Taking out a Raghead

Thanks to our Australian correspondent, we already have a spectacular play-by-play and continuous update on the latest muslim terror attack in Australia.

Thankfully, only 2 human beings (and one dune coon) out of two dozen died in the attack, but that is still way too many (any number of human beings above zero would be too many). Of course, the main takeaway from this, according to our ever “neutral” media, will be that #NotAllMuslims did this and that we now have to listen to endless sermons about how “Islam is the Religion of Peace™”. We might get a few minutes of remembrance of the heroes who died after this 3,629th latest senseless burst of muslim violence (and we’re only talking about this week), but we’re not holding our breath.


Just like #NotAllJapanese took part in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Thankfully, our grandparents weren’t quite as “nuanced” in their response. Also, #NotAllGermans invaded Poland. We guess that makes the Holocaust OK too, right?

But that’s not what we want to talk about. We all already know what the knee-jerk defenders of the Religion of Mass Murder are going to say, especially with their biggest cheerleader since Mohammed still in the White House, so it’s pointless to belabor that fact.

We’d like to solicit your opinions, because more than just a lot of you have actual, on the ground experience with entry situations in a civilian environment. We only know how to do it grunt style, which means “flatten everything and fuck it all.”

So, background: The standoff in Sydney had gone on for 17 hours with the cops on the ground not knowing if dropping the raghead was safe as he might have a dead man’s switch or an accomplice. At this point, the lone sand rat dozes off, dreaming of his favorite underage goats, and the owner of the cafe decides to make a move to disable the animal. Unfortunately, the ensuing struggle ends up with the owner dead, but it does force the decision whether to go in and end it or not upon the commander of the police forces outside. You can’t very well just sit by and listen to the sound of hostages being murdered. Not to mention that the sacrifice of the owner knocks the muslim baby fucker off balance enough to create a situation where entry might be possible.

So the cop in charge gives the order (the correct one in our ignorant opinion) to enter and this happens:


Our question is this: We obviously don’t know squat about forced entries in a civilian setting, but we know that a lot of our readers DO, being professional LEOs. In our opinion, that’s one professional stack entering in a very creditable manner, but what do you guys think?

We’re not talking about the decision to send the troops in, we’d have done the same thing and probably sooner, being a primitive grunt, just how they made their entry.

We think they made a damn good show, and the fact that “only” one human being died in the crossfire before they shredded mohammed’s favorite goat is pretty good, considering how many people were in there. But what do YOU think, trying not to armchair quarterback the move?


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LC Xystus

So, in Imperial usage, a “raghead” can be an Iraniac instead of an Arab? :em03:


Aussies aren’t going to fuck around with this. A country built by British convicts ain’t gonna take no shit from muslim scum . Watch the UN wet their pants over this. Australia our last refuge !

LC Old Dog

LC Xystus @ #:
Why Yes, raghead is always an adequate name for a member of the “Culture of Peace. My Ass!”


Did they keep throwing flash-bangs after the team went in? That seems counterproductive. Now, if it was tear gas and they were masked up, then I can only hope the muzzie scum lived just long enough to start choking before he took a dozen or so rounds to the face.


The traitor in the white house is about to import 9K “displaced mooslimbs” on our dime and will probably fail to warn any state where he is dumping them. Of course those 9K will import their immediate and extended family, so make that 90K (for starters). If not stopped this cockless SOB and his cabal is going to bring down… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher

My only quibble is that the weapons were too light so they had to shoot too many times. My choice would have been 12 gauges loaded with slugs rather than those .223 gopher getters.


Operatives began calling community members and other intelligence sources and within two hours they had identified the gunman as fake sheik Man Haron Monis, a 50-year-old on bail as an accessory for the murder of his ex-wife. His lawyer was contacted and asked to come and help police find a key to getting Monis to give himself up. The FBI… Read more »


Instead of dealing with these nut-jobs on our turf, we should be sending these instead of droning them one, or a few, at a time.

One or two of them will get their attention and send the message that we’re tired of pussy-footing around and want to help all of them meet allah!


In other news, I think all y’all will appreciate this. You know the North Korean Commies threw a hissy fit about the new movie “Interview”? and threatened to blow up theaters that show it? and Sony immediately caved and pulled the movie (as several distributors rescinded their buys). Well, take a look at this: DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Texas Theater… Read more »


Re the goatfucker in Sydney: Well, I would say that boy was 100%, Gen-U-Wine, 200-Proof Mooselimb, yessirree. Right down to the multiple counts of sexual assaults, the wife-murdering (the goatfucker’s mistress stabbed her and set her on fire): He had been charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and dozens of sexual and indecent assault offences.… Read more »


Not that it will be of any comfort to her family, the followng news will at least bring some maasure of peace to the police officers of Tactical Response. Ballistics has confirmed that the second fatality of the terrorist attack, Katrina Dawson, was not hit by police gunfire, but was murdered by the terrorist. The families of the slain are… Read more »

LC MuscleDaddy

This kind of goes without saying – almost.

– MD


A couple of factoids of interest: IIRC, Switzerland (man, they’re real the Wild West, aren’t they?) /sarc — mandates that every able-bodied male who is of age must train in the military and keep a gun. America’s crime stats as far as gun violence goes would be NO higher than Europe’s — IF the black and Hispanic populations were subtracted… Read more »

Tallulah says: America’s crime stats as far as gun violence goes would be NO higher than Europe’s — IF the black and Hispanic populations were subtracted from the equation. And if you factor out the instance of being raised in a fatherless household, the difference between black and white crime rates shrinks to near parity. So the explosion of crime… Read more »

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

LC MuscleDaddy says:

This kind of goes without saying – almost.

– MD

Almost? :em05: Almost? :em05: