This Isn’t Going to End Well

And when it doesn’t, it will all be on you, you filthy Prozi fascist scum.

You’ve probably already read about it, but LC Tallulah, GLOR, brought it up as well, the story of political pogroms in Wisconsin.

We encourage you to go and read all of it, if you have the stomach for it, but it is, in short, how Democrat Prozi Fascists abused their governmental powers to abuse, terrorize and persecute, in ways that would have made Adolf Hitler grin, innocent citizens who dared hold a different opinion from the Democrat Fascists, for that is really the only appropriate term here. All in the so-called “land of the free.”

Cindy Archer, one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,” it limited public-employee benefits and altered collective-bargaining rules for public-employee unions — was jolted awake by yelling, loud pounding at the door, and her dogs’ frantic barking. The entire house — the windows and walls — was shaking. She looked outside to see up to a dozen police officers, yelling to open the door. They were carrying a battering ram.

She wasn’t dressed, but she started to run toward the door, her body in full view of the police. Some yelled at her to grab some clothes, others yelled for her to open the door. “I was so afraid,” she says. “I did not know what to do.” She grabbed some clothes, opened the door, and dressed right in front of the police. The dogs were still frantic. “I begged and begged, ‘Please don’t shoot my dogs, please don’t shoot my dogs, just don’t shoot my dogs.’ I couldn’t get them to stop barking, and I couldn’t get them outside quick enough. I saw a gun and barking dogs. I was scared and knew this was a bad mix.”

They, the so-called “law enforcement officers” of the Wisconsin Gestapo, then proceeded to deny her talking to her lawyer, demolishing her home and stealing her property.

The article goes on with more examples, and again: do read the whole thing. Abuse of power, denial of due process, theft of property, violence, vandalism and threats against persons if they dare speak out about it, all in the “land of the free.”

But don’t worry. That sort of thing will never happen here. If you worry about such things and bitterly cling to your guns, you’re just a terrorist and a paranoid nutter. Go back to sleep, citizen. Or else.

And we all know that exactly NOBODY involved in all of this will ever face justice for their crimes, because we’ve seen it happen so many times before. We’ll quote Ace’s Maetenloch here:

And when the justice system has failed or become merely a procedural sham what then?

It’s a common conceit among lawyers that our legal system is the justice system – which is not fully true: It’s a justice system and a pretty good one at that but it’s not the only system of justice. So there’s an assumption that if the legal system is manipulated and even blocked, then there’s simply no recourse at all for those on the receiving end of this treatment and so they’ll just accept it. Which is clearly what the above people and their allies seem to believe. Well out of inertia of trust in the system this is true up to a point – but only up to a point.

But when that trust that justice will actually be delivered is finally broken, stoic acceptance of the jiggered results of a broken system can no longer be counted upon either. Instead you will see a reversion to the older, rougher justice delivery firmware that’s embedded in our DNA and it will be ugly. But not necessarily unjust.

Given that people have had their lives destroyed for merely making a bad joke on social media, wearing the wrong shirt, answering a hypothetical question about catering incorrectly, and using the wrong ordering of words in a phrase, not to mention threatened with jail for the act of committing politics, I see no reason that Chisholm, Kluka, Lerner, and Machen who have done far worse should be able to walk the streets and go through life comfortably and carefree.

Don’t blame me for this – I wasn’t the one who deliberately subverted and broke the system of justice that we had.

When the citizens realize that there IS no recourse, that there IS no hope of justice in our “justice system”, that there IS no “redress of grievances”, only a tyrannical, fascist behemoth of a bloated bureaucracy using the Nazi defence of “only following orders” and trusting their fascist allies in the “media” to bury the stories as quickly as possible, then the people will find other ways to find justice.

The Democrat Prozis in this country are so drunk on their success now that they don’t realize that danger. They think that they’ll be getting away with it forever and, in a sense, they’re right. They’ll be getting away with it as long as the oppressed masses shy away from the alternative to following “the way things ought to be done.” Which, bless the beating heart of our fundamentally just and righteous populace, will go on for a long time.

But when, not “if”, the pressure cooker finally blows, when people realize that there IS no justice, that the vile, tyrannical, murderous, thieving, lying, arrogant scumbags that call themselves our “government” will never, ever loosen their fascist grip on power peacefully…

Then the inevitable will happen, and the tyrants will soon realize that no amount of “laws”, surveillance and brute power will keep them protected from the consequences of their actions and none of them will ever be able to sleep without a gun under their pillow and the eternal terror that they or somebody dear to them may not see another sunrise. And they’ll be right, because a lot of them won’t. And it will be impossible, for some reason, to find witnesses when some “crime” is committed against our self-appointed overlords.

