Another Glorious Chapter In The Age of Ogabe

For 239 years my beloved Corps has fought more battles, incursions, expeditions and wars than I care to count. In all that time they have retreated from the field of battle only once, at the Battle of Bladensburg during the War of 1812 after the rout of the Army and militia forces. No Marine under the command of a Marine officer has ever surrendered while they still had the means to resist. The only Marine surrenders, Guam, Wake and Bataan in ’41,  were all ordered by Navy or Army commands.

This week embassy Marines in Yemen were ordered to evacuate the U.S. Embassy there. This nothing new, Marines have had to do this many times. This time however they were ordered to turn over their personal weapons to the Iranian backed Shia Houthi rebels who have toppled the pro-west Yemeni government. They were then evacuated on civilian aircraft, despite the fact that a Marine MEU was sitting off shore ready to conduct a NEO-op, also standard duty for Marines. These orders all came from the State Department.

Just a few short months ago King Narcissus was touting the success of his royal grand strategy against the non-Islamic non-terrorist misunderstood adherents of the religion which must not be slandered and used Yemen as a shining example of The Lightbringer’s military prowess. Now his State Department, the very same sodding dolts who sent a tone deaf, washed up hippie singer to Fwance to show our “solidarity” after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, has ordered our Marines to surrender their weapons and run away. May God and the Iraqis watch the backs of the 300 Marines at Al Asad, because this traitorous bunch of cowards sure as fuck won’t.


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    NR Pax growls and barks:

    From what I had read elsewhere, the personal weapons were destroyed via removing the bolt and smashing everything with sledgehammers and the crew served weapons were reported as destroyed. Not sure how they would accomplish that unless armories have a stash of WP grenades on hand and ready to go.

    And they could have been evacuated by the planes at Al-Udeid as well. I’m puzzled as to why civilian aircraft were used unless there was honestly not enough warning for the Embassy to get out.

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I want to know who issued the order for the Marines to destroy and turn over their weapons in the first place? Was it the ambassador? I heard it came out of the state department? That worthless idiot Kerry? Did he issue the order?
    It’s one thing for the Marines to destroy weapons and equipment they can’t take with them, but to surrender them?

    I have a feeling they weren’t ordered to destroy them, and lets face it. Pulling the firing pins and bolt carriers would only delay someone from reactivating them by a few days.

    Whoever issued that order should be fired. (I can’t see this originating in the Pentagon)

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    single stack growls and barks:

    I also read that they were ordered to leave all of their vehicles in fully operable condition (“with the keys in the ignition” is how the story was written) in the airport parking lot.

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    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    NR Pax says:

    Not sure how they would accomplish that unless armories have a stash of WP grenades on hand and ready to go.

    The Embassy should have a good supply of thermite charges to destroy classified files and cryptographic equipment.

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    L.C. Mope growls and barks:

    Ya know, y’all (Did I spell that correctly?) just don’t understand that you cannot allow these Islamists an inch. Every time you give in to these petty tyrants they want more and more. You only have to look as far as Obama ordering a Marine at the White House to hold his umbrella. The next thing you know Marines are playing patty-cake with the same people that brought down a Blackhawk during the Clinton Administration, and handing over their weapons.

    Next you will be astonished to learn The Anti-Midas™ refuses to arm the Kurds or he is arming Ansar al Sharia, who will just turn the weapons over to al Baghdadi’s cutthroats from the Islamic State of Syria and Sham, or do you say Levant?. We have Warthogs in the area, why not use them? Are you starting to see a picture here? Iran is going to get a nuke, will you see it then?

    Jordan’s request for targeting was refused. As was al Sisi’s Egyptian request. Are we on the same frequency, Kenneth? (To quote Dan Blather, with due deference to Brian Williams.)

    Every time I see someone mention Obama’s “Treason” I have to laugh. There is no treason there. There could never be treason there. You may think that by taking the oath of office, promising to protect and defend the Constitution, he is committing treason every day. Don’t be silly. You have to be an American to commit Treason. And he throws a baseball like a girl.

    Here, try this 5 minutes of video. There is much more. You will wonder who the informers are, but they don’t need informers with BookFace around.

    It seems to me to connect the dots all one has to do is look up the manifests for all those brand new trucks ISIS has. My bet is we paid for them. (I hope their GPS’s are all up-side down.)

    One more thing. Open borders means anyone can become president in 30 years or so. Then we really will become a banana republic.