human collectivists believe that evil can be driven from society through the escalating use of force.

    I think that needs some editorializing. They believe evil can be driven from society through the escalating use of government intervention into the socio-cultural norms of that society. i.e. When we created the current ‘Entitlement Generation’ what was the first step in putting that Frankenstein’s child together?

    Short Answer: The PC culture where everyone wins a prize and we don’t keep score anymore. Heaven forbid the lil’ chillins self-esteem be irrevocably damaged by having winners and losers. When Ugghh the caveman threw rocks at a hungry sabre-toothed tiger did he win a prize for participation as other than a tasty snack? Nope. The very biology that evolves us as well as keeps us alive e.g. Homeostasis is entirely dependent on selectively maintaining body functions within norms. Some cells win and the whole organism survives, while the losers are destroyed by the host. Radiological Homeostasis from exposure to the planet’s varying background radiation levels is postulated as necessary to ‘force’ the body into mutating in a direction that strengthens it, thus we have evolution.

    This tells us that the use of force (winners and losers) on even a microscopic scale is entirely necessary. Governance that attempts to insulate the governed from any and all theoretical dangers is factually ensuring extinction by eliminating the very processes required for survival.

  7. 7
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    LC Jackboot IC/A says:

    Governance that attempts to insulate the governed from any and all theoretical dangers is factually ensuring extinction by eliminating the very processes required for survival.

    Too bad this extinction doesn’t preferentially apply to the perpetrators–or doesn’t it? :em03:

  8. 8
    readerjp growls and barks:

    The publisher of the Roseburg Beacon appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night and didn’t mince words about President Obama’s admitted politicization of the shooting at his city’s Umpqua Community College.

    David Jaques reacted to Obama’s plan to visit Roseburg on Friday to meet with the families of shooting victims, saying he’s “not welcome,” because residents believe he will “grandstand for political purposes.”

    Then he really brought the hammer down:

    “He wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones and make some kind of political point.”

    Another Roseburg resident, 86-year-old gun store owner Carolyn Kellim, was a little more “colorful” in her criticism of Obama, saying she’s not sure the “executive anus” has “ever carried a gun,” let alone, “shot one”:

    “He seems to think that they’re bad all the way through. They’re not.”

    While Oregon tends to lean Democrat – due primarily to the politics and population of Portland and Eugene – the rest of the state is by and large conservative, including their views on guns and the Second Amendment. Count Roseburg among “the rest of the state.”

    Incidentally, Democrat Rep. Peter DeFazio, who represents the 4th district in Oregon – which includes Roseburg – has received a “B” rating from the National Rifle Association.

  9. 9

    LC Jackboot IC/A says:

    You’ve put some lead down-range from my own personal 229 and I don’t recall any comment about sloppy triggers on Sigs.

    I did, and I enjoyed shooting it, however it does have a longer pull and a longer reset than a safe action pistol such as a Glock. So does my 92F (Well not the reset, that was crisp). I ain’t sayin’ sloppy in a derogatory way per se, just in comparison. LC Jackboot IC/A says:

    New P220 did perk me perkable parts.

    Did know they could still perk at yer age. :em05:

  10. 10
    BC, Imperial Torturer growls and barks:

    Here’s the latest screenshot from around 11:10 pm on 10/7/15. The gun-grabbin’ assmonkeys are still gettin’ their little squirrel pokers stomped in the dirt. (You may have to click the pic to enlarge it to see the numbers.)

    ” alt=”Screenshot_2015-10-07-23-07-22″ width=”450″ height=”281″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-11490″ />

  11. 11

    Surprised it hasn’t been memory-holed yet.

  12. 12
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