Justice will find a way, no matter how much the jackbooted mental defectives in Washington place their trust in their tyrannical powers.

And it will be ugly, and it will be a period in our nation’s history that none of us, no matter what side we’re on, will be proud of when the dust settles.

But it will happen.

A people’s quiescence is only assured for as long as they have faith in justice being done. When that faith is removed, they will seek their own justice.

And they will find it.

Just ask any tyranny in the world. Ask the Soviet Union. They had 70+ years of practice in how to hone the iron fist and had gotten quite good at it. Except you can’t, can you? They’re not around any more.

Don’t give me any speeches about candidates or rulers promising that “justice will be done” when no justice has been actually done for decades. Lois Lerner, whose IRS persecuted “dissidents” and threw an election, willfully and in complete, knowing disregard of the law, will not be prosecuted according to the law. Because reasons… And that disgusting Prozi bitch is just one example. When was the last time you saw a tyrant with the power of government behind them clapped in irons and hauled off to prison? Go on, we’ve got all day. Take your time.

You think that ISN’T going to cause an explosion of “frontier justice” at some point? Then please share some of what you’ve been smoking, because that’s some prime shit you’ve got.

I don’t look forward to that, because that will be ugly. But when it happens, not IF, I will have exactly zero sympathy for the fascist assholes who made it happen or let it happen, because they will deserve exactly none. All of this could have been prevented. They didn’t lift a finger.

It’s ALL on them. Every drop of innocent blood that will be spilled will be all on them. All of it. No exceptions. And they will have richly deserved it.

I will weep not a tear for them. Not a moment of sorrow will I spare for them and their accomplices. If anybody is to forgive them and their entire bloodlines, it will have to be G-d, for I have none left for them.

A pox and a curse on all of them and everybody who ever as much as offered them a smile or a handshake.



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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    I’m glad you posted this, Misha.

    EVERYONE on Team Freedom needs to spread this far and wide, by every outlet we can. Only the National Review had the stones to do the story (bravo, David French!!!); Rush Limbaugh was all over it yesterday, saying he’d been alerted to it by NR Sunday night, but didn’t touch it on Monday because he knew it needed the Full Treatment.

    – For the family of “Rachel” (not her real name), the ordeal began before dawn – with the same loud, insistent knocking. Still in her pajamas, Rachel answered the door and saw uniformed police, poised to enter her home.

    When Rachel asked to wake her children herself, the officer insisted on walking into their rooms. The kids woke to an armed officer, standing near their beds.

    The entire family was herded into one room, and there they watched as the police carried off their personal possessions, including items that had nothing to do with the subject of the search warrant – even her daughter’s computer.

    And, yes, there were the warnings. Don’t call your lawyer. Don’t talk to anyone about this. Don’t tell your friends. The kids watched – alarmed – as the school bus drove by, with the students inside watching the spectacle of uniformed police surrounding the house, carrying out the family’s belongings. Yet they were told they couldn’t tell anyone at school.

    They, too, had to remain silent. The mom watched as her entire life was laid open before the police. Her professional files, her personal files, everything. She knew this was all politics. She knew a rogue prosecutor was targeting her for her political beliefs.

    And she realized, “Every aspect of my life is in their hands. And they hate me.”

    From Rush Limbaugh’s transcript, today’s show:

    RUSH: Okay a blue state plus a big city corrupt district attorney and a popular Republican governor equals a police state reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany, and I’m not exaggerating an iota. This is the Wisconsin story to which I alluded earlier in today’s broadcast. …

    This is the police batter-ramming their way into homes on direct orders of a Democrat district attorney, fishing for information to use against a political enemy — and then threatening homeowners who had all of their civil rights violated! Threatening them to shut up or else. It’s the same state, Wisconsin, where union thugs trashed the state capital in hopes of intimidating the governor into letting their money-laundering operation remain in place.

    I don’t say this with any jocularity or casualness at all. This is the kind of thing that should land some people in jail. This is a legitimate comparison to the 1930s in Germany. It would stick. This is a first cousin to what Barack Obama did with the IRS when he went after conservative groups. It all starts because this prosecutor, this DA, happens to be married to a woman who was a schoolteacher who got really, really mad at the changes to her own union benefits under Scott Walker.

    That is literally the little germ that ignites this entire episode: A ticked off union activist teacher, married to a corrupt DA. And they then found a corrupt judge and enough corrupt police officers to facilitate every action they took, which was entirely political. There was no criminality. The people targeted here had not engaged in one iota of criminal activity. All they did was vote Republican! All they did was donate to Republican and/or conservative causes.

    It would begin with a knock on the door after midnight. An armed police force, a SWAT unit could storm your house, literally use a battering ram to enter your front door if you didn’t answer within seconds. Most people were in bed when this happened. Again, these are just Ward and June Cleaver families. These are not criminals. They had nothing to do with any criminal activity whatsoever — unless you consider voting Republican to be criminal.

    If you didn’t answer, they used the battering ram to crash into your house, scaring your kids. Maybe for the rest of their lives in some cases. They would then storm in and steal every computer and cell phone they could find! They would not tell you why they were there. They would tell you that you didn’t have a right to know, and they told you that you better shut up about what is going on and what was happening.

    If you breathed a word to anybody even in the neighborhood who had witnessed it, you would be in even further difficulty. All of this was simply based on the political advocacy that the adult residents of these homes had engaged in. All of this is the John Doe investigations that began into Scott Walker and conservative groups in Wisconsin, and they’ve been ongoing now for years. Scott Walker’s been really strangely quiet about this. We all know what happened to him.

    He’s out detailing what happened to him and his family.

    What we didn’t know was that the same thing was happening to scores of his supporters and donors, all under the auspices of the so-called John Doe law, the John Doe investigation. The opponents of Scott Walker turned campaign finance law into weapons. National Review‘s “David French has talked to families targeted in the John Doe raids for the first time, and their stories are harrowing.” As I say, this is going to print out to 11 pages if you read it online.

    “Shouting officers at the front door in pre-dawn,” late night/early morning, “raids, at least once with a battering ram. Armed police rifling through and carting off their belongings, down to and including a daughter’s computer. … The targets were told not to tell their lawyers, or their friends, or their neighbors.” Now, if you happened to live next door to a house where such a storming took place, you’d wonder why.

    “My the God, what’d that family do?” you would ask. That family was forbidden from telling you. They were not permitted to discuss what happened. They were not permitted to even go get lawyers! This was not the right to remain silent. This was an order to remain silent. They couldn’t even profess their innocence! The demand to stay silent required that they assume a public role of guilt.

    “The investigators were, among other things, fishing for campaign-finance violations,” supposedly, which is nothing more than a First Amendment right! Campaign donations are the equivalent of free speech. Numerous courts, including the Supreme Court, have so found. “So, for exercising their First Amendment rights, some targets were denied their First Amendment rights. … The investigations have been such a long-running farce that there is John Doe I and II.

  2. 2
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    This is a case where you really need to read the article to get the full impact.

    Vaclav Havel warned us about what happens in leftist Prison Planet systems where the law is a fucking joke, and everyone cynically goes through the motions — but the meat on the bones is ROTTEN.

    In the Soviet Union, the Communist monsters threw a lot of political freedom fighters into hellish “psychiatric wards,” where they could be tortured, given shock treatments, drugged, imprisoned for years, and accused of being insane — all under the color of “the law.”

    Thing is, this shit is STILL GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN WISCONSIN.

    We need to go on a General Strike. We need to hit the streets screaming at the top of our lungs. We need, now more than ever, to speak out and not be silent!!!

    While we still can….

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I remember when that broke a year or so ago. Isn’t that dickhead Chisolm getting reamed out by the courts now? I have to admit I haven’t followed it as much as I should have.

  4. 4
    JonB growls and barks:

    Well, Emperor, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment on how things are going to go down.

    You and others here on the blog are a rare few. The majority of Americans will never stand up for themselves, let alone someone else. They are too brainwashed. To busy making sure they know what is on TV next.
    When the day comes, they will go silently to the concentration camps, and barring a few outliers not a single shot will be fired.
    They are sheep, and like sheep they will go to slaughter.

    There will be no uprising.

    There will be no justice.

    Only death.

  5. 5
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    I hadn’t read the details about the Ruby Ridge atrocity in 1992 before, but this is a pretty clear summary, and it’s sickening:

    This shite has been going on for a looong time.

  6. 6
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    JonB says:

    When the day comes, they will go silently to the concentration camps, and barring a few outliers not a single shot will be fired.
    They are sheep, and like sheep they will go to slaughter.

    There will be no uprising.

    There will be no justice.

    For the most part, I agree. But I think there will be an armed resistance movement like the IRA or the various underground groups in Nazi occupied Europe. In a morbid way, it will be interesting to see how things evolve given the amazing technological advantages the current crop of Stalinists have over the Gestapo and the Black an Tans. But it’s all moot anyway, once Iran gets the bomb and decides to summon their 12th or 13th (or whatever) Imam.

  7. 7
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    Gut gesagt, mein Herr!

  8. 8
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Frightening stuff. We used to talk about what things will be like when the shit hits the fan. I think it’s pretty clear that the threshold moment for that is now in the past. Look around you. This is not your father’s USA. Militarized police. One out of every two American households on some level of government assistance. A plethora of laws and regulations that make the average adult a felon an estimated three times a day. A police state with the surveillance capability to capture your conversations over the phone, on social media, e-mail, and increasingly on city sidewalks. All controlled by an oligarchy that has been formed out of the nation’s wealthiest corporations and banking institutions, who in collaboration with the government exert growing power over the fates of anyone who is not a part of this elite group. All bound together by the Federal Reserve’s ability to transfer wealth from the citizens to this oligarchy via government coffers. The speed with which these changes are taking place is nothing short of breathtaking.
    Needless to say, the idea of freedom has changed for a great many Americans. Large parts of the urban populations in our country are willingly trading their liberty for the illusion of security, and their initiative and self-respect for a guaranteed meal.
    One of the things that has happened in our country is that people no longer feel they can trust each other with freedom. Attacks on the free enterprise model have become so commonplace that many people now believe that capitalism is the inherent source of evil in our country. We no longer respect each other’s rights to do what they wish – we are trapped in group-think that has us passing laws against smoking, firearms, against eating things somebody has decided are bad for you, against exercising your right to decide what to do with your private possessions, and on and on.
    The society we live in is sick with these corruptions. This sickness is everywhere. In political correctness, where moral and ethical wrong is no longer pointed out and eradicated, but gamed for personal benefit. In our nation’s military, being slowly debased and demoralized by misuse and misapplication, and by ROE that are unconscionable. By foreign policy that has lost the plot on defense of America’s vital interests, and is now arbitrarily interfering in various intra-national affairs around the world like a giant game of Risk.
    All this while the nation is bankrupt. Truly and completely bankrupt, but given the scale of the international economy and the deplorable state of so many other large national economies, we will wait years to experience the consequences of choices being made today.
    It is no surprise that we see the appalling actions of so many in positions of authority today. The balance of power is changed, and the consequences for bad behavior are waning. It is important to remember that for most of its existence, America has been the exception, not the rule in this regard. We have enjoyed unrivaled freedom and prosperity through the rule of law. But now, as we forsake those principles that made us great, we begin the decline that will result in a society that behaves more like many that have come before it, where the rule of man obtains; the powerful make the rules and grow wealthy, while the weak become poorer, living lives controlled by others.
    This has been the state of man throughout almost all of mankind’s existence, with the founding of the United States being the clear exception to the status quo. It’s passing will return us to the miserable state of existence man has known for so very long.

  9. 9

    This is linked at mine as well:
    This is some absolutely, totally, criminally, insane BULLSHIT! But how many around the nation will hear of it, if they do not subscribe to we in “the alternate media”? That having been said, this must go viral within said “alternate media”. If you are a co-blogger, spread this as widely as you can. I have subscribers who are also bloggers, and I sent that message to all of them. Spread this. Spred this as hard as you can figure out how to. This must not be allowed to go unknown.

  10. 10

    I hate clicking send when the edit function doesn’t work and I’m punching the keys “Fast and Furious”. I misspelled a word and can’t fix it. Ah, well. You’ll see my booboo, and y’all will fix it in your minds.

  11. 11
    L.C. Mope growls and barks:

    And that disgusting Prozi bitch is just one example

    Yes, and here is an example of the obverse of the coin of “Reward your friends and Punish your enemies.”

    The probe appears to date from 2008, as a number of activists began planning for massive antiwar demonstrations at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

    After the convention, the FBI’s interest continued, apparently focused on the international work pursued by many of the participants. Several activists said they had traveled to Colombia or the Palestinian territories on “fact-finding” trips designed to bolster their case back home against U.S. military support for the Israeli and Colombian governments.

    In 2009, a group raised money to travel and deliver about $1,000 to a Palestinian women’s group, but the delegation was turned back by officials at the airport in Israel, organizers said.

    Search warrants, subpoenas and documents show that the FBI has been interested in links between the activists and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hezbollah.

    In the early morning of Sept. 24, 2010, agents raided homes in Chicago and Minneapolis, issued subpoenas to 14 activists, and tried to question others around the country, including prominent antiwar organizers in North Carolina and California.

    At 7 a.m., according to documents and interviews, about a dozen armed federal agents used a battering ram to force their way into Mick Kelly’s second-floor apartment, which sits over an all-night coffee shop in a working-class neighborhood of Minneapolis.

    I must have misplaced my Ham sandwich…. anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Maybe the Grand Jury ate the Ham Sandwich.


  12. 12
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    SecondMouse: a truly Churchillian summary of the situation. Saved to my hard drive.

    When will the Worm Turn?

  13. 13
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Tallulah @ #12:

    When will the Worm Turn, indeed. I have thought at length about the future of the United States, given the circumstances of the present day and the speed and direction of key trends culturally and politically.

    I regrettably believe that the most likely outcome is continued decline along the vectors that have been established during the 20th century. Here is where we will get to see Samuel Clemens proven correct about history’s propensity to rhyme. Before long, the US will reach the end of its ability to monetize trust in the dollar, destroying its ability to borrow, which will be the beginning of the end of the welfare state. Capital controls will be instituted, retirement accounts will be confiscated and replaced with some government system, means-testing for all kinds of benefits will be instituted or strengthened, taxes will go up, and inflation will start hitting consumers hard. Private ownership of gold will be outlawed (as has been done once before, for 30 years), forcing law-abiding citizens to sell to the government for less than they are worth. In short, the government will be scrambling for money, and starting to limit the flow of funds out of the country and into various programs as a matter of necessity. All of these actions will have further negative effects on the economy, costing the citizens jobs and the government tax revenues. The police state will grow by leaps during this period. Private security organizations, already growing twice as fast as public security in the US, will expand dramatically, and they will not be subject to the kinds of controls public officers are accountable to.

    By the end of this phase, the transition of the government mindset and behavior model will be complete. What was once a calling to serve will now be a position to regulate and control. Citizens will be fully subordinate to government, with all that that implies. Efforts to enforce gun control will be renewed with vigor, possibly with seriously destabilizing consequences, all of which will be used by the government to press its advantage. The government will become acutely aware of the lack of having a monopoly on violence, and will be forced to do something about it or fear losing control.

    Life will have become considerably more difficult for most Americans by then, with joblessness continuing at a large fraction of the population, wage stagnation, and price inflation of key commodities squeezing consumers and the weak economy. When the US dollar loses reserve currency status with the rest of the world (say, 10-15 years), we will suffer a series of inflationary shocks that will likely finish off the wobbly middle class.

    Somewhere along this vector is serious internal conflict. I am inclined to think it will look like Baltimore last night, or Ferguson, all on a larger, uglier scale as the welfare class starts feeling the pain of rapidly declining buying power. Imagine city-wide riots that go on for days, with buildings burning, streets barricaded and the occasional running gun battle with police and private security outfits. When it gets ugly enough, there will be serious conversations about exit strategies within and among like-minded states. One likely scenario is the balkanization of the United States, with states that have their shit more or less together declining to share the fate of those that don’t.

    If the United States shatters, there may be places that emerge with some decent part of the American legacy still intact, which is perhaps the good news. States like Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the Dakotas are still pretty unscathed by the rampant collectivism destroying most of our major cities.

    On the other hand, the prospect of a turnaround, although not impossible, appears improbable. No nation caught in these types of internal forces has ever successfully overcome them on its own to return to its former state. Assuming the imminent election of an imaginary perfect person for the job, I am not sure it is even possible given the degree of damage already done to our culture and a large fraction of the American citizenry.

    I can say that if we could pull off a turnaround, we will destroy for many generations the arguments in favor of collectivist thinking which have held sway over our nation for these last several generations. We may struggle economically for awhile, but the wholesale return of liberty and reduction of government and other parasitic drags on the economy would do wonders for American optimism, making a turnaround an increasingly sustainable thing, if enough progress can be made before it is too late.

    It is possible that the right leader could at least begin the journey; soften the hard landing; and accrue enough visible benefit to ensure that the right people have been sufficiently motivated to continue the fight. That at this point might be all we are entitled to hope for.

    When these kinds of forces have been unleashed on other nations in the past, their citizens had the option of fleeing, many to the US. This time around, there is no US to flee to, and many other nations are experiencing similar problems, likely increasing the length and severity of our own problems here at home.

  14. 14
    irish19 growls and barks:

    I read the article at NRO and put it on my FB page. None of my proggie FB friends, with whom I have had knockdown drag-out battles over issues such as zerocare, could find anything to say about it. I doubt I changed their mindsets, but it has seemed to stop the flow of posts praising proggie policies.