In a move absolutely shocking the business world, the NLRB, with a fresh recess-appointed former Union Attorney seated by Obama, comes up with an incredibly partisan ruling against the Boeing Company. Boeing in their Puget Sound, Washington location has had a long history dealing with the International Machinist’s Association. The union has struck the facility there pretty much, at every new contract renewal since the 90s. Boeing, concerned about the rollout and production orders for their 787 Dreamliner was justifiably concerned about another strike, costing them more billions that have already been lost in previous strikes, decided to build and move some production to a new facility in South Carolina. The company expanded a facility that already houses some production to accommodate 787 work. South Carolina is a right-to-work state unlike Washington and would presumably be much more business friendly, preventing the union from a strangle-hold with potential financial ruin for Boeing. The NLRB decided Boeing’s decision was a violation of federal labor laws, as it was a retaliatory move against the union. reaLLy? Of course it was and Boeing let that be clear. They were damn sick and tired of being held hostage by these assholes every 3 years or so. The union’s bullshit bargaining tactics and resultant strikes have already cost Boeing billions and they came up with a plan to end it now. But the NLRB ruling on Wednesday put a stop to it for now.

This nebulous ruling is absolutely bullshit. The concept of employer retaliation was to prevent union organizing activity resulting in disciplinary action or terminations of individuals. The commissars at the NLRB stood that idea on it’s head to decide that anything detrimental to the union interests met this standard. That friends, takes BALLS !
Since when did an unelected government bureaucracy, clearly biased toward Obama’s union cronies, have the power to make business decisions for a private company? This is perhaps one of the biggest outrages I’ve seen from Ogabe’s administration. The idea that unions can interfere so blatantly with the highest level of business operations is beyond the pale. If there was any doubt at all about creeping socialism in the country, this is proof positive. You have to ask yourself another question here, what is making the left so arrogant that they’ll engage in blatantly unconstitutional acts such as this? This is a tactic that we’ve seen before, do something incredibly outrageous, and let it continue until it’s overturned judicially. It’s the same tactic they used with Obamacare. Do the deed and by the time the courts decide, it’s a fait accompli and any public outrage, long forgotten or actually accepted. Hell, they even have a good chance the courts which they’ve spent a generation packing, might side with them. Of course, this story will never see the light of day in the LSM, and even Fox News has relegated it to their Business network. Moreover, where in HELL is our team on this? This could be a super-dooper campaign issue and one would think one of those idiots would grab it and swing for the bleachers, but noooo…..The Party of Stoopid Rides Again.

The link above is an awesome synopsis of the case over at RedState

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[Update: Fox finally is moving on this issue. I just watched a debate on FNC-Fox and Friends on this issue specifically. It’s unfrackinbelievable how stoopid the pro-union sow was on this piece. How can presumably intelligent people not see, that these predatory, gangster-like union activities will ultimately result in business being moved offshore. They’re parasites of the worst kind, those that kill the host. Idiots. Big Al Capone would be proud of our modern unions. Idiots]

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