Paging through my daily reading, I came across an excellent piece over at Townhall by Michelle Malkin. I chased down the hyperlinks that sharply contrasted two commencement speeches, one by the First Wookie and another by Denzel Washington.

Denzel, a Pentecostal Christian, repeatedly emphasized that we all owe our existence to G-d. Our talents and hard work reward us if we stick to simple biblical principles. When we fall away from those simple lessons in how to live our lives, then other factors take over. Call it Karma, Satan, Beelzebub or whatever you chose. it can and does happen sooner or later. Kudos to Denzel Washington for standing up for honest values and virtue, no doubt secular Hollyweird will make him pay. Then again, something tells me he will care not a whit about it.

In contrast the FWOTUS, speaking at Tuskegee, returned to same tired old memes about all the horrific experiences that she and her husband endured. No doubt, they ran out of hor’d ourves at one of Bill Ayers’ parties, which we all know is akin to being placed on a chain-gang. She of course, continued on with her retelling of the Target story with some significant lying editorializing thrown in for the ‘right’ spin. The never changing hoaxes about how America remains viciously racist just keep coming and belie an internal bitterness within her. I would propose that the thinking graduates at that fine institution would recognize it for the race-baiting and divisiveness that it actually is. It’s incredulous to me that it continues at all. Nothing has been gained during the tenure of these ideologically vacuous folks except riots, injuries, property destruction and anger over “racial incidents” with incomplete facts never coming to light or in some cases, stories made up from the whole cloth.

Thanks to the Obama administration, an entire generation has been brain-washed and placed in a time machine taking their perceptions back to the Jim Crow south and further. It will be the work of decades before they learn that they’ve been duped and it’s sad that they’ll pay for that in living out their lives believing in a chimera of victimhood. I truly believe that Obama has not only not served the black community, but set them back to a place consisting of being trapped into a victim mode, expecting a nanny-state to provide them cradle-to-grave coverage for all their needs because of it. Not once have these bastards expressed the facts that education and hard work will provide them not only a comfortable life, but one of gratification that they have produced the American dream for their families and their selves.

We can only hope that the next administration will have the intelligence to start the healing process of the destruction this administration has maliciously started in their pursuit of a failed ideology.

G-d help this country if what has been started is allowed to fester.

Carry on


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May 18, 2015 17:16

Heads up, folks: the House Dimwits are proposing a ban on online sales of ammunition:

Because, Waco! Evil Guns! Let no innocent citizen escape!!!!

Fucking assholes.

May 19, 2015 21:38

You know why she’s bitter? She knows she’s a loser, a dimwit, and a poltroon — the REAL reason she didn’t fit into Princeton (bear with me here, just talking about IQ, not how they use it). She was carried up the affirmative action ladders and put on the world’s biggest stage, and she can’t bear how small, stupid, and… Read more »

LC Mike in Chi
LC Mike in Chi
May 19, 2015 23:48

JB sezs: “set them back to a place consisting of being trapped into a victim mode…” Oh, the humanity; to see these mostly good souls made furious and contemptible to the rule of law, RoE shackles on police to the point where they’re useless as a deterrent, being used as fodder in a race war to let the LLL 1%… Read more »