is what a Commander In Chief SHOULD sound like.

Before mentioning the National Rifle Association or even firearms at the gun rights group’s annual meeting in Nashville on Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, asked all the men and women in the audience who serve or have served in the armed forces to stand so they could be properly thanked.

“Freedom. Endowed by our Creator. Defined by our Constitution, but defended each and every day by the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of these United States,” Walker began.

He then asked anyone who is serving or has served in the military to stand and be recognized. Predictably, the audience immediately erupted in applause.

The governor said he carries patches with him every day to remind him of the men and women from the National Guard units in Wisconsin that are still deployed today.

“Freedom. Endowed by our Creator. Defined by our Constitution, but defended each and every day by the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of these United States,”   That one sentence perfectly encapsulates what patriots understand, and have understood, at an instinctual level. And what the Prognazis detest. Granted by God, not the almighty government, codified by the Constitution, thereby restricting their statist desires, and defended by men far better than the leftists could ever hope to be. And also note the proper terminology of these United States, plural. A collection of sovereign governments united together, not subservient functionaries of the federal behemoth.

We have a fine crop of young, intelligent, and passionate conservatives coming up through the ranks. Now to hand the reigns of the party over to them and put the rinos out to pasture.


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    I like Walker, and would vote for him. He will face the inevitable attempted destruction by the democRat suckling media machine, if he weathers that then he has a good chance.

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    He’ll also face it from the establishment rinos and even fellow conservatives who find some minor fault and decree he isn’t “pure” enough. Walker, Cruz, Lee, all good strong conservatives who would make great presidents. They will all be eviscerated from all sides. As long as we avoid a rino like Bush or Christie. (Note, Bush was an excellent governor here in Florida, but would be lousy on the national scale. Here he had a conservative legislature to hold him to the fire. In DC the beltway cocktail crowd would totally corrupt him and make him a liberal.)

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    irish19 growls and barks:

    I like Walker. He has weathered everything the proggies could throw at him in Wisconsin. Not once, not twice, but three times. I think he can handle the national media.
    One thing he will need is a campaign staff that won’t try to talk him into diluting his message (I’m looking at you, Rove). I think his message will resonate not only in flyover country, but also in some of the broke blue areas whose budgets have been savaged by the public employee unions.

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    VAconservative growls and barks:

    By gosh and by golly. What a great thing to read first thing in the morn. If one of the true conservatives can triumph, then there might be hope for our Republic yet. It’s a long row to hoe, though.

    And yeah, Crunch. Jeb would be more liberal than his brother or dad, and they were bad enough SQRLs (Status Quo Repub Libs; let’s put the RINOs label out to pasture and not denigrate that fine beast by association).

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    VAconservative says:

    SQRLs (Status Quo Repub Libs; let’s put the RINOs label out to pasture and not denigrate that fine beast by association).

    I like that, consider it stolen. Besides, rhino’s are powerful and will fight at the drop of a hat. RINO’s, not so much.

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    LC Gregory growls and barks:

    One thing I really like about Walker: he KNOWS it’s a Fight. The Left has gone after him with everything they have, including personal harassment of his wife, children, parents, etc. He knows you Do Not Make Friends with these people.

    This quality is NOT to be underestimated.

    Jeb, on the other hand, has more than tipped his hand in the staff he’s hired. He’s put into high positions the kind of queer activists who, in the words of Ann Coulter, are going house-to-house shooting the wounded on gay marriage. Force churches to host gay “weddings?” Clergy who consider it sinful made to officiate? Sure, why not!

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    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Walker’s approach to the media might be the best I’ve seen among contemporary conservatives. He makes no excuses for being a real conservative, and is much smarter than most in the MSM give him credit for, which is working well for him right now. He also has a way of getting and staying under their skin, making them even sloppier and more hysterical than usual. The more unflappable he is, the harder they try, making fools of themselves and unmasking the farce in the process.

    Rand Paul has shown a few flashes of brilliance in this category of late. The press conference he ended by telling his last questioner to ask Debbie Wassername Schmutz about her policy of aborting 7 pound babies was ruthless and powerful stuff, the kinds of things conservatives need to do to press the advantage of reality in this race. This race may toughen him up a bit, which would be good for him.

    Ted Cruz is doing pretty well here also, in that he has raised more hell in less time than either Walker or Paul on the national stage with both statists and RINOs. He is very earnest, always seeming to want to educate the most belligerent of his interviewers, and he generally batters his opponents on sheer intellect alone, even though he never raises his voice. It is this which scares the hell out of his adversaries, who are afraid to go toe to toe with him on knowledge of the issues. If there is a more intelligent person in D.C. right now, I don’t know about them.

    Jeb Bush pales by comparison with any of these three. His positions on amnesty and Common Core actually place him squarely in progressive territory, and put Romney quite some distance to his right. A Jeb Bush presidency would be a train wreck, not just because of his liberal positions on several key issues, but because he has no conception of the objective truth about the state of our nation. His presidency would be marked by a series of tepid compromises with rabid statists who need to be pushed away from the levers of power, not pandered to for their low info constituencies.

    For my part, I’d hate to see him leave the Senate, but I could see a Cruz administration willing to tackle the problems the rest of D.C. simply wants to ignore. I know our nation’s military would be in good hands as well.

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    VAconservative growls and barks:


    SQRL is not my invention. Forgot who to credit, but I’m sure that we conservatives will use it well. Had to be from someone here (or linked article from here) or ACE.

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    irish19 growls and barks:

    VAconservative @ #:
    Still a great acronym.
    :em01: :em01:

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    We need to get firmly behind all the true-blue Americans (which is what “conservatives” really are) and PUSH. Firmly elbow aside any Quislings (here’s looking at you, Jeb: and what the hell was that about checking the box “Hispanic” for your race? yes, folks, he did this recently).

    And we need to focus maximum firepower (rhetorical, of course!) on the Leftist enemies